Blake Shelton - I Found Someone Lyrics

I picked up the phone
She said hey it's me
I know it feels like forever since I've heard your voice
But I guess that's how it had to be

So we talked awhile
'Til she said I better go
But before we hung up she said
There's something you need to know

I found someone
It just happened outta the blue
Even though I'm moving on
It don't mean that I don't still love you

You'll always have
A place here in my heart
But somewhere in this new life I've begun
I found someone

Well I wasn't surprised
Still it hit me kinda hard
It's hard to believe a little space and time
Could turn into miles and worlds apart

I said I'm happy for you
You deserve the very best
Since you've been gone I've done some praying
Some searching for myself

And I found someone
It just happened outta the blue
And even though I'm moving on
It don't mean that I don't still love you

You'll always have
A place here in my heart
But somewhere in this new life I've begun
I found someone

But it took tears and time down on my knees
And it's not who you'd ever guess
Or who I dreamed it'd be
But in the mirror one morning looking back at me

I found someone
Just happened outta the blue
It took everything I had
It took me losing you

But you'll always have
A place here in my heart
But somewhere in this new life I've begun

Looking for my place under the sun
I found someone

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Blake Shelton I Found Someone Comments
  1. Boohollowayway Holloway

    This song gets me it is hard to find me but i hear this song and i am trying to

  2. nicky laltanpuia

    Hit hard!

  3. iRockGaming

    When I lost her I lost myself and haven’t been able to find him ever since

    Jade Breitenbach

    im so sorry:(

  4. Tracy Sparks

    I l9ve you baby..💋

  5. Cynthia Fiadjoe

    Love someone never die. I love you my love call me I will be nice to love you again.


    praise god I found me!

  7. Kierstin Dalka

    “it took everything i had. it took me losing you” everytime i hear that part, i burst out in tears

  8. Alicia Overholser

    Hey baybay!!! Not sure how these comments work, but i got ur phone and saw the comment about wishing ur husband felt that way...i feel that way and 100% more!! I LUV U ALWAYS AND FOREVER NO MATER WHAT!! MY LUV FOR U IS UNCONDITIONAL, U ARE MY QUEEN🥰🥰🥰😚

  9. FiFi Corona

    one morning i was at a united way center i ran into two men . one was a cowboy who was very sweet to me .

  10. Bj Anderson


    1 year ago I left my fiancee of many years and in the process found this unique soul within me.

    I love her dearly and wish her well but I've found someone. Me.

    Sweet mother Mary this song is beautiful.

  11. bevy bear

    wow ..idk.. im not sure ..
    should i cry or should i be happy or maybe ..sad then pissed off headed to resigned leading into a weak teary eyed smile
    BS u shur got me in alll
    ( shivers) my feelings

  12. John Puleo

    I guess I have to relate to this song.

    She found someone.

  13. Jeff Jungk

    Hearing this song reminds me of my ex I am still in love with but hurts everyday not having her even though it was long we were together she was my other half

  14. tina kilgore

    I love everything about you you Blake!😍

  15. Ray Prosser

    i love this ,life is hard .

  16. Amber scott

    The guy i love has found someone new and i still love him even though we were never really together. He begged for me to be with him... And a year later we both change a little and i loved him then but even more now ❤❤❤❤😞😞😞

  17. Dōninya Calvin

    I recent found my father and his family. He passed away in 1987. But he looked for me. At least I know he loved me. Now when I look in the mirror i see the one I found. My daddy. Ohhh how I look you daddy.

  18. Joanne Williams

    So hard to let the real one you truly love go. SO HARD TO FORGET.

    Anthony W

    very true

    Jacob Hughes

    That's true

  19. randall Haynes

    My ex left me after 11 yrs for someone else I was far from perfect. But faithful and would have done anything to make it work. Never got the chance she said she needed some time going to a friend's from work for a week. Within 2 weeks she asked to move her new guy in cut off all contact. No contact for over 5 months then I'm getting messages saying sorry for everything she done to me. Texting saying she has things to say but can't because her phone maybe being watched. Putting songs on her playlist that are signals that she still loves me etc. But the guy she is with is a woman beating pos. She is scared I feel so helpless. I had moved on with someone else. Now she is in a abusive relationship with a pos. I'm a mess worried about her. Till she tells me what she wants my hands are tied. I want to help someone badly but not at her safety. Pray for her. Love you Christi. I'm here always

  20. Sam Jones

    Hell yes

  21. Drag Racing cars

    Damn I can Relate to this right now but noting a few friends and some mud holes and a Video can’t fix

  22. James Butler

    Smh... I got married September 20th 2019... she just left me bc I called the cops on her for distorting our place and trying to put hands on me after a night of drinking way to much for her birthday! I told her after she had broken lamps, pictures, etc... to go sleep it off and that's when she wanted to get physical with me. Anyways, I called them! She left and told me that she needed "time and space" I wont lie I begged her to come back home for 5 days, I never heard a word from her other then the Sunday she came to get the rest of her things I couldn't eat, sleep, focus on work, anything! It's been 3 weeks since she left! I was listening to "where I go when I drink" and this popped up in the songs below so I just clicked on it... the first person you would think would pop into my head wasnt the woman I'm married to! I was with a girl a while back, somebody I failed big time! Since I failed her, my heart has been full of regret of things that I should have done but didnt! She made me see why you should put your whole heart and soul into someone if you truly love them! That way there isn't anything to that could come between you and that person! I opened up and gave what is now my wife everything I didn't give to the woman I should have! That part that hit me so hard about this song is the fact that, I did find someone inside my self that I give to the wrong person! It's to late to try and fix things with her and I'm sorry that I didn't! I'm beyond sorry M! I miss and love you beautiful!

  23. All New

    It's only You and Me. Forever.

  24. April G

    U didnt lose me

  25. Li Fe

    It sad when they say to you they have someone.And they wrong and wasn't the truth of your life.And never called you back to know the real story of your Life
    But God Bless you where ever you are Now M... I still thing of you and will never love again.

  26. Candy Porter

    He can have her.she wil never b half the woman i am..but my daughter...thats discusting.its all good she will leave u..n u threw away a beautiful woman that loved u more than life..u really will regret it.i promise u will mis n regret breaking my heart n tbrowing our love away

  27. Sara Smile


  28. Marvirose AndresAlcantara

    Amazing man.... muahhhh😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  29. Hannah Stewart

    A got pregnant for a guy a and he left me yesterday when I told him I'm having his baby he broke up with me

    King Richardson

    Hannah Stewart Please don't lose heart, precious. God gave you the gift of a perfect little miracle, and the one you had your heart on just isn't the one obviously, that God has for you. He was just used to give you the gift. I pray that you turn to Him in your time of need, and you spoil that precious baby with everything in you. I'm praying for you from afar hun... God bless you 💜


    Prayers for you, everything happens for a reason...I know it hurts but please love the baby either way , either let him/her grow and love and live with you or give it to a family that will give it the love it deserves...I know you're hurt but always protect the baby first and foremost & everything will fall into place for you....prayers for peace in your heart and soul 💚

    Charles Seger

    I'm so sorry that happened to you I can't stand it when people do that I always thought a kid should be raised by both parents I've seen a lot of my friends grow up with one parent they always wonder why the other parent didn't want them or care enough to meet them and get to know them it's so sad

    randall Haynes

    Hannah if you need someone to talk to I'm here. God Bless

  30. Ronda Spooner

    This song is SO me. I found me too.

  31. Niki Anderson

    Omg. I did find myself again. 7 yrs in a bad marriage.

  32. Autumbrezze Phillips

    After 8 years he walked away... a year and a half later I found someone... that 8 years shaped me into the strong independent woman... and I'm grateful.. but I also know I have found the one.. you can always love someone but dont mean your in love

  33. Chey Surber

    This song made me cry 😭

  34. Ryan Yates

    Hey anyone on YouTube are single that a female hit me up or leave the phone number or give your Snapchat or Facebook account and we talk and see were it goes from there and my Facebook account is Ryan yates

  35. MACK

    Exactly, find yourself love yourself and rest of your life will fall into place. We are all like a vase we have a wide strong base but after years pass we grow up become thinner although at the top we have something beautifu inside us. One day something happens and knocks us over we are shattered and all over the floor looking at the vase with sunlight you see pieces of your life that is happy, wise, smart, you see the good of where you use to be. As you clue piece by piece back you start looking better, happier, you see your smile again and the beauty at the top has doubled and more than you ever dreamed. Just how I see myself.. I was broken but then I started clueing myself back.. hope all is all happy and ur finding yourself.

  36. Quentin Tinsley

    Rachel cowin, why could you not tell me the truth so I could have kept you as a friend and been there for life instead you lied and turned me into a monster that even I hated , to the moon and back mist not be as far as I thought

  37. Steven Friedhoff

    Angeleyes ...It def helped me see the error of my ways. Tho there is no going back for her , I still will always love her. She put a lot of effort in tryin to make me stop but I’m still going to love her. She is in my heart and my heart won’t forget her. Mine doesn’t work that way. I miss you Angeleyes forever.

    Veritas Aequitas


  38. 続きを読むの極み



  39. アカウント名

    Please Don't make the bride's comics unlisted
    I like it very much!

    Veritas Aequitas


  40. Spur_やぶ


  41. Dean Kee

    Ahhh this stings

  42. Helen Froehlich

    I don't get it....why is this so difficult...why can't we reunite?

  43. Katherine Carter

    I can relate to this song so much its like listening to a song made just for me cause I lost myself a long time ago and I am finally finding myself very slowly but I am finding myself again

  44. Frank Castle

    Wait till that someone sees REAL U. I found someone also. Myself again. Smoke and mirrors... all this is

  45. Lashorna Washington

    Now that you have someone can you do me a big favor please stop sending stuff to my phone be well appreciated

  46. Deby Cedars

    A beautiful bittersweet song about finding self love.

  47. Rodica Balogh

    Wow!!! Beautiful!!!

  48. Amanda Jane DeWeese

    Yes I did I found someone. Someone who isn't like anyone else who wears a smile while the tears stream down her cheeks. The bluest eyes you'll ever see. As if the sky were painted after them. She kinda loud when she talks and Lord step back if she the one she coming for. Cause she don't back up and she don't back down. And she don't care how big or tough you think you are she a rock and roll tiny dancer that simple amazing. She sometimes gets lost in books and travels back to and fro walking this earth telling everyone everything she knows

  49. Erick Ramirez

    Awesome but sad song,, don't want this happend to my life never

  50. Amanda Davis

    Wow he hit home there. 🙄 💙 Love this song 😍

  51. Chinda Khim-Tit

    Beautiful song but so so sad one

  52. Erika Andrade

    Z. Bb c c king fijo; de

  53. mary ruth johnson

    Aww 💗💗i love this

  54. Di Bn

    .".And even though I'm moving don't mean that I don't still love you....." Love has no polished excuse if its true...

  55. love me leave me

    U never lost her much less found her....She is a gift she puts up with ur cheating wow how sad she is settling for a pimp lolol does she know ur looking daily to replace her...Thank God it's over and I am single. Best dang song u ever wrote

  56. Shawna Wilkinson

    And I'm finally happy again

  57. Amelia Wheeler

    She found someone else and I’m finding myself. I miss her but, it’s gonna be okay. I’m gonna find someone.

  58. Jacqueline Aviles

    Love this song! I can relate completely! I'm happyly merried for 6 years now but it took me getting over a 10 year relationship whom I wish nothing but the best and I know his doing good and his with a good partner not life as I hoped Once upon a time but hey God got me and we are both good last time we communicated we both are in a good place with kids and all😊👌

  59. Jessica Paling

    im going to give my love to someome else. your a prick and i wish u hell. i shouldve moved on a long time ago. learn how to treat women

    Billie Bingman


  60. Michael Sanchez

    Still reminds me of my ex broke up less 3 months ago of 6 years the end of the tunnel is always brighter

  61. Sam Sunshine


  62. Joanna Fernandez

    Yup. Been there done that. I told him "i want you but I can't have you" and he shook his head and held my hand and whispered "yes, yes u can" his now "ex gf" was listening thru the air vent from the garage and she heard me say that.. "I can't have you"... Long story short, he left his ex gf of 8yrs for me and he moved in with me and we've been together for 3yrs now... I love this man since the day I met him 5yrs ago... He's my best friend and right now we're going through a lot of difficulties in our lives. But I hope we can pass these hurdles and continue to move forward together. I love this man more than he will ever understand. I don't wanna lose him. It's not "love" that hurts. Its the feeling of being rejected or neglected that hurts. Relationships = Communication & Respect & Trust...


    Karma ...

  63. lottie tweed

    I found someone...Jenna can have you and just know I'm happy for you. Be better to her than you were to me. Both you whores deserve each other....too bad I got the short end of what greatness I thought you had

    Billie Bingman

    lottie tweed 😳👀👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  64. Karla Adams

    My kids fathers (2) ..both passed away one in April my first husband the week before Christmas...they will always have a place in my heart! RIP Eddie Moss and Josh Ferguson NBC

  65. Brolevon Thehero

    it's been about week... I never get reply from her.... worried if this song happen to me.
    love Blake... beautiful song.

  66. nunya nunya

    Good for u

  67. Tanis Mabon

    Wow hits home ...

  68. Geraldine Powell


  69. AnotherBeautifulMind.

    Definitely cry everytime I hear this.. Been trying to stay away from anything about love if it doesn't have to do with God. This is one song that fits perfectly with this year of finally being free of a man who I loved so dang much that i was blind to see I was holding up another women's future husband or/and mine. Sometimes no matter how hard it is to see it.. The one we want most just isn't ours to want, just isn't what we need.. Never was to begin with. e
    Even if everything could have been perfect.. Sometimes some cross our path and just dont know how much amazing they were in your eyes. But I finally let go.. And found me.

  70. Tonya Mays

    I found ME!!♥️™️

  71. Tracijo London

    I found someone 😃💯🌹🌹♾ MYSELF 🙏

  72. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Love it! Life hahahaha , thank you GOD!

  73. Allyson Bazemore

    Allyson baby love too you see

  74. Janet Nash


  75. Cheyenne Berry

    Hits home❤😩

  76. Ken Leslie

    That's the way I feel about you just out of the blue I was still with Nikki you know kinda but it was your the one and I knew it right away you know you're that special one for me and I hope I am for you

  77. love me leave me

    We were doing the voice and her body nude I found someone. I want a divorce.....lolol let's c how long what God didn't put together

  78. Elizabeth Tillery

    Chris i hope and pray that you and callie are happy cause yalls happiness means the world to me god bless

  79. DeeDee Rojas

    Love this song! The words couldn’t be better! Hope my ex- listen to this....because I still “LOVE” him💔

  80. Wanda Owens Sampson

    my ex still calls an tells me he wishes he would if never messed up after i sent him this song .I still love him but i couldn't handle the hurt

  81. Ramona Getz

    OMG I love this . It's almost like you wrote it for me ,if I ever get free maybe I will find some too (me) . Again I love this song

  82. Barbara Wadsworth

    I love this song Blake Shelton, IT reminds me of you and Mirlanda. It is so beautiful and so true. That how life goes. GOD BLESS YOU always

  83. Josselyn Taylor Gille

    I fell in love with my friend we've been talking for 3 years and when i stopped talking to him it crushed me. when i found a guy and dated him i had to call my friend and ask him all of these questions and just before we hung up and said that he loves me, my heart stopped tears ran down my face, i had to say it back because it was true. ill never forget that day hes been there for me ups and downs. when my cousin passed away he was the only one that i could talk to i didnt like telling anyone how i feel because im afraid that my family will judge and not like me. ive been through a lot in the past 2 years, i should have been broken into millions of pieces, i knew what i had to do. Are relationship is strong and were trying everyday to want to be together. when i see a guy that is my type i smile i dont blush or anything because the guy who i really want to be with and would die for and would do anything to get to him. i did see him once when i went to north dakota and that was the best night i had in years. The next day i get a call from him saying im leaving to go back to bismark do you want to hangout for a couple of hours and i turned down. when he got him he called me and i was in just tears and he told me that when i graduate we can be together. I do and will love him no matter what. Love you Lane

  84. Donna Skinner

    I am glad for you! I always just want you to be happy sucks it couldn't be me but I will live! Hugs and happiness!

  85. Sophie Adori

    It's ok

  86. J North

    One day I hope I get this call & we can have a convo like this. We can catch up & we both can be in a better place then where we left off that summer afternoon. I still love her & I always will but I also know that our times passed an I need to go find my own happiness again...

  87. cowboyinohio Wright

    Man this hits right in the heart

  88. D. Veineihoi Haokip

    Now may be if I see my ex will kick his ass... 😝😜

  89. Felonious

    Handsome and soooo talented. In ole timers day.... Alan Jackson.

  90. concedernmegone if I found out u laid

    This is the way that the man don't know what their missing to a woman don't realize until it's gone in his life but the girl still love him but she knows she can't for him to love her like he used to

  91. rainbow4w

    Self love is amazing! Love this song!

  92. Jesse Rakowitz

    damn i know that feeling all too well

  93. adnan esmali

    Kyle Mclean buddy its a nice song can I request the minus one of this song it would be much appreciated anyway buddy ur videos is great the quality....thanks for uploading....I need it ASAP thanks again....

  94. Rickey Engle

    good for you,,

  95. Caleb Schmalz

    I find myself falling for one of my ex fiancées friends. She’s so much better than my ex fiancée shes some how captured my heart even after I said I’d never fall for someone again. But I’ll always have some love for my ex fiancée because we were so much in life together.

  96. Renee Ciangiotto

    I miss us dw

  97. Anita Gail

    Let it be us again someday life is changed it's a beautiful Way's just give me one more chance and show you how much I love you

  98. cristina escajeda

    Im so tired of the craziness I'll be glad when your gone Gheers to you