Blessid Union Of Souls - Light In Your Eyes Lyrics

I can't remember the last time that we kissed goodbye
All our "I love you's" were just not enough to survive
Something your eyes never told me
But it's only now too plain to see
Brilliant disguise when you hold me
And I'm free
I've been thinking and here's what I've come to conclude
Sometimes the distance is more than two people can use
But how could I have known girl
It was time and not space you would need
Darling tonight I could hold you and you would know
But would you believe
There's a light in your eyes that I used to see
There's a place in your heart where I used to be
Was I wrong to assume that you were waiting for me
There's a light in your eyes
Did you leave that light burning for me
Cards and phone calls and photograph pictures of you
Constant reminder of all the things you get used to
Is there a chance in hell or heaven
That there's still something here to build on
Or do you just pick up the pieces after they fall
But after all
There's a light in your eyes that I used to see
And a song in the words that you spoke to me
Was I wrong to believe in your melody
There's a light in your eyes
Did you leave that light burning for me
Should I keep on waiting or does love keep on fading away
Fading away
It's been a while since I've seen you so how have you been
Did you get my letter I wrote you, but I did not send
I tried to call your old number
But the voice that I heard on the phone
I recognized but she told me the number was wrong
There's a light in my eyes but it's too bright to see
And a pain in my heart where you used to be
Guess I was wrong to assume that you were waiting here for me
There's a light in your eyes
Did you leave that light burning for me

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Blessid Union Of Souls Light In Your Eyes Comments

    Who else listening here in the end of 2019 bordering on 2020? All my people who enjoy beautiful music?

  2. Lee B

    i always thought this was a Nick Carter song. They sound exactly the same.

  3. Raymond Tiruchelvam

    there is a light in your eyes.... and did you leave that light burning for me..... :-) lov eit to bits

  4. TheGleegirl13

    His voice is so relaxing to listen to. I can’t quit listening to this

  5. Gyosmen James

    Last time I heard this song was 2006…. I still love it

  6. Saint Pagan

    Childhood memory.... Mom playing this on cassette in the cavilier. The single backed with "I believe". I was maybe 8 years old. Three days later, the cavilier got repo'ed... I still love the song though!!!

  7. BlackCrown1990

    So this is the first time in over 15 years that I'm hearing this. Wow...

  8. Candice Melton-Kelley

    This song was a jam!!

  9. Isaiah Lo

    such an under rated song. just remembered it from when I was 11-12 years old nd had it on repeat in 2011

  10. Gary Homanick

    This song is a beautiful but painful punch to the heart, especially hearing this the day after Valentines’ Day and you’ve been single for longer than you care to admit... the memories just come rushing back. 💔🥺

  11. whole27

    So i am assuming everyone here is about the same age. Welcome to our high school reunion

  12. Wililah Xavier


  13. Vernon Andrews

    The end drops me to my knees 21 years later...left my hometown and couldn’t look back!

  14. Black

    This song brought me to tears every time while I was doing a 3 years in prison sentence. Me and my fiance didn't make it. 😔. And the last verse is exactly what happen

    Gary Homanick

    Light yagami I’m so sorry to hear that brother, stay strong. Prayers for you and your situation.

  15. RUSH

    i miss the 90s. being a teenager and not dealing with all the adult things you have to deal with now.


    You guys just played my little town of Sidney Ohio and you rocked it....

  17. Evilkat23

    This song plays at my work, at first I didn't care too much for it, but, over time it started to grow on me to the point I just had to hear it on here. It's even better than I thought.

  18. T LMR

    ok LOVE this song... end of story. fucking DEEP

  19. Eva Lavelle

    he has a beautiful voice

    Eva Lavelle

    I can tell he has beautiful soul too

  20. Drew Hunkins

    Always loved this little poppy hit. The dynamite line of the song of course: "did you get my letter I wrote you but I did not send..."

    Rent - A Muse

    thought I was the only one who caught that lyric all these years lmao

    Kenya Peralta

    Drew Hunkins my favorite part cuz I wrote many letters that I never send :(

  21. Sherifigsk

    I loved this song when it first came out, and I still love it today ... all these years later.

  22. c.Elizabeth Eichner

    the mix this is in is like my brain has been downloaded on to you tube.

  23. PonyboyInNewZealand

    3:38 to the end of the song... All the feels. :\

  24. Dan

    Does this song bring anyone else to tears? 3:05 always makes me think of her...

  25. Hunter Rigel

    Love the lyrics

  26. Blue Sparrow

    great song.

  27. Holly Barker

    I LOVE the lyrics in this song, always have. Beautifully written.

  28. lepeicious

    loved this group then and still listening! beautiful song!

  29. TheGleegirl13

    Brian why did you send me this??? I've moved on

    Michael Kowalski

    Me too, Brian. Geez! How many girls are you sending this to?


    @Michael Kowalski Ugh damn Brian, got me too! Get over yourself Brian

  30. Virgil Davis

    He knows..... :)

  31. Virgil Davis

    Follow your heart...God put it there for a reason....God Bless.

  32. BoppaTroll

    actually they were in love but it slowly died... friendzone is always one-sided and unrequited love...

    Vernon Andrews

    BoppaTroll always good, but never good enough😕

  33. BoppaTroll

    i'm here cuz i'm thinkin about breaking up with my girlfriend and i can't get this song out of my head. i know she'll be completely devastated and so will I. problem is i still love her soooo much. just don't think it's right. kinda like a piece of the puzzle that fits perfect but you just know it's not the right one, can never finish the puzzle without letting it go... and if you force it, the picture will never be what it should be... it fkn sucks an i don't know what to do.


    BoppaTroll how did it turn out?

  34. Underfoot Films

    Eliot, the time just wasn't right for us. I'm sorry. If you ever come across this, I hate what I did - I was a different person then, so selfish and thoughtless. I still have all the photos of us, and I still listen to this song from time to time and remember the young versions of us... silly silly kids who thought all we needed was a chance.

  35. sweetgina257

    Great song

  36. Earthbound Cory

    Hey...I was recently dumped. That's why I'm here (to wallow in self-pity, of course).

  37. bobby bob

    i cnt also remember 2

  38. Kayla McOmber

    If there is anyway that I could have talked to the Man that made me come alive, but also scared the hell out of me at the same time I would say I am sorry, but I cannot help the way I feel.

  39. iPHARTED1

    i love everything about this song...

  40. sweetgina257

    This is dedicated to my dear friend and Jaime

  41. adamgore1

    easily one of my favorite songs

  42. Rashid Hamid

    thanks.. what a cool song.. reminds me of many things ..