Blake, James - Lindesfarne I Lyrics

Kestrels breed
Looking farther than I can see
Without talked to read
She'll take a shining to me

Beacon, don't fly too high.
Beacon, don't fly too high.

For all your time
Playful crawling rate
Worth it being cold?
Roofing for the lanes
A lesson lost again.
Lesson lost again.

Keep haunting the bus
With fees of favors gone
Cracks and sailors fast
And await the sun to show
Won't tomorrow come?
Won't tomorrow come.

Kestrels breed
Looking farther than I can see
Without talked to read
She'll take a shining to me.

Beacon, don't fly too high.
Beacon, don't fly too high.

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Blake, James Lindesfarne I Comments
  1. Goeswith Love

    She is in a group home. They are all terminal and she has a shot of healing and making it out. It was an initiation and goodbye.

  2. Madison Filan

    I'm so Gone. Gone with the

  3. Percy Cushing

    Fuck kows what it means - but it means something - all of it - the music is too beautiful for it to mean nothing

  4. HenryHero

    i’m up in the wooooooooods

  5. Luis_mgarcia Martinez Garcia

    Música que me hace olvidar del tiempo .... pasan los años y aquí sigue esta hermosa canción...
    James, eres una persona especial con tus sonidos en mis oídos. Gracias

  6. Максим Кулик

    Kestrels breed
    Looking farther than I can see
    Without tact to read
    She'd take a shine to me
    Beacon don't fly too high
    Beacon don't fly too high

    [Verse 1]
    For all your time
    Playful crime in rain
    Worth it being cold
    Roofing for the lanes
    A lesson lost again
    A lesson lost again

    [Verse 2]
    Cute but I'll take the bus
    With fees and favours gone
    Cracks in savers pass
    And a white that sometimes shone
    Wanton borrowed gun
    Wanton borrowed gun


  7. Kprcrn Nrcrpk


  8. ibrahim zaghw

    I like it when they do a ritual with the spit.

  9. big ol'

    Didn't like the video.

  10. Jamie McCollam

    I think this is about the spiritual/metaphysical birth of an idea or a creation such as this song or being a creative and brining an idea to life. Everyone who compared it to her being pregnant was close but I think her on the toilet with her pen and paper with the door ajar was meant to look like finding out your pregnant with a child but in this case it's an idea. The spit ritual I think was a metaphor of the influence and affect those around creatives have on their ideas and art. Also when she leaves at the end it reminds me of leaving your family and friends behind on your journey to success.

  11. ScrinkleVid

    I remember that this video really impressed me when i first watched it 4 years ago or so. But I can understand why people also think that it's a little pretentious.

  12. Heavens to Purgatroid

    Fabulous, but too much base for the bestest headphones!

  13. Trav L

    It’s about friendship and commitment

  14. Jayda Kerlew


  15. fourtwenty fourseven

    is that the same actress from the rhye video? anyway i'm p sure it's just about them making a pact before she goes away, with some extra nuances thrown in, it's rly sweet. my fav part is how james plays a sorta ghost figure.

  16. Jxllyfish

    That spit thing made me hurl...
    This song is amazing though 💞
    James Blake is amazing.

  17. Lewis Gilpin

    When I saw that person drink spit, I felt sick. Never felt that sick or cringed that hard before

  18. Pedro Henrique

    uma otima música !!!

  19. endless nameless

    In case you can't understand anything:
    Kestrels breed,
    Looking further than I can see
    Without tact to read,
    She'd take a shine to me
    Beacon don't fly too high
    Beacon don't fly too high

    For all your time,
    Playful crime in rain
    Worth it being cold,
    Roofing for the lanes
    A lesson lost again
    A lesson lost again

    Cute but I'll take the bus,
    With fees and favours gone
    Cracks in savers pass,
    And a white that sometimes shone
    Wanton borrowed gun
    Wanton borrowed gun

    Kestrels breed,
    Looking further than I can see
    Without tact to read,
    She'd take a shine to me
    Beacon don't fly too high
    Beacon don't fly too high

  20. Nekoish

    not a fan...

  21. Shade On A Cool Day

    In satanism one of their rituals is swallowing other people's spit standing in a circle as they are doing in this video. Every music video has an agenda.

  22. C -DAWG

    Does anyone know what happened to the Retrograde and Limit To Your Love videos have gone?????

    Shade On A Cool Day

    TheAbsolutelyAmazing Celesteeni Mandela Effect lol

  23. youngrock Kim

    She doesn't deserve I am doing to her. I don't want to hurt her any more. feels like dying. I can't afford to take the time right now. feels like dying...

  24. Andy Masters

    I always interpreted this to mean: This is the night before the main character leaves for college or Uni or to live in the big city, and her closest group of friends is staying behind in their small town. They all know it will never be the same when she leaves. They want to do something that will bind themselves together forever, so they conduct this series of rituals they read about in an old witchcraft book they got from the local library. They stay up all night and go wild, eventually taking her to the bus stop to say goodbye.

  25. AutoNeptune I

    Just beautiful

    NYce LAugh

    Fym this video is beautiful this is gross asf but the music is nice

    AutoNeptune I

    NYce LAugh 😂

  26. Mister Huggg

    This track fucks my shit up

  27. Grom Hellscream

    The ending talks to me a lot

  28. VivaCohen

    Maybe the video is like a group of people who have suffered (they're covered in injuries- maybe an illness, abuse, or a symbol for depression) and so are suicidal or dying for some other reason. The girl is writing something in the beginning, maybe a suicide note. Then they do the whole spit thing and she drinks it. Maybe she kills herself and her drinking their spit is like her taking a peace of them with her when she goes. Then she crawls through a white sheet which some see as a symbol of rebirth (maybe life after death?) and they see it as a good thing because she's escaped so they go outside and dance. Then they go see her off on a bus... maybe a symbol of seeing her off to somewhere better since her life was a hard one. Maybe? Anyway, love the song. Have no idea what the lyrics mean.

  29. Soaribb

    Why people hate the video?


    I don't think they hate the video, but more like the auto tuning in James voice. I like it but in thinking that's why

  30. Sweety Charlie

    Boring as hell, Lemmy Kilmister did so much better, fuck this song

  31. Nightcat99

    Don't do drugs kids

  32. Manon

    I actually really like this video...

  33. Kamille Scipio

    this is fucking beautiful

  34. Yolis Bortin

    Ok, everyone who thinks the video is gross, please try just listening to the song without looking at or thinking about the video because it's actually a very nice song (and I think the video's pretty fucking gross too, tbh)

  35. greg rose


  36. Mauricio Björk

    no necesitaba un video...

  37. no one

    I got headache after watching this./

  38. MefilioDeAggelo

    i have seen some fucked up stuff in my life. but this was by far the Fuckest Upest !

    Savion S

    MefilioDeAggelo really, this is nothing

  39. bite mehh

    Just speechless on that yuk

  40. erie ho

    fuckin yuk

  41. matthew cavanagh

    my favourite james blake song!


    Your taste is shit

    Sebastian Delatorre

    +3D1ofakind chill

    rb the sunset loner

    +3D1ofakind my name is chef, poop.

    Savion S

    3D1ofakind chill bro. How bout you close your eyes, and put on some headphones with the volume up and listen again

    Savion S

    matthew cavanagh really it’s definitely good but I think whilhelm scream and forest fire and way better. Definitely in the top 10 though

  42. Horus

    Beacon don't fly too high

    matthew cavanagh

    we can 

    Sebastian Delatorre

    Don't tell me what to do

    Trav L

    You meant bacon?

  43. カンタベリー物語


  44. K A

    I nearly liked this, but then they all spat in something and then poured it into something else and I couldn't stop gipping.

    Feben H

    Same here! At first I was like okay, ya, bit weird video, but not super weird. And then. Okay wtf, they spat into something and the girl started to drink it.

    René Fuchs

    This seems to be some kind of ritual. To me it is strange too but still full of pure emotion. Imagine being that close to your friends. Best music video ever in my opnion

  45. ノア静かです

  46. Dave Alt

    I still remember the first time ever hearing and watching this. It was the first time I heard of James Blake! I love this song! :) This is FALL to me. 

  47. Free BJ Videos

    533 people are fucking insane


    Bitch, people that don't even have a song career can do better then this

    Sebastian Delatorre

    +3D1ofakind then do it

  48. Alex Argo

    Strongly dislike vevo commercials

  49. hali Morrison

    deliciosa <3 me  relaja 
    la amo <3

  50. hali Morrison

    me encanta siempre la eh escuchado <3<3<3<3<3

  51. David Gedeon

    I don't know wtf I just watched... I like James Blake's music but his videos are out there sometimes. This "art" gets kind of lost sometimes I guess. Funny moment though: My friends younger brother (white, like 13) came in around the middle of the video and just shook his and said "white people". Had me rolling lol

  52. Nadidaaa

    I want a friendship like this i;


    Im sure people will happily spit in a cup and watch you drink it as they NLP the life out of you, good times?!


    you should join a cult then


    Maybe i will ;-)

  53. Ashley Scott

    This closely resembles god spell the musical. The face painting, the leaving of the main one and the escape from civilization. Maybe that's a real connection?

  54. Fazmagoria

    It sounds like he's talking through a fucking fan. Nigga's got Dalek syndrome

  55. Yinyues

    I do prefer the live version of this, BUT still gets to me :)

  56. lozoft9

    Now we know what posh Britons do when they're not busy being Oxford shoo-ins.

  57. immasofresh

    I'm not trying to a ignorant person or anything but I can't get the message of this video. Can someone help and please explain. I usually can understand the deeper meaning of a lot of videos but I can't figure this one out


    Sometimes things are meant to be not understood but just being appreciated the way they are. It's not being ignorant if you don't understand something, it's just that you have learned to put your mind aside and enjoy with your heart.


    Looks like they all have cuts and bruises...that don't heal anymore (zombies?)
    But now they heal themselves...I think that makes the goodby so heartbreaking...

    Sawyer K

    Lindisfarne is a small island off the coast of England and is known as "Holy Island." It was important center for celtic christianity. So maybe this song, the name, and the video are a parellel or commentary about religion and the cult personality. Or maybe even just like how joining or being apart of a group of friends is cultish in a way. I don't know I'm not James

    Luis Muñoz

    Its a satanic ritual or initiation.
    -eating blood   
    -cut open the shirt right there so a demon can go inside of her 


    @Sawyer K This is probably the best answer that could be given to this question.

  58. lo ri


  59. Gerald Brisley

    Am I the only one that thinks that each of their small injuries is an outward representation of inner struggles that they may go through in their young lives? Dealing with perhaps being on what may be considered the "fringe" of society leads to deep emotional scars. Maybe they are dealing with interpersonal struggles, growing up in general? Perhaps the injuries are just representations of their fears and daily struggles. They find solace and companionship with each other in order to deal with these inner struggles.  A deeply moving piece.


    @Gerald Brisley Excellent analysis...

  60. NixNac

    Yes this one makes me cry too lol

  61. Cy Nothing

    The vibe of the video reminds me a lot of the movie Dogtooth. 

  62. Jay R


  63. Quaadir Bey

    Dafuq is goin on

  64. Jeffrey L


  65. firemedic51

    I would love to truly understand the meaning behind this meaning.  All of these young people have injuries so I wonder if they are all victims of domestic abuse or suicide.  I definitely see that see if being welcomed into an order of sorts.  But I wonder if she is being sent beyond or being sent to a place of safety.  Truly a beautiful song but I feel the meaning is sad, of something lost.

  66. Karen Cedillo

    Trap for Cinderella...

  67. Rupert Teissier

    saw this on ill conceived mascot the other day, such a good song

  68. Robyn Russell

    @cupidilidily yes :)

  69. Felipe Heredia

    914 y 915 vuela con miiiillgo

  70. cupidilidily

    hey! is there supposed to be distortion with the guitar?

  71. erika pliego

    Que asco!! Baba!!!

  72. BowserFX

    What the hell...

  73. The Plunger

    where can you get the sheet music for this???

  74. Jason Hollmann

    this song is amazing when you're high


    Doesn't Everyone Do This With Friends?


    It's Just A Video Of Friends lol We Over Analyze Everything Today

  77. Reginald Breadpudding

    one of my favourite songs but could someone tell me what in the blue hell this video was about

  78. Harry Smith

    Love song I don't understand video

  79. Diana Lechuga

    Closed minds complaining about the saliva scene in 3...2..1 :P

  80. Samuli Tikkanen

    Freaking bathsalts

  81. Andris Igaunis

    Yak! I was eating.

  82. Nazty Gal

    Yeah fuck that saliva scene.

  83. Grimble Grumble

    His dad. And his mum.
    I thank them.

  84. Terika Carney

    I'm not in love with the video although i understand it to a degree, but James Blake is a dope artist. The feel of his music is so relaxing because it's soothing and his voice is smooth...even with the auto tune sound. I must admit, the spitting in the bowl and her drinking it was a bit much for me.

  85. Bennie Peterson

    im goonna throwup she drunk their spit . i love the song though

  86. Carlos Gabriel Cantero Briones

    I drink my mates saliva cause fuck you, that's why

  87. Aaron Loughlin

    I know exactly how you feel

    Anna T

    Aaron Loughlin do you

  88. iamronfame

    The saliva scene is obviously an initiation of whatever they are as a group.

  89. FashiionMonsteR


  90. DS Gryme

    that was disgusting, love thefeel of this tune though.

  91. justCallMeSil

    I'm probably missing the point here but.....what's with the saliva scene??

  92. Kateri Eftychia

    Ejekt july 2013!! Athens!!

  93. Imani Williams

    James the definition of amazing

  94. Dmitry Pesegov

    Панки хой.

  95. David de Beun

    Wow that was weird, can someone please explains the message/meaning behind this?

  96. greatbigcaverntoo

    FOR MONTHS I was singing to myself "we can all fly too high" and I thought it was some meditation on icarus and how we push ourselves too far and burn out. well "beacon, don't fly too high" could have something to do with that.