Blake Shelton - She's Got A Way With Words Lyrics

When you put two and two together
You figure out love's got four letters
I shoulda known that when I met her
But she had to spell it out for me
After all that second guessing
It's been a long hard history lesson
Hell that's a class I got an F in
But now I understand perfectly

She put the her in hurt
She put the why in try
She put the S.O.B. in sober
She put the hang in hangover (hangover)
She put the ex in sex
She put the low in blow
She put a big F.U. in my future
Yeah she's got a way
She's got a way with words
Yeah she's got a way with words

Little words like "I" and "do"
Lying, cheating, screwed
Yeah all the words I thought I knew
They got a brand new meaning now

She put the her in hurt
She put the why in try
She put the S.O.B. in sober
She put the hang in hangover (hangover)
She put the ex in sex
She put the low in blow
She put a big F.U. in my future
Yeah she's got a way
She's got a way with words
(Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh)
Yeah she's got a way with words
(Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh)

She put the her in hurt
She put the why in try
She put the S.O.B. in sober
She put the hang in hangover (hangover)
She put the ex in sex
She put the low in blow
She put a big F.U. in my future
Yeah she's got a way
She's got a way with words
(Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh)
Yeah she's got a way with words
(Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh)

She's got a way with words
She's got a way with words
Yeah she's got a way with words

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Blake Shelton She's Got A Way With Words Comments
  1. Lisa Oleksiuk

    Muah 💋

  2. Elizabeth Dekneef

    One of my favorites great tune when you coming to Killeen Texas

  3. Aaron McPherson

    2020 ❤️

  4. Louisa Jean

    You always find your way into my heart, Blake! ❤️

  5. Karen smith

    Love him!!! ❤😍🥰❤

  6. Christine Priest

    Love Him & his last 10 songs!

  7. Alanna Brito

    i love this song blake shelton is my boy right now i love his songs and his songs is my life

  8. Marsha Franks

    Clever lyrics. Blake sings a lot of well written songs. Good arrangements. Good voice. Good looking. Great artist. ☆♡☆

  9. Gabrielle Budd

    I'm sure she had a way with words because you yourself have also disappointed her... If you have Jesus in your heart find time to forgive each other

  10. Joanne Williams

    I sure do, been there done that

  11. Sandy Goad

    I felt this song revealed so much about his divorce from Miranda in just 3.5 minutes. Im so glad he divorced her.


    Sandy Goad he cheated on her LMAO

    Some Dude

    @MACY SANDER how do you know

  12. Flameingdeath 13

    This was made the same year as moana

  13. Sandra Hoover

    I love this song

  14. Shari Crocker

    Just when the previous songs made me sad, this song pops up and lightens my heart. Thankyou, my friend😉

  15. Crystal Adkins

    Awsome song,way to go blake

  16. Shari Crocker

    That's the magnificence of being WISE beyond her years. I'm sure. I agree. I know any type of ill intentions was nonexistent, expression of other levels of perceptions. Anger has no grounds. Maybe I can meet her too, my wisdom could use expansion.

  17. R Bodkintribe

    This is the prime reason I don't listen to country radio anymore!! How simple can a song be??? Absolutely no emotion in his voice....."phoning it in" for a Top 40 and another paycheck 😡 I grew up with country music but it's gone so far downhill! Give me a Tyler Childers, Sturgill Simpson, Merle Haggard, Eric Church, etc..... anyday!!!

  18. Lori Wetzel

    Please help me legalize Marijuana in Tennessee:)

  19. George Thomson

    a m o r the reverse of "rome" ( r o m a) latin supreme heritage !

  20. George Thomson

    l-o-v-e and a-m-o-r for ever! words are your gods! the gods be your words and logic!

  21. K A U S T H U B H

    He’s rereleasing this song in his new album Fully Loaded: God’s Country.

  22. William Reimer

    She put the "Count" in "Country"

  23. Crystal Mccoy

    2019. Almost 2020 come now if you have not lesin to the best person and it is blake☺☺😁☺☺😁😁😁

  24. Carrie Horvath

    I love that song is one of my favorite song

  25. Carrie Horvath

    I love that song ❤️

  26. benaraba asma بن عرابة أسماء

    ❤❤still luv it

    Lori Wetzel

    Me too!!!

  27. Sharon Wragge

    Love him singing

  28. Omegaperfectstorm !

    Yes....i DO! olivia💖

  29. Lisa Rojas

    So true

  30. Carrie Horvath

    I love that song too

  31. HoveLand

    I know pop country is creatively bankrupt but good God the cringe. If your ex has such a way with words, why doesn't she write your songs, Christ.

  32. Kerriann Garcia

    Can it be you are my words and more 😍

  33. River Smith

    how was this man named the sexiest man alive??

  34. Susan Boateng

    Yes spell it out for me my Ex-husband got away with words

  35. Susan Boateng

    Oh Blake u nailed this one,I will play it all day the frist time it come out yes u put shortness of breath

  36. Tiglatte

    Tube vai se laska comercial de merda

  37. Danny Nee Music


  38. Elisa Baumgarte

    This song came to mind as i was writing a guy who loves to play mind games. The same words too ," you got away with words" Surely noted as a Sign from god!! Nope not going down that rabbit hole again.

  39. L. Ann

    Omg I ❤️ this song ! Hellll yeah girls!

  40. Elizabeth deVries

    Oh man...this is a great song.

  41. Sarah Pfarr

    Love this musice video by Blank Shelton i love it 😍❤😝.

  42. Gerarda Instone

    It’s nice song hey

  43. Eric Tripp

    Blake's upper cool

  44. Chanel Hurst

    I’ve been getting into country music and thought I wouldn’t be surprised with the tune or sound but it’s actually the opposite it’s really good, pretty sure I’ll continue listening to more.

  45. julio sunich

    Hey Blake if got spare time. Tour Australia

  46. Michelle Blackmon

    Blue bird is a response to came here to forget

  47. Ivan Woods Photography

    She put the Van in Ivan

  48. June Sims

    She put a big f u in my future, yeah boi

  49. يوسف السعودي

    She put every thing on one thing

  50. kosexpress

    This song is for you Mimi!!!!!!!

  51. Sunny Di Francesco

    lol nope

  52. Camille Wolfson

    Plz like my comet

  53. Camille Wolfson

    THIS IS THE BEST 😂😂 I love it

  54. Michelle Blackmon

    He’s singing about his self that’s not hard!!!!

  55. Michelle Blackmon

    She knew u was gonna break her heart u both cheated and it took 10 years for u to marry just like first wife poof u gone !!!!

  56. Michelle Blackmon

    Better be glad she didn’t burn u up with kerosene

  57. Michelle Blackmon

    I been married 30 years ! U cheated u butt hole

  58. Mo Shar

    I Love country live , and if I choose to live in LA OR NY , I will choose Alabama or okc , coz their live with principal , not like modern city !
    “I’m not an American”


    Every area has it's good and bad. I live in L.A (born and rised)and a lot of people are rude, a lot of men aren't manly and a lot of women dont respect themselves in the name of "expressing their sexuality " but people accept each other as they are and theirs not shortage of cultures. I lived in Tennessee and some people were racist and rude in a nice way (hope that makes sense) but other people were really nice

  59. Greg Halama

    Best song just wish she would leave me the fuck alone

  60. Floyd McCarty

    I wish it weren’t true! Cause I’m sure not equipped for it.

  61. 7656869940 Jessebaldwin

    this makes me want to work 2nd in rush county

  62. Jan-Willem van Dijk

    This comment section is so heavily edited, lol.

  63. E White

    Aug 2019

  64. Darci Kinard/Kinnard

    The way still hurts

  65. Linda Ireland

    I bbaby you are so sexy

  66. cocoabeachdiscounts

    Nice July so far.... hello august

  67. cocoabeachdiscounts

    Have a great day David Harrell

  68. cocoabeachdiscounts

    Very nice

  69. Audrey Blackmon

    Fix your self

  70. Audrey Blackmon

    He’s got away with flipping shit ! Mr Gwen Stephani

  71. Francis cavalieer

    Hello 2019.anyone listening to this jam🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Natejozujcoojfjihtkuhtii Layuifhxjtoxhdohdjoudbu

    Francis cavalieer hohousij

    Susan Boateng

    Swee bitter

  72. Kristine Atterberry

    I love blake shelton

  73. cocoabeachdiscounts

    Have a great day David Harrell

  74. Danny Meyer

    Lying cheating screwed that's her.

  75. gloria simpher

    some time i get a feeling he does not like to be close to woman .he likes to keep a distance with his woman. . he wants sex with them . but he wanta to keep controle with woman. , I think he feel in love with Miranda to much he did not like that she had to much controle with her. he was to in love with MIRANDA emotinally an sexally. she had to much power over BLAKE . he did not like that it scared BLAKE with gwen is was not like that at all. HE CAN TAKE GWEN ARE LIVE IT ALONE . he is not in love with gwen an not that sexalal with gwen. he can take her are leave her . there is a diffrence. it gave miranda tomuch power with blake BINGO..

  76. cocoabeachdiscounts

    Big f*** you

  77. Chels G

    I know you listen to this song and think of me....

  78. Katrina Austin

    Love me some blakey..he's awsome

  79. cocoabeachdiscounts

    Yes Brett

  80. Margy

    repet and repet! Homerecker ML

  81. cocoabeachdiscounts

    Blake u are good...

  82. Caroll Ferrel

    Yes i went to see him in ohio the buck eye stadium and he was a real jerk he couldn't even remember the words to is own songs he was so drunk .but i do love is music though.

  83. Mike or patty Rhoades

    YEA and /why!

  84. Russell Howell

    Very cleverly written song! Ol' Blake just keeps cranking the hits out! He's got a way with words!

  85. Filthy McNasty

    Like u❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  86. Markale Charley

    U realize till the end.

  87. Dustin Adams

    This is the song I want to play for my wedding

  88. Sheryl Allenlarsen

    Hello big daddy

  89. Ponyman 1966

    Gwen you hit the jackpot. Congratulations!

    Max Y

    They broke up.

    Cruz Flores

    She is just as wealthy

  90. Jennifer Delay

    It was out of kindness ok

  91. Taiga survivalist

    Great song 🤠✊👏👍

  92. Robella Mullet

    Wow. nice. music💞💞💞😍😍😍😘😘😘😊😊😊

  93. Francisca Adelia

    Amo Blake Shelton love you 😍

  94. Sandra Spice

    LOL! This is such a funny song🎤😁 it's clever alphabet👌 🔠😍brilliant ❤️🤠🔥☘️🎶🎸Blake best🙏xx