Blake, James - Unluck Lyrics

Treated walls
Care for me
When crossings call out
One of three

Treated walls
Care for me
When crossings call out
One of three

Only child take good care
I wouldn't like you
Playing, falling there

Treated walls
Care for me
When crossings call out
One of three

Treated walls
Care for me
When crossings call out
One of three

Only child take good care
I wouldn't like

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Blake, James Unluck Comments
  1. Christopher Nicholson

    Now he just plays the piano and whines. Shame

  2. ノモロク


  3. FF Gibson

    this song changed my life

  4. Sandy Medina

    What I love

  5. nico

    I like the 1st album from james Blake.

  6. Geometry Dash Mau5Kids

    Interesante cancion nwn

  7. Jason Molina

    No entiendo ni mierda la. Letra pero el. Sonido. Me. Envuelve

  8. ABCD

    He don't have to collaborate with rappers, I think. This era of James Blake was the best.

  9. clinton shamis


  10. Soaribb

    What is this vocal effect?

    Marc Ku

    Is an autopitch effect, he uses a TC Helicon VoiceLive 2, I have a roland jd xi which has the same effect plus synthetizer

  11. Can We Go Back


    grow fat laugh and




  12. Can Can


  13. Neeraj Kararia

    It's 2018

  14. Holy Skiba

    Hipster mumble rap

    Walter Clements

    You think this is rap? Boomer

  15. Akashavayu

    He sounds like Ned from Southpark...why can't people just sing [email protected]

    Ronny P

    oh my god they killed kenny

  16. palace k

    몇년째듣고있냐 어휴

  17. Jean Fumeux Dorian

    Satie's Choral No.1 ?

  18. legatou

    this sucks....a one-man band, full of computers, trying to hide that he cant sing

    Edward Collard

    Oh, but he can!

  19. ちよじ

    Faure Requiem Riff Are sooo Coool!

  20. Animal Farm

    That explosion-snare!

  21. YaggaYaggaYa

    This and Radio Silence have a hypnotic effect on me no other song could, not even Vince Staples feature on Timeless comes close

  22. Sam Lockhart

    Thoughts Listening to Literally Anything by James Blake: Love this. So unique! So intelligent! So technically stunning and emotionally-

    I have no talent 😔 I will never have talent 😐🔫

  23. sage carl

    James Blake has such a unique style of music,and it's good too. But I always find myself feeling an odd and almost good kind of sadness when I listen to his music. I hope he keeps it up!

  24. Daniela Natera

    TRANCE o.o

  25. Eyes, Ears, and Hearts

    am I the only one who is low-key scared of this but loves it at the same time 🎤😂

    Giles Peterson

    smnj 19 Nope. That's EXACTLY how I am right now coming across James's early work.

  26. Collizma

    Great Artist, its like he took a creepy painting and described it in a song. His work is so experimental that it is truly a masterpiece!

  27. Tom Slijkerman

    When a friend of mine came by and heard this, he laughed and said is sounded like "shaking in the shower". I couldn't hear differently, since...

  28. Sollozzo Official

    young thug at 0:55


    +Sollozzo Official that was my first thought when i heard this song, no joke

  29. Josiah Berry

    💯💯 this shitt go hard

  30. Daidai marvelous

    This song is so hypnotizing 😊

  31. Juan Sayago Cheein

    Fuck, I'm in love with this song. So experimental 

  32. Diana M

    I like it better when played live!

  33. 000000000. 0

    Love the synth build sick


    000000000 .0 Dude, what's your profile picture??????

    FF Gibson

    this and “I never learned to share” have some of the best musical climaxes I’ve ever heard

  34. Adyot R

    This is my favourite James Blake track hands down
    from the first time i heard it in 2011 it gripped me and no track has gotten to its level of amazing in my head
    And i dont know why lol

    Russell Armstrong

    +Christopher Wallace life round here

    Cycle Our World

    +Christopher Wallace shrekt

  35. Scott Orbell

    I didn't know what to think of this song at first, but after a few listens I can't get it out of my head. Genius or not, you can't argue that James Blake is one of the few 'experimental' musicians that has actually made it to mainstream success, and my hat goes off to him for that.

    tentative stagename

    this is def experimental. there's a lot more. the rabbit hole is way deeper. have the good guide and ride the ride.


    he is a fucking genius


    Thank you for that, he really is a very genius musician. Pushing the limits is something music lovers need to try and appreciate.

    Bobson Dugnutt

    Most of the best music is "experimental" whatever that means, and never reaches mainstream success to be fair

  36. Sebastian Aracena

    a 4/4 beat playing the "hihat" in quintuplets!.

    Scott Orbell

    is that what it is? I thought it was switching time sigs, skipping a beat here, adding a beat there etc.

    Daniel Martinez Dowsett

    those hats mess my head good


    song more like claps rather than hi hats

    Rafael Trindade

    quintuplets and sextuplets alternating, yeah. blissful rhythmic complement.

    Evan Hosley

    Rafael Trindade no it’s all quintuplets in that section, sometimes the snare hit is one quintuplet late making it sound like sextuplets

  37. NCT

    You must be a really unintelligent person.

  38. Carbon is Good Productions

    Take the clicking out...

  39. Abdoulaii

    Ofc mr Barack Obama.

  40. oh oh.


  41. 森田拓也


  42. Sam Hunt

    only 81,000 views? Half of them are probably mine...

    Max Mikardo

    hunty you fucking joker

  43. brianhoward01

    this song is the shit on acid lol

  44. Niels Ellegård

    No probs! What you wrote was in fact quite amazingly explaining and thoughtfull.

  45. zuzerr33

    play it with 'what was you said about luck' at the same time

  46. kyeoshin


  47. TheCombineOverlord

    I really want to like this song, maybe it will grow on me.

  48. Sofia Campostrini


  49. cjunluck

    Met him back in Leeds last year after one of his shows to find out the meaning to these lyrics and get a signature. 'Only child Take good care I wouldn't like you playing falling there' (As an only child he was restricted from doing as many things through parents fear of losing their only son) 'Treated walls care for me' (his studio) 'When crossings call out one of three' (The area he produced in - Newcross) If anyone cares.. Also the live version of this is mind blowing

  50. ohshucks30

    his voice sounds like hes being tortured and i love it

  51. caitimagines

    thank you for noticing my words <3

  52. Niels Ellegård

    Dude you just explained his entire artwork with 11 words..

  53. caitimagines

    ethereal dreamscape layers swirl unraveling in scented spirals of fresh air

  54. plezhurhouse

    Yes--he really IS awesome! 'Bout time somebody made some stuff that wasn't cookie cutter! YEAH!

  55. francisca lmds

    una vil mierda de canción!

    Max Mikardo

    speak english please :)

  56. browneyes04047

    your ignorant comment's prove you have let society get to your head.

  57. oh oh.

    LOL? have you heard this song? it is it worse than anything i have ever heard. id rather listen to justin beiber

    sips tea

    Just fuck off no one asked for your opinion

  58. chorizo chopper

    so, you're saying classical beats this because it's "actual music"? this is not "acoustic excrement". that's impossible, having the fact that this is electronic. your examples of "actual music", are from 3 centuries ago. i can't take you seriously if you don't give me an example of "actual music" contemporary of your life.

  59. shaqreia Carlton

    honestly i can listen to james blake all day i love his music.


    definitely!! the best way to listen to his music is on a rainy day

  60. oh oh.

    wtf is this shit

  61. backyardbeachbum

    maybe i just haven't listened to the new album enough, but i always want to go back to this one.

  62. Definitely Not

    Oh my. I hope you end up sad and alone.

  63. Jared Cochrane

    You're such an idiot, haha. Get off of this part of YouTube. Saying that Beethoven and Bach is 'actual music' makes you looks like a pretentious pleb. This is experimental and different, music is subjective. You can't say why this is bad, your only argumentative point was your own idiotic opinion. Your music taste is bad and you should feel bad.

  64. Alexander Earlheart

    I listen to actual music, like Beethoven and Bach, not this noise you call "genius."

    And, how can you even compare the comparative awesomeness that is Wayne to this...acoustic excrement? Lil Wayne's stuff is MUCH easier on the ears, as evidenced by the fact that it doesn't make me want to claw out my own eardrums to stop the torture from continuing.


    the most closed minded thing I have ever read

  65. TheJamesAshley

    Music? Fuck off.

  66. Benjamin Jauregui

    Masturbating Song.

    Sandy Medina

    You've obviously never had self control during an adrenaline rush.

  67. MrRazNZ

    this guy! records himself fapping - makes mean song.

    Grant Gerhart

    MrRazNZ LOL

    Mike Dossier

    LOL you got me

  68. DylanD

    Am I the only one reminded of Windowlicker by Aphex Twin?

  69. Jonathon whyte

    @Clayaka I was in control enough to turn it off..

  70. spikeyfish

    Hey man no need to be crude, i was just giving you my perspective..

  71. Alexander Earlheart

    Genius is exactly not the word I would use... but one man's trash is another man's treasure. I'll just take your word for it....

  72. spikeyfish

    The genius who is James Blake :) . It grows on you after a while; particularly the way he uses sfx to mimic his voice rather than auto tune!

  73. Alexander Earlheart

    What. The. Fuck., am I listening to?

  74. Corinthian

    i like this sing so much because it sound off-ish. very hypnotic, very haunting, and very addictive

  75. Corinthian

    mother fucking fuck what the fuck! so amazing

  76. divided123

    His new song Retrograde is a clear step up for him. Uses effects to enhance the song, not for the sake of using them to be unique.

  77. wot i di

    This is by far my favorite song by James Blake

  78. kokumusicismylove

    juuuuuuuuuuuuuuussst aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmaazing thank you Mr Blake xxx

  79. Sylvain Pinot

    Lucky us though!

  80. Scorpion27

    Wilhelm Scream and Limit to your love are my favourites :)

  81. Leavemealoneabout Usingmyname


  82. Fem Chick

    that was so lame what you wrote just there

  83. Kris Owens

    Limit To Your Love

  84. Kris Owens


  85. ChildOfTheSun32

    While I do like this song. I can't help but feel, in this song at least, that he's trying too hard to be original and unique; and new and losing track of what actually sounds good and works well. Which other songs would anyone recommend I listen to of this guy?

  86. Yannick Padma

    wow. glad i found this

  87. BrokenConSacha

    Yeah, the drums are playing quintuplets early on, but they sometimes accent notes other than the first in each group, and cut out temporarily, which can be pretty disconcerting. I love the effect.

  88. Gabriel Toscano

    this is so good

  89. Aquiles Cantarell

    Can somebody explain to me what's going on with the drums? Is it playing quintuplets? It throws me off everytime. Amazing song nonetheless.

  90. Mentality9700

    1 person shall be VERY unlucky

  91. mrmikerking

    this mix 'separates' me in a good way.

  92. nnix

    Sounds like some nobody crooning over a rejected Michael Jackson groove track. God awful.

  93. Spriggan113

    This song completely owns you at 2:05. You are no longer in control.

  94. Lou Sensei

    The BGM is so epic to me..

  95. Legion Seven

    thank man!