Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Juggalo Anthem Lyrics

[Violent J]
Killas kick the anthem like this
Juggalos up in this bitch, up in this bitch
Killas kick the anthem like this
Juggalos up in this biiiitch, blaze

[Blaze Ya Dead Homie]
G's up, ridin' from the cradle to the casket
And beyond, recognize thug shit
Poundin' out the trunk bitch
Runnin' wit' a mother fuckin' hatchet
you haters, you suck dick was a thug, became a G
B to the L to the A, Z, E, still dead
Still don't give a fuck (give a fuck)
Sportin' all black kahkis with the mother fuckin' cuffs up
Smokin' Hella trees, tryin' to make a couple G's
So a thug can get back on his feet
Mean muggin', steady thuggin'
And I'm tryin' to find the hoodrat's all about fuckin'
Still loked out
All my dawgs from the past, dead or smoked out
Still tryin' to come up on a lick for a phat ass ride
So I can drop the top, and parlay through the east side

[Chorus: Monoxide Child]
Niggas kick the anthem like this
Juggalos up in this bitch, up in this bitch! [x4]

Bitches freeze, you ain't a thug or a G or a banga'
You's a studio gangsta
You ain't about shit, scared to pull the trigga'
That's what we call, a real bitch nigga' (bitch nigga')
Sneekin' through the hood, throwin' up a set
Hangin' out the window, yellin' idol threats
Check this out, I'm a check your chin
Close your mouth, 'fore I put the barrel in
Dumpin' clips in yo ass is what I'm all about
Straight G from the clique on a paper route
Still slappin' off fake bitches with the Louiville
Beat a nigga' to the pavement, another bitch killed

[Chorus: Monoxide Child]

[Jaime Madrox]
This is the battle for the planets
We bring the thunder, givin' half the advantage
Fuck a style and a status
Half of y'all hummin' off a half ass deal
And got the nerve to tell a mother fucker "keep it real"
We see through y'all fools, like cellophane on the square pack
You bite our shit, you can keep it, we don't want it back
We don't give a fuck, east side for life
And if you ain't got heart, don't expect to have your shit tight
There ain't no room for the hoe-hearted
We give a fuck where you at, or who you wit', or how you got started
Fuck you and everybody in yo clique
If you don't run wit' a hatchet, or claim the Psychopathic
I ain't got time, to say no names
It's only 8 rhymes, no holla', we been in the game
Besides fuck it, no speakin your name
You're just a bitch in the game
And y'all niggas gone' always be the same

[Chorus x8]

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Blaze Ya Dead Homie Juggalo Anthem Comments
  1. Tony Snark

    Recognize thug shit

  2. Hillbilly Hick

    You a banga you a studio gangsta 😃

  3. Danny C. Howard

    Juggalöz up in this B-I

  4. Noah Johnson

    How is he thuggin ? Lol and he said the n word?


    @fred durst yeah how about go fuck yourself there you're a pathetic person too.

  5. Noah Johnson

    Lmfao wow weak ass shit


    Yeah so are the ones you listen to. at least he
    Tries hard and succussful and gets respected all the time so yeah whatever you say. 😏

  6. OhSoDita

    15 years later still bump this shit right here......

  7. 508Juggalette

    2018? Whoop whoop

  8. Alan Gabbard

    Old schooling been listening to this album for yrs dam fine work blaze

  9. La Rage

    i fucking love the chorus

  10. Keith Riter

    whoop whoop

  11. Amanda Vetter


  12. TheBeavadelic

    Fuck. Yes.

  13. Joshey D Osborne

    sup this yo ninja...juggalo josh peep the dead homie music

  14. Paul Lewis

    cold hearted sumbithch, hell yes

  15. Ronnie Jr

    Whoop whoop juggalos up in dis bitch

  16. Kayla Brenneman

    whoop whoop

  17. Black and Depressed


  18. WhoreToA Chainsaw

    This is tight as hell.

  19. Mike Spohn

    Love this track at shows. The original version of the track is better though.


    Why, because of Violent J's fat ass ruining the intro? Literally the only difference.

  20. Eye2EyeFamily

    Shits dope homie. - TPG