Bleed From Within - Afterlife Lyrics

Digging with my hands till they bleed on the open road
A path to self destruction
Just a passionate degenerate with shattered glass for eyes

Easy to forget the mistakes I made
A weakness of mind that the nectar revives
Giving me the confidence
Bring me to life, to smite my kind
A belligerent fool with a death wish
Running with the chance of a moment past
Forget the sentence, hang me now

No one can save us, we'll find a way
Turn the page, let me hear you say

Repent, it's a revolution
Believe in me
The world I've seen is filled with greed
They say there's nothing in the after life
Repent, it's a revolution
To set me free
The world I've seen is not for me
No, there is glory in the after life

No fucking sympathy
The promise of a new beginning surrounded me
I threw my body in the river
Then the sinner within me watched it drown

This time I've crossed the line
Self destructive, in decline
My words were not my vow
I need actions, I need them now

In hell all saints will sin
Patience is wearing thin
Each day we live in doubt
We need actions, we need them now

This time I've crossed the line
Self destructive, in decline
My words were not my vow
We need actions, we need them now

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Bleed From Within Afterlife Comments
  1. ᛖᛊᚳ

    Avec ça dans les ouies je vais bien mieux

  2. Frank

    Almost a little bit of a Lamb of God sound. I dig it.

  3. JMcKMedia

    Fuck this is sooooo good!! Singer reminds me of Winston from Parkway.

  4. Hugo PDrums

    Damn it! Scott vocals has changed a lot in time! Still he sounds soooo awesome!

  5. MindlessMastermind

    Only 354k views?!? I've been at least 353k of those

  6. Slappy theSquirrel

    Parts of this video remind me of a parkway drive video

  7. Leandro Lima

    This is fucking AWESOME ⚫🔴💀💀

  8. Ary Sumberdana

    Thank you Spotify! since random song in Spotify I found this song. BEST!!!!

  9. Hugo PDrums

    3:14 Meshuggah vibes! LOVE THIS SHIT!

  10. Tilmann Müller

    This is just the shit. I've Seen them when they were the opening act for "Of Mice and Men" and damn, I'm so happy that I know them now.

  11. Mafaman

    Their drummer is a beast!

  12. Hermann Schilling

    Wenn diese Langlodenmetallgitarristen weg wären würde ich die Band des Todes feiern. Einfach Hatebreed Gitarristen nehmen!

  13. The Chronic Jones

    Tbh they never found there own sound they always seems to slot in-between other bands but did it better or just as good.

  14. no no

    Holy fuck dude sounds like Winston McCall.

  15. 555pain666

    come to japan again!

  16. Adriano Goncalvesdelima

    Foda de mais

  17. Mariusz Adamczyk

    Can’t help shivers... absolute perfectness!!!! BLAST

  18. Ari Bo

    From Deathcore to Deathmetal to Metalcore XD What the hell ? :D


    Always reminds me of parkway drive

  20. Francisco Pinto

    I love this vocals in VOA, hope see you guys in Portugal soon, OK? 👌

  21. Wolvie Wolves

    long time no hear them, .sounds still good but more squirell weee weee

  22. Amias Royal

    He has that Parkway Drive Mentality
    Which I fuckin love

  23. Stavros Skamagkis

    Totally the Story of my life if you ask me...

  24. Alvar Santamaria Treceño

    when i listen to bleed from within, my neighbors do it too

  25. Garrett Maynard

    It's like parkway drive and after the burial had a bad ass baby lol

  26. James Ryan

    Sounds like Parkway drive.. so.. it is not bad

  27. BRoman1237

    Sick nasty nut dragging lows

  28. Elias-Joschua Albert

    sounds like the singer of Parkway Drive, change my mind.


    they use a similiar technique but they sound quite a bit different. But man these guitars are much better than parkway drive imo.

  29. Sebastian The Hot Sauce Dude


  30. Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

    Second best British band around today. Fucking awesome

  31. jermaine wong

    Gugu gaga from within..

  32. Rumah jahit

    Headbang broooooo \,,/,

  33. none of your business

    That mother fucker still looks like oli sykes even with short hair lol

  34. wakeandblake95

    This new parkway drive song is tight

  35. trev1978

    Drums too high in mix :-(

  36. Rui Nogueira

    Amazing music, amazing album, AMAZING BAND!

  37. AVR 15


  38. Joseph Joestar

    о, боже, cколько же даунов комментах. все же они звучат как BFW

  39. Levi Lueth


  40. Fareed Zair Avarathar

    vocalist still scoot kannedy?

  41. Rafael Flores

    This is a fucking great song! Deserves way more views!!!

  42. ThePlace IFeelSafest

    That snare is 👌

  43. Adriano Carvalho

    Still one of the best 2018 metal songs!

  44. jay 99

    This song grows on you when you listen to it more

  45. JULSON Tyvarg

    Saw you guys supporting As I Lay Dying in Hannover (Germany) tonight!
    You fucking nailed it!
    You‘ve won some new Fans! \m/

  46. Influentially Fluent

    0:50 Primal

  47. AnnVab

    Singer nice sound.. music NO..

  48. Honeydipper Dan

    Bought this album based on this one video alone, never heard of these guys, but holy shit I'm impressed. Awesome stuff! It sounds like the type of stuff I've been hoping unearth would be putting out (but aren't).

  49. 8 Letter Lie

    Grew up walking round the streets of glasgow with scott and ali, proud of these boys.

  50. ApachE

    This song and this band are criminally overlooked. I don't understand how this doesn't have 5 times the view count

  51. YamaR6/ScionFRS

    Turned my car into a concert now

  52. Vendetta 3412

    3:05 was just like : it was good time with my neck

  53. Greg M

    I dig this...I dig the fuck out of this!

  54. Donnie Punk

    Sounds like old parkwaydrive especialy his vocal... Old winston mccall ... So damn goood and those break downs absolutly mind blowing

  55. david charlonne


  56. jblgti50

    Don't remember how I got to this video but it made me buy this album. Wow.

  57. jblgti50

    Wow, the sound is YUGE as FUCK

  58. Kayuan Maeda

    Sounds too much like Parkway Drive! Which is very disappointing, since I would just listen to old school Parkway Drive albums if I wanted... and because Bleed From Within used to be awesomely brutal in their own deathcore-ish way (more metal than hardcore). It's still a good song though.

  59. Stay Metal

    The drummer reminds me a lot of BJ from Miss May I

  60. toxicrocker666 420

    Fucking make my ear pussy cum why don't you fucking hell I think my eardrums got boners this shit is fucking Beastie as fuck

  61. Tim Wehmeyer Jr

    wow not bad.. first time hearing thise guys..👍😎👌✌

  62. Master Life and Love

    Fuk! Intense af

  63. Harbinger

    Just can't get enough of these riffs

  64. abejep

    the chorus is too groovy man !! plus the breakdown was awesome

  65. Leroy Payne

    My neck wishes I would listen to another song... but I can't, so f u neck.

  66. Dan Short

    This some good shit

  67. Sevde L

    My new fav band o.o

  68. S A D T A N x,

    is a revolution 💀

  69. Ahmad Bilal

    I'm falling in love with the breakdown

  70. Greywalker

    This whole album rips so hard!!

  71. TheNegative One


  72. Léo prado

    What a great song guys !!!!

  73. Samuel Hernandez

    Dopest metal band right now , wish there more bands like this 🤘🤘

  74. Businessman

    This song goes hard in the gym. The whole album is fantastic.

  75. Spike


  76. Jerran Ordono

    WHEN WILL BE THE RELEASE OF THEIR ALBUM? We are waiting for sooooo lonnnng!!! UNLEASH THE BEAST!

  77. Sevde L

    Why this band is perfect?

  78. Fret ZeroNine

    this is a new vocalist or not?

  79. Sevde L

    This band deserves more...This is what metal is.

  80. Miss Azul Music

    U guys sounds really awesome.. Lima Peru soon ✌😃

  81. Oerman

    I wish there were more bands like this \m/

  82. MrViking

    Omg!! These dropdowns and slams are amazing. Whole album is great, more i listen to it more i like it.

  83. craig hunter

    Spunked in my littlest panties when I first heard this.

  84. jeremy purbaugh

    man, the lead sounded like the dude from as i lay dying for a sec haha

  85. Chris Taylor

    Makes you proud of your homeland!

  86. Graeme Hall

    my favorite album of 2018 thus far

  87. Rene Headbanger

    is that the drummer of Sylosis?!

    Tony Delaval

    Rene Headbanger yeah but formerly this drummer is from BFW. He joins sylosis few years ago

  88. steve nemeth

    Holy shit bad ass fucking jam! Metal as fuck!! 🤘🤘

  89. Dylan Wallace

    Damn that breakdown at 3 minutes about blew my speakers.

  90. Bonesaw Bonesaw

    179000 views? what a travesty

  91. Mike Stofmeel

    Fantastic video, loved it!

  92. Ivan Olocco

    Que buen break la concha de su madreeeeee

  93. ApachE

    Discovered this yesterday, and It's love at first sight. You've got yourself a new fan boys.

  94. eeidenzurg

    Monstruosly badass music. But seriously, I'm so tired of all this unnecessary growling. I'd like it better wothout vocals

  95. James G

    Darkness divided broke up. You guys took their place. Don’t fucking disappoint me

  96. jamie orange

    the vocalist sounds so much like Winston from PWD

    Nikhil Shakya

    Thats because it is winston u dumbass

    Muppet Milker

    @Nikhil Shakya No it's not...

  97. [BNHO]BCommando85

    F**K Ya