Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Real G Shit Lyrics

Real G shit
Who wanna fuck with the unfadable, dead man?
Body count deeper than a vietnam veteran
So whatcha lookin at?
So what I'm dead bitch?
Got the 20/40 vision with a slight twitch
And I'll dump a whole clip in ya neck though
So when ya fuckin with a G show respect hoe
I keep tickin like a timex piece
This is my mutherfuckin hood my mutherfuckin streets
Fuck police in each and every state
All they do is fuck with us
And continue to incarcerate all my folks
And everyone I roll with but I ain't doin the time
I ain't the one bitch
And all you haters can kiss my ass
My response to you hoes is a shotgun blast
My name is Blaze and bitch I don't sleep
I bring back terror to the hood cause I'm back on the streets
Real G shit

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Blaze Ya Dead Homie Real G Shit Comments
  1. Derek Michael Wilson Seger

    There goes "Curb Stomp" from the Rydas. Rare appearance on the old school tip. Ninja shit.

  2. Cody Biggs

    Like a Timex piece

  3. Señor Chingon

    Nice to see black Blaze again.

  4. DHatedOne 1

    If maybe your father was a penis loving angel lol

  5. Adam Casey

    wtf was that'


    Keep it simple and yeah i agree, short but sweet. Both versions are equally dope. RAIIIIIIIIIIIDERS!

  7. Finn Mertins

    Keep ticking like a Timex piece.

  8. Jimmy Metal

    I like how he is going back to the classic makeup

  9. David A.

    I swore when this song came out (near 2000)... i totally thought Blaze was black...

  10. falling Angel

    Blaze it up Homie!!

  11. logix7

    4:3 nice touch

  12. michael fish

    waited a long arse time for this

  13. G Balls

    Quality! #WhoopWhoop ! ~ G. + MCL +

  14. OllieWilliams1999

    This shits fucking fresh

  15. DJ Raw Base

    I like that.... Nice Vid!!!!

  16. TwoSik Sik minded musik

    Fuk ya!!

  17. craig strachan

    dope song .wish it had been longer though .classic OG Blaze . Need a new album soon .

  18. FatKekBoy

    I wanna see a I Go To Work music video.

  19. Fire Thief

    Always liked this song!

  20. G-Prime008






  21. jason jackson

    Whos the masked fat dude always dancin behind blaze

  22. Russell Wallin

    Who wanna fuck wit the unfadable

  23. Wicked City

    My shit right here!! Takin em back! Hellyea Blaze! !

  24. Spookygoon

    Fuck yes!! I remember when the shit dropped the first time, good to see a video for it! See yall in Spartanburg, SC later this month!!

  25. Atomic Comet

    oh shit i haven't heard this in hella

  26. Spanky82

    Lmao. Doing the robot dance the whole video.
    ..that's gangsta. 😕 can't wait to hear you get clowned on the drew garabo show later this month. They have already been makin fun of you lol. Time to hang up the mic and crawl back in to the grave.

  27. Anthony Rath

    That album is the muthafuckin’ shit, straight up dope!

  28. Hondo Ohnaka

    Ay yay!! Fucking get It!!!!

  29. DaveyLeeRiot

    Back in the day when I first heard blaze I thought he was black...but then I realized he was dead

  30. David C

    Blaze was always, and will always be the shit. Whoop motherfuckin whoop.

  31. Shadow Heartless

    i hope twiztid unprivates the "Eat your heart out tour promos" soon funny as heck

  32. Skvm Fvkk

    Fuck yes!!!

  33. Lycus


  34. Fruit Ninja

    This that guy that Psychopathic created huh. Where is he now?

  35. jutt 82

    Savage shit you guys should sign me go by Breeze from greensburg pa

  36. Gage Mascoe

    Shit im so glad he made a video for this.

  37. Lorenzo Billy Begay


    Duzz this mean more of deez classics R comN!? 🙏 pleaze

  38. Slxxpyhollow

    Blaze is dope as fuck.
    Smoked with him at the gotj, he's a really humble, good dude.

  39. Indead's Game Room

    The video 17 years in the making.

  40. Zanga

    Blaze up !

  41. Juggalicious Memes

    You should use more bars, or at least make your flow more consistent than 3 lines

  42. Wicked J

    Blaze still keeping it g.. 17in like a muthafucka!! Whoop Whoop!

  43. Jesse Krauss

    This is when we thought Blaze was going to be hard as fuck. And then.. Yeah..

    Damon Nelsen

    Jesse Krauss that's old school shit dawg wtf are you talking about??


    Jesse Krauss the fuck you blabbering about. He put out hella dope shit after this goofy

  44. Alexander Damright

    Psycho thug, maniac killa!!

  45. Obeace

    Blaze never got his fair shake at Psy.. Im happy for you Big guy

  46. Illegal Thoughts

    Should do in case you forgot.. great track from the album

  47. Jayro

    Thats my shit!

  48. Ryan Rancourt

    i bought this shit when i was like12 i think 2001 but could be wrong on when it dropped but i was was with my crazy ass uncle mike and he brought me closed ass Media Outlet! if yall muhfuckers remember that store was the shit!

  49. The Bracer

    nniiicce! I hope we get twiztid's '2nd hand smoke' video

  50. Cameron Davison

    Hells yea, one of my favorite tracks! We need an extended version!

  51. willymurder

    how many of you remember Blaze trying to retire, but the juggalos wouldn't let him


    willymurder back in like 03, 04 haha I remember that shit


    he was "blaze ya dead roadie" for the mirror mirror too lol


    I lterally had a conversation with Blaze back in like 2003 or 2004. I promise he remembers the moment. I even heard him talking about it in an interview. We were sitting outside the venue in Worcester, MA where he was just being a roadie for Twiztid at the time. We were just shooting the shit. He told me was was trying to retire and I told him absolutely not. Told him he has an amazing voice and shit is unique. He honestly seemed to hear me on that and take it to consideration. Then we got hassled by the cops who thought Blaze was selling merch out of the van without a permit. We almost got arrested but the cops chilled out after a while. There is an interview somwhere with Blaze and ABK [I think] in Worcester where he recalls this night. Really happy he hung in there.

  52. 3 33

    Psycho thug! maniac killa!. . .


    Joe Kurr takin more jizz shots to the chin than the average drug dealer

  53. Andrew Strelke

    Reading the comments... its as if some of you motha fakos think this is a new song lmao

    Cody Biggs

    Nope they just finally came out with a video for it

  54. Kaarli Makela

    When you dead time ain't shit! :D ... MCL <3

  55. Brad Cloud

    WHOOP Whoop blaze

  56. Tannish Brown

    Fresh ass video for a old song should do more

  57. HiSoulSki

    I wonder what a twizitd rap battle would look like.. But whoop whoop family

  58. hairypoppabear

    is this the shortest music video ever?

  59. BlahStoolSampleBlah

    About damn time!!! haha Dope as fuck!!

  60. Zach Meals

    To those of you whom have not heard this shit... that sucks for you but it's an old school joint.

  61. crusader gamer

    It was short but it was lit

  62. Jeremy Tv313

    After all these years fuck yeah.

  63. MR 3317

    Dope old school flavor hell yeah

  64. Some dude

    weird seein jerseys with no hatchetman

    Some dude

    No more dark lotus , no more Psychopathic rydas ..... weird

    steve ehrman

    craig strachan exactly!! I've been a juggalo for about 15 years now, I've invested way to much of my time and myself into everybody to just give up on either and puck a side

    steve ehrman

    Some dude shit sucks bro. Lotus was always one of my favorite things about being a juggalo, and now it's just gone....

    Nathan Garcia

    Fuck the hatchet man it’s MNE Majik Ninja Entertainment that’s what you see on the jerseys

    Some dude

    [email protected]! WHYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyy!?

  65. ladev91

    Blaze is lowkey one of the best gangsta rappers to do it. Mainstream or anybody else ...

  66. Sean Green

    Bout time

  67. Kane Bryant

    See y'all in SC Majik Ninja Bitch!!

  68. 357chromeplated


  69. 1031247

    The Whole 1 Less G Album is a Underground Classic and is filled with Nothing but stR8 BangeRz, And better late then Never with the Video, great job Much love!!

  70. Rezin 47

    Short and sweet, old school style. Consider doing the same for something off Mostasteless

  71. philip sturgeon

    Dope af

  72. Kenneth Brown

    Holy shit dawg, this shit is fire

  73. lil poot Big stank

    Aye yay

  74. Eternal Doom Slayer

    wow that brings back memories when I was 14 and everyone was listening to 50 cent and there was me listing to blaze ya dead homie lol awesome memories

  75. heavymetaljuggalo

    Whoop Whoop! Dope track

  76. Robbie Hall

    Holy shit... Love this, sounds sick! Love the visuals as well... Blaze looking crazy with the fishnets man! Love it! When you guys coming to the UK????

  77. ADUB740

    Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Fucking Amazing

  78. APEtv.


    *S U B M E*

  79. Aaron Romero


  80. Calamity Natalie

    YAAS! More please!

  81. Scott-Michael

    Only 57 seconds andstill kills it

  82. Barbara Wilson

    Holy fuck this is sooooooooo good!  #mne #yearofthesword

  83. Dennis The Menace

    How is this real G Shit? ..this Shit wack af. More like real wanna be shit

    Taecia Jiminez

    Dennis Chavez k?


    Dennis Chavez how so exactly???

    YouTube Is Life

    Probably a Cardi B fanboy

  84. Anthony Purcell

    Omg bout time shit is so fucking dope yo.. when this shit came out I banged it so hard down 7 mile with my 15's bumping slangin my lil nicks and dimes...ty dead homie keep it like the 7th letter in the alphabet! Shit soo hard damm that whole album was dope. Kids roll up like we pimping ice cream trucks..

  85. Hektik T9x

    ninja approved!!

  86. Shadow Heartless

    ohhh psychopathic rydas are back.
    i wish..

  87. John Paulsen

    he'll mutha fuckin yeah that shit went hard as a mf old skool Blaze Ya Dead Homie Real G Shit! Whxxp! whxxp! Majik Majik Ninja's What!!

  88. Marcel Marechal

    Yea, real hip hop, not this fuckin' bullshit auto tune rap coming out nowadays

  89. Kung Fu Vampire


    Gothik Extravaganza

    Legit, ninja.


    Kung Fu Vampire you talkin about the video, or his pecker sweet cheeks?


    Kung Fu Vampire U GOT RESPECT HOMIE!


    Kung Fu Vampire next time u come through I'll pocket a few bolts, so those cymbals don't fly off again lol!

    John Sullivan

    lol its always cool seeing kung fu vampire following other horrorcore icons. real hip hop will never die

  90. Jake Kowalcheck

    This Was the First Song I Ever Heard From Ya Dead Homie Blaze. In Less Then A Minute, He Proved To Me He Was The Best And Realist Rapper To Ever Exist!

    Suarez Customz

    Shit I got into ICP in 98 when Jeckel Brothers came out. Fasy forward to around 2000 and went into Sam Goody and saw the Blaze EP and bought it not knowing who he was other than he was part of Psychopathic and that first track was it. I was hooked.

  91. DanColumbusUnderground

    1 less G and casket factory are my favorites

  92. BLoCo oF iNFiNiTTi

    FINALLY!! Back n the day when I thought Blaze was black lol SHITS FN DOPE!!

  93. Sean Ellis

    #YezzGRRR #TMST

  94. Dru-1

    remember when I first heard this, became a instant fan of blaze ya dead homie. much love twiztid for all ya doing for ya dead homie

  95. 85gslse

    we see you back there Dustin.

  96. Jim James

    Bit Late, no? lol


    hes doin the one less G tour thats why

    Jim James

    yeah! Still fresh AF!

    Jim James


  97. Karen Doherty

    Old school blaze whoop whoop

  98. Hellgan 420

    Whoop Whoop Fam

  99. Dylan Von Bruenchenhein

    My name is Blaze! And bitch I don't sleep...