Blaze Ya Dead Homie - In Case U Forgot Lyrics

911 emergency, please hold
I'd like to report something
Operator, she screamed so loud
I know that's terrible isn't it
God, I mean I never heard anything like that in my life before
Alright ma'am thank you

Psycho thug, maniac killa
Takin' more slugs than the average drug dealer
Born to peel a cap on a hoe ass bitch
Been a G since the first nigga I ain't switched
Still rock the Raiders (Whut?)
Still playin' the khaki's (Whut?)
Still got a beef for you hoes and it's shafty
Fuck the 5 0 you dead to one time
Thinkin' every dumb muthafucka do a crime
You don't know me or what I do
Take ya flashlight, and ya attitude (Nigga fuck you)
Stab you in the neck with a dayton spoke
Laughin' while ya cough up blood until ya choke
Bitch I'm from the old school, and the old time
Where G's all down to rock like a street sign
Throwin' up the East and strapped with 9 shots
Blaze back from the dead in case u forgot

Just in case u forgot about killas that really shoot
Car jackin' muthafuckas and murderin' for they loot
Throwing up the East and strapped with 9 shots
Blaze back from the dead in case u forgot

In case u forgot we tokin' herb smoke
Dirty gansta, no water, no soap
Yeah, that's my hoopty sittin' on the thang so
I keep it ghetto tinted windows, and the stereo
Dirty hoes be the ones I like to fuck (Hi Blaze)
Get your dirty ass in the ride, and hook a nigga up
Get the fuck on I got money to make
Hoes caps to peel, and bitches shit to take
8 ball in my face, bloodstains on my shirt
You can shoot me in the face, and that shit don't even hurt
No more blowing out ya 40 on a curb with sad base
Blaze dead alive, and back from outer space
Real G's put your hands up
Playa hatin' muthafuckas do me a favor, and shut the fuck up
Realize, check nuts, and act like ya know
Just in case u forgot I'ma remind you hoe


In case u forgot real G's don't die
Always stay high, and got 4 or 5 alibi's
Doin' walk by's in house shoes
Leavin' dead muthafuckas floatin' in they swimming pools
Visualizing homocide, and emptyin' a clip
Young muthafucka with a fat ass grip
Got a glock on my side in case you muthafuckas try
To pop a muthafucka, but this killa don't die


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