Blake Shelton - Lonely Tonight Lyrics

I never thought you'd pick up the phone
It's Friday night, you should be out on the town
Didn't think you'd be
Sitting at home all alone like me

Nothing on TV, nothing to do
Nothing to keep my mind off you and me
And the way it was
Are you thinking 'bout it now because...

...I could be there in five?
One more, one last time

We don't have to be lonely tonight
(I need you, want you, I'm right here)
We don't have to be lonely tonight
(I know we shouldn't, but I don't care)
I don't wanna be right, I don't wanna be strong
I just wanna hold you 'til the heartbreak's gone
When the sun comes up, we can both move on
But we don't have to be lonely tonight

That taste, that touch, the fire I miss
Those "kiss-me" eyes, your red wine lips on mine
Like it used to be,
Baby, I want you and you want me

We don't have to be lonely tonight
(Need you, want you, I'm right here)
We don't have to be lonely tonight
(I know we shouldn't, but I don't care)
I don't wanna be right, I don't wanna be strong
I just wanna hold you 'til the heartbreak's gone
When the sun comes up, we can both move on
But we don't have to be lonely tonight

I can be there in five
One more, one last time

We don't have to be lonely tonight
(Oh, I need you and I'm right here)
We don't have to be lonely tonight... tonight... tonight
Yeah... yeah

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Blake Shelton Lonely Tonight Comments
  1. Takaebmery Mery

    Duet maut Blake Shelton

  2. Raana Shah

    Love his voice for a long time ! This song is just amazing 💖💖 The Best 👍👍

  3. Cheryl Chapman

    Who loves Blake I do!!!!

  4. Robin Stephanie

    Love this song

  5. seba c4boom11


  6. Mishka Cooper

    Black is actually my fav person that I actually like to listen to a song

  7. Jacob Freeman

    2020 💕❤️☺️

  8. Carlton Jennings

    God How Many Times Have We ALL Been There In This Moment??? Don't Have To Be But Here We Are Both Alone...

  9. Demetrius Williams

    I used to listen to this because my radio wouldn’t pick up rap stations in Kansas while I was stationed at fort Riley and this shit fuck slaps so hard brings back good memories

  10. Espada TV

    2020 😍😂🍻

  11. Sylvia Stallion

    Sylvia ann Stallion soon to be Kenny Chesneys wife:))) Blake. Brent Stallion sang all your songs to me. He loved you so much and now he's gone:)))

  12. Donald Conley

    Don in Florida Dec2019

  13. Dolly Knapp

    He's just real , good. Things in his future are coming

  14. Rebecca Daniels

    Always Will I Love You x Even in A Thousand Years 👄⚘👄

  15. Markela Allen

    Basically a country booty call song.. I love it 😭🥰😂

  16. Brinden Tomlin

    I might get some hateful comments for this but I really wish the duet he did with gwen recently was with ashley instead it would sound amazing!

  17. Grace Kelly

    My favorite

  18. Mike Segovia

    We don't have to be alone I need you I want you

  19. Gražina Jakimavičienė


  20. tracey born

    That man is gorgeous

  21. Carrie Horvath

    Love that song ❤️

  22. Carrie Horvath

    I love that song ❤️

  23. matthew wood

    love his songs epic just can never stop playing em

  24. Ethan Faircloth

    I love the Rolls Royce.

  25. A2SION Y-Kidox

    I love the both of them, there voice complements each other..

  26. Alisha Corley

    Need you want you, I'm right here❤❤❤

  27. Michael Segovia

    Fact 2019 where's that one that is lonely tonight

  28. Walter Rich

    So that's why they got a divorce Blake was banging Ashley during the whole Pistol Annies thing

  29. Tarik Yousfi

    I love country music

  30. Abraham Brooks

    Great song for a lonely heart.

  31. Sandra Spears

    This song brings back good times

    Braxton cook Cook

    This okay cuz your mama won't stop texting BF GF 💀

  32. Smodd Tith

    Thanx Blake, one of my wife's and my fav song. 😁😁👍👍

  33. Rhonda Landrum

    This video might of caused Miranda to be jealous and caused the divorce!

  34. anthony skyban

    still listening lonely tonight lol

  35. Grace Kelly

    Lovely he felt it you can tell

  36. Pam Megill

    I kind of didn't want through the doorway I kind of did want to walk back from the window but yet again I also told myself that that other one had emotional feelings

  37. Soedah Heart

    I love you Blake

  38. Amry Nate

    Listening November 2019, I don't have to be lonely.

  39. abufahad klb

    Blake is areal american man

  40. Garniel Vazquez Landa

    Love country

  41. Rhonda Landrum

    Damn Ashley Moores voice is so darn good and Country!



  43. Pam Jefferson


  44. Ava Macatane

    I love Blake shelton ❤😚 like this if you love him too ❤❤❤


    Oct 2019 sexy stl listening...oops is that non PC....oops xxxx

  46. Hiago Collins

    Cadê os brasileiros que amam um bom Country?

  47. Aline Macedo aguiar


  48. Syifa Suhaimi

    Love this song vr much.. October 2019 still listening.. 😍😍

  49. Doris Stovall

    I love these songs

  50. Prince G

    If you are listening to this 2019 I just wanna let you know that you are not lonely

  51. LauraNYC

    Timeless. 💓🇺🇸

  52. Eileen Kehoe

    💞 all these songs BlaKE

  53. Beaty81 Bily


  54. Mike Segovia

    Wish you called

  55. Thiene Pires

    Alguém ovindo em 11 .09.2019 amoo ✌❤

  56. Eileen Kehoe

    Yeuse lot are riiiiight divils..😈..

  57. Blue Eyes


  58. Francine Pride-Briggs

    recently heard a song that sounds a bit like this song, called ''Slow dancing in a parking lot.'' anyone agree?

  59. Tammy

    need you ,want you, I'm still right here ❤

  60. Heidi Snuffer

    I still love you so much! BS

  61. Emma Razon

    See U Blake in San Jose CA

  62. Tina Coates

    I love Blake shelton songs

  63. Hamish Summerhayes

    this song sucks donkey dick

  64. Jay Marianito

    First time of my life subscribe a singer.. Now he is my idol in the wordly.

  65. Rus Varyag

    Deep breaths girls!!

  66. Arka Muhammad

    God please save me from Blake shaiton, coz his musik almost make me crazy,, 😄😁

  67. Julie Rice

    Never this lonely!! Sorry not sorry!!

  68. Arka Muhammad

    Blake should have long hair,,

  69. Gabby Davis

    first boys round here (even tho she was in pistol annies) and now this man I love them collabing but she obvi has Miranda's back

  70. Kitty Kat

    Her voice shreikie and shrill.

  71. BreezyGirl 313

    Imagine Blake Shelton coming over to your house.😳😳 I couldn’t say no to those baby blues. Sheesh! 😍😍😍

  72. Rhonda Landrum

    This video is probably what caused there split it was a sexy video, I woulda been jealous, Ashley in that short dress! It probably hurt Miranda. It shoulda been Blake and Miranda. But I do love Ashleys voice.

  73. Mackenzie Harper

    Man I love this song I played this song on my birthday

  74. Johnny Dominguez

    This song is very good!

  75. Louise Christopher

    Hot video

  76. Rozzlyn Roberts

    Wonder if he think about me

  77. Its shaleigh Bitches

    Something that you should send to your boyfriend or husband

  78. Gary Price

    Woooow These two are magic, more please

  79. Rozzlyn Roberts

    Love it

  80. Jerome Sears

    *The Blake Bounce* 😁

  81. Tyrone Pauline

    I miss u zazu

  82. Mohammed Sulieman

    What a lovely song 💕

  83. Southerngurl68

    Still listening n 2019 & Blakey is still Sexyyyyyy as ever❤️

    Hanna Fogg


    Hanna Fogg


  84. ceasar edulian

    My wife have a crush on him

  85. Miko Kalles

    One of my best duos of all time s

  86. Jason Peters

    I love this song

  87. John Eduard Octaviano IV

    I was a hardcore fan of ballads and musical theater songs, but not anymore. Haha. At 37, I realized how beautiful country songs are especially sung by Blake Shelton. His hits becomes my major playlist. I feel good listening to it.

  88. Baby Irene

    Love her tribute to Ziggy Stardust

  89. Tabitha Boston

    This is tabitha if its not marriage. Im done

  90. LeAnn D

    God, I love this man so much 💞

  91. Linda Ouimet

    Such a handsome man and has a fantastic voice love all his music he's a #10 all the way❤

  92. Rhonda Landrum

    I would fire her makeup artist it's horrible! She got a beautiful voice!

  93. De Avila Valera

    we don't to be lonely the night hug you ❤

  94. MultiRocket66

    LOVE, LOVE LOVE this man, every songs he sing is pure gold....

    Hanna Fogg


  95. Mackenzie Harper

    My cat told me to play this song so I am playing this song and I love you Blake Shelton

  96. Nelia Kennedy

    Hey u guys should wach gods country and I'm a kid texting by the way

  97. Ashley Purdy

    I love him he has so beautiful eyes and the girl has a beautiful voice