Blake Shelton - Sangria Lyrics

You're crashing into me like waves on the coast
Every time we talk, you move in close
I don't want you to stop, I don't want you to stop tonight
We got the last two glasses on a straw hut bar
Trying to remember what number we are
String of white lights making your eyes shine tonight

We're buzzing like that "no vacancy" sign out front
Your skin is begging to be kissed by a little more than the sun
You take my hand in yours, you lean in
And your lips taste like sangria, your lips taste like sangria

A wrecking ball dancing down the hallway
You're holding your shoes, wearing my shades
We fall against the door, we fall into a wild warm kiss

We're buzzing like that "no vacancy" sign out front
Your skin is begging to be kissed by a little more than the sun
You take my hand in yours, you lean in
And your lips taste like sangria, your lips taste like sangria

Only thing I wanna do tonight is drink you like a Spanish wine
Let you let this head of mine keep spinning, spinning around

We're buzzing like that "no vacancy" sign out front
Your skin is begging to be kissed by a little more than the sun
You take my hand in yours, you lean in
And your lips taste like sangria, your lips taste like sangria
Your lips taste like sangria, your lips taste like sangria


Only thing I wanna do tonight is drink you like a Spanish wine
Let you let this head of mine keep spinning, spinning around

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Blake Shelton Sangria Comments
  1. Wreathie Stone

    Blake i love this song

  2. Ez-zaytouni Abdeljalil

    Exquisitely beautiful song

  3. Ingrid Patrick

    Wish it was he and gwen

  4. Ivan Markovic

    Isn't he supposed to be a cowboy? Can't imagine a real cowboy holding that drink, it's a bit embarrassing if you ask me.

  5. Kichant Peters


  6. ashton collins

    Buzzing like that old no vacant sign out front sonny

  7. Karen Thomason

    Takes me back to night at Horseshoe Saloon...we ended up lost together in this song And stayed entire night!

  8. ahmed yusuf


  9. Anita Robles

    💛 love yu

  10. Андрей Александров

    From Russia 2020

  11. Maureen And Phil Oldfield

    I line dance to this song just love it x

  12. Derek Schroeder

    Your chips taste line Santitas......

  13. Flor do Sertão


  14. Katherine Cajulao

    Robin torres our friendship song is Sangria it's remind me thinking about my favorite best staff also she make me feel feliz!

  15. Dezaray White

    God I wish I was her. 😏💗

  16. Hollow Aquarius

    I dont always listen to country but when I do I prefer Sangria.

  17. Britt Kaufmann

    Who’s listening to this democrat In 2020?

  18. Aubrey Johnson

    I have been listening to this song for 4 years

  19. felix lusuli

    I'm glad I discovered this beautiful country song. Life is beautiful!!!

  20. eduardo cuarenta

    Hear it everyday at work and can honestly say this song is legit ass

  21. Darryl Lee

    sangria in 2020 from spirit of hope church detroit *****

  22. Pill Cosby

    Who's here in 2020 👍

    Isaiah Finley

    Ya I’m watching 2020


    Pill Cosby same here

    felix lusuli

    I'm here, love this song to bits

    mal chick

    Me ,hi folks

  23. Brenee Crawford


  24. Dee Alday

    Every time I hear this song it reminds me of my high school ex... lol ! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  25. Samamtha B

    I love song💖

  26. Javier Moncada

    Mi Lupe.

  27. USASOC

    still here listening

    Zac none

    How are those Tide pods? It's still 2019

  28. John e

    Sexy song, lyrics,and sangria, ain't bad either

  29. Michael Costagliola


  30. Bubbie Jr savage

    Sign it then blake

  31. Kylor Church

    My girl don’t like country

  32. TITO 561

    Somebody wife getting fucked listening to this wonderful song 2019 December 22

  33. Christina L

    Only Blake could pull off creating a song so good like this one. In my opinion nobody will ever be as good as Blake. JS who else feels the same way?

  34. Sylvia Stallion

    Im pissed at u sir. I listened to this song when i was getting ready to color my hair. N i could have swore u said to me in my ear put sangria in my hair. 😆 now I'm blonde:)) also what do u see in Gwen:)) dude she needs a tan:))))))))))))

    Sylvia Stallion

    Plus your friends with kenny chesney my lover my best friend my sex on a stick:))

  35. Claire Jedry

    I am giving the haters a piece of my mind. Don't listen if you do not like a artist. Real simple!

    Kylor Church

    Great advice very funny hahahaha

    Claire Jedry

    @Kylor Church A_ _ _ _ _ e! Did u get that?

    Kylor Church

    It says ahole thats what you are

  36. Alex Kova

    The only difference between this and PORN is visual penetration and Blake is a perverted voyeur. WTF is going on with videos these days?

  37. Lisa Martinez

    There lucky I dont have a neighbor crashing into me like a wave crash course we got the last 2 glasses trying to remember what number we are you take you lean in your hips to my hips your wearing my shades were buzzing like the vacancy sign of front

  38. Kelli McCormick

    1 performer I'd love 2 see

  39. Rebecca Daniels


  40. Carrie Horvath

    This is a hot sexy song

  41. Carrie Horvath

    I love all of you song all your CD have 10 CD

  42. Carrie Horvath

    I love that song ❤️ too

  43. John e

    Love sangria

  44. WC Leitner

    Blake will be another George Strait

  45. Carrie Horvath

    You away drink

  46. Carrie Horvath

    That a hot and sexy song

  47. Carrie Horvath

    Love that song ❤️

  48. Ixcel Valenzuela

    i usually don't like country music but daamm this song thooo!!!!!

  49. Melissa Bulicek

    Heard this in a country bar while visiting Lubbock TX 2 nights ago 😍

  50. Glenn Atkinson

    Blake come to my 11th birthday plzz

  51. Mariah&Major Lovemomma

    With your country black ass Steve...

  52. Carrie Horvath

    That one of my favorite song

  53. Kylor Church

    Love how the hole thing he stalking the couple

  54. Sea Breeze

    So happy to discover this song. Better later than never.❤👍

  55. Nat Meow

    Stupid video drunk Blake

  56. Jay carvalho

    I have to stop right here and go to the song " I need you now". Ssme rhythm ssme melody.

    Taylor Wirth

    Definitely NOT....

  57. Matt Brower

    Where are you Karen!?

  58. Tammy Redmon

    Love this song

  59. BeanBreathSoldier HotbreathAzz

    I wanna go to the bar and meet someone and dedicate them this song

    Jack Reacher

    I already have... her name is "Kay"

  60. Jay Brown

    Where country here.

  61. Jay Brown

    These people
    This you know where
    I'm at being him here.😊

  62. David Perrier

    I thought it was a metaphor, like her kisses were making him feel drunk. I didn't realize that he's at the bar bringing home a drunk chick. The video makes it less romantic and more date rapey. I still love the song though.

  63. William Craun

    I j.

  64. Sylvia Stallion

    Blake is 1 handsome guy. Kind of devilish !!!!!!

  65. smart johnny

    Blake looks like Brock lesnar ... right !!!!

  66. Sarah Pfarr

    I love this song by Blake Shelton, nice music video ☺😊😆

  67. James Ross

    Sangria Blake Shelto

    James Ross

    Sangria Blake shelton

    James Ross

    I messed on The first one

  68. Buddhaditya Rath

    This is the best song by Blake Shelton ❤❤💯


    2019 YALLL 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  70. Angelina Katjahu


  71. Matt Brower

    To my Karen!!I love you!! Matt

  72. Juan Castillo

    This music not supust desapir this is the best

  73. Chris 778878

    Who is listening NOw oct. 19 2019

    Bon Woodard

    Lol i been a Blake fan since i can remember.. Austin & ol'red days.. and im stuck watchin videos daily of him.. and Gwen! Im happy he's happy and he deserves it!! Deff a normal, down to earth regualr country boy.. money aint changed him yet, and it aint ever goin to! Wish more "celebs" would do the same!

    Chris 778878

    Bon Woodard true thing that !


    Chris 778878 wtf that dates my birthday lmaoooo

    Jack Reacher

    It's 24 Nov 2019 and I just discovered it. Better late than never!

  74. Chancey Cattleman

    corey <3 crowspreadshiswings

  75. Randy Pittman

    We're buzzing like that no vacancy out front. WOOF

  76. CIA

    Your lips taste like diarrhea

  77. Frederico De Carvalho

    Forever song.

  78. Robert Scott Wilson

    So damn sexy song

  79. a a

    Hard to listen to this one, too many memories

  80. Phoenix Star

    Oct 2019. I was listening to a reading from one of my favourite tarot card readers BluePhoenix AJ. With his pick a card he also intuitively chose a song to go with the message from the cards. I was drawn to number 1. AJ chose Blake Shelton "Sangria" Ok! I have to be honest I've never heard of this song before. Sorry! Blake but guess what I love it. "And your lips taste like Sangria" Thanks AJ. PEACE&LOVE

  81. Ian MacKenzie

    One of my favorite songs to dance with my lady

    rose siwila

    Ian MacKenzie I want dance with man to this song

  82. arturo163

    Lips taste like sangriiiiiya

  83. realtime gamer the 1st

    If someone left a 👎 you suck. If you left a 👍 leave a like or comment

  84. Juliana Magalhães Duarte


  85. Ingrid Moreira

    Já tenho um crush country *-*

  86. Michael Tudyk

    What is that other song by him that I heard? Can someone please help me? I was on hydrocodone at the time.

  87. Armando Sanchez

    West elm

  88. Armando Sanchez

    Electricity - magnetism

  89. Armando Sanchez


  90. Armando Sanchez

    Sherriff department

  91. Armando Sanchez