Blake, James - Limit To Your Love Lyrics

There's a limit to your love
Like a waterfall in slow motion
Like a map with no ocean
There's a limit to your love
Your love, your love, your love

There's a limit to you care
So carelessly there, is it truth or dare
There's a limit to your care
There's a limit to your love
Like a waterfall in slow motion
Like a map with no ocean
There's a limit to your love
Your love, your love, your love

There's a limit to you care
So carelessly there, is it truth or dare
There's a limit to your care

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Blake, James Limit To Your Love Comments
  1. Jeff Ogilvie

    Awesome base

  2. oakleyducati1

    Came here to test the bass of my new Dr. Beats.

  3. Irish Kabyle


  4. EllipTypical

    10 years later...

  5. Sacid Sivri

    3,1 k dislike venom fans



  7. thelastfirebender

    This has a bass boosted version. FML

  8. Jan Lewandowski

    That bass' bass has bass

  9. geronimo8159

    Elephants hate this song.

  10. Samu93c

    There's a limit to your love...

  11. ur local roach

    2020 anyone?

    Lia Wall


    Steven Gunther

    Absolutely. I first saw this video in 2010 when it had 300 views. I loved watching it grow exponentially as time went on.

  12. The Contaminator

    Anyone else here for the bare neck and the floating teabag?

  13. pola ktr

    Ваш лучше спел

  14. pola ktr

    Кто от сметаны

  15. Some One

    Smetana TV brought me here

    Oljas Atanov


  16. Анна Федотова

    ТоварищЪ Ваш!)

  17. Ars Paranoid

    Кавер от Ваша лучше оригинала

    Oljas Atanov

    Какого Ваша? У которого мать швея, отец швея и он сам у себя швея?


    А где можно посмотреть кавер Ваша?

    Ars Paranoid



    @Ars Paranoid спасибо!

  18. oBeebo

    Лайк от тех, кто пришёл сюда после Сашки Ваша

    ellie os

    полезла в комментарии только ради этого коммента

    Grammar Inspector Chief Longer

    Nope, no Vodka here...

    ellie os

    @Grammar Inspector Chief Longer wow. vodka. thats so funny

  19. Mademoiselle Nepenthe

    Vibration and Eargasm!

  20. inxy

    oh yeah

  21. Adrian Binggeli

    who else also comes here to test an audio system?

  22. Joonho Jung

    lim <3 —> 0

  23. Radomir Dopudj

    It's a kick drum

  24. A. ten

    Listened to this for the first time in my truck with 2 10"s. 100 percent was NOT expecting that bass line. Holy shit, bumps harder than most rap songs.

  25. Caz Wydrzynski

    This is a cover song by Feist of the same name btw

  26. Harsh Vatsa

    I'm a simple man, I see James Blake and I press like

  27. pinky winkyy

    perfect song to sing in the shower

  28. Jonathan Giusti

    James Blake uses a MicroKorg????

  29. imogen williams

    I cannot I’m so high thinking I’m having a heart attack when it that bass but I love it👏🏼👏🏼

  30. David Henke

    What a fucking great song

  31. No Wire Hangers!

    I feel like a map with no ocean everyday

  32. Michelle Ross

    2019,im here!

  33. natalie garcia

    mi amor por siempreeeeeee

  34. koolsamarkand

    Like a Map With No Ocean

  35. Mohammed Benaissa

    Rinse brought me here

    Mohammed Benaissa

    Dsf too

  36. Karen Zlw

    How has been 9 years since we heard for the first time this tune <3

  37. Wilfred Slotboom

    I use this one to shut up my neighbours!
    Works perfectly!

  38. Zach Nicholson


  39. Maisie Mc

    Heard one line on tv show Brassic,had to find it,glad I did

  40. Nohemí Herrera

    2019 <3

  41. Kronomikal

    modestep without you

  42. frits spits

    Nice on Kappa 8a ! Heeeeerlijk hoor !

  43. Elizabeth PRADA

    My love for this man has NO LIMITS

  44. Isra Sabir

    Sad I am just now finding him - I am attracting awesome - Finally!!! Yay!

  45. Hamilton Fan

    Everyone, if you don’t have good bass, then you can’t hear the bass in the song. Then the bass is almost nonexistent. But my car has bass, and it’s INSANE! And my phone has none and it’s not there. It’s not the song.

  46. David Passarello

    Sabs where are you ☹

  47. Hempyote

    Nahko brought me hear


    Remixed it non profit please give it a listen

  49. TruthJusticeVictory

    Like NiN gave Hurt to Johnny Cash, and with all respect to Feist, this song kind of belongs to James Blake now. She wrote it, she owns it, but Blake made the definitive version of this song. His version gives me goosebumps.

  50. Lydia Hernandez

    i luv your music james blake ❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥

  51. Lewis Miggs

    Still one of the best pieces of music out there.

  52. onmi

    0:56 what you'll feel when you're at one of his shows
    saw him just yesterday and damn the bass was insane

    Jess Truly

    Cool! Jealous !

  53. Guayo F.

    Anyone here 'cause of Modestep new song?

  54. Wittzzz

    Modestep - Without You

  55. José Gutiérrez

    Without You

  56. Jonathan Evaristo

    I still come to this bass in 2019

  57. 1995 honda civic

    Lol modestep copied this track

  58. love u

    Can someone please post the cords after the first line “there’s a limit to your love”

  59. reimie cleric

    Listened to this doors closed, lights off, eyes closed, smoke weed! Brought me to some other dimension.. it's like a trance, a chant that pulls out my soul, make my heart Beats slow it tears me apart and reminds me of someone that broke my heart into pieces..

  60. ckeilah

    Welcome back Detroit Deep Bass from 1996

  61. Nathan Button

  62. reimie cleric

    I fall inlove. ❤❤❤

  63. Horst Denton

    The middle part always brings me out... Wish the song was a little bit different.

  64. eveline salario

    did not listen to this song for years and listened to it one night and the next night it was in a movie on tv. so bizar. :)

  65. mariem sarghini

    Uuuuuuhhhhh his voice!!! His bass!!! His music.... SPOT ON!! ❤️❤️❤️

  66. Alvin Swifthawk

    I thought Suboxone s

  67. Tremendos HD

    blomdaz #27 and safakash limit are amazing samples and listen to it in 1:25

  68. Kerry Melonson

    There's a limit to me listening to boring ass fake r&b.

  69. Dave M

    i googled for benjamin clementine, his wiki said he won the mercury prize....then I clicked on mercury prize.....that's how I found James he was one of the winners or nominates...

  70. Milton

    I've never heard bass like this in my life.. wtf

  71. Jorge Rafael Maria Tavarez

    Shit I’ve been looking for this song for years, finally!

  72. hamza chishti

    whos from kota factory interview....

  73. ChaosEn3

    Holy shit I upgraded my speakers last week and the bass on this song is amazing


    kota factory

  75. Sanket Chaudhari

    Anybody from Kota Factory?

    Abhishek Garg

    yup... that interview

  76. Luke Maiava

    what the fuck is this song about is it like good or bad are we wondering about the limit as being you can only love one or you can't love enough fuck james blake is a wack cunt

  77. Miina_ Dreams


  78. Mj Weinrich

    I'm listening to this on studio monitors that have a pretty wide range. all I hear is a shit ton of low end buffeting, it sounds like helicopter blades. it hurts and I'm not sure how I feel about it, is it just my monitors orrrrrr?


    It's your poor equipment.

    Mj Weinrich

    @BrendaBane yeah, not looking for offend snarky comments

  79. M Z

    Favorite song

  80. MegaRudeBoy69

    My subwoofer thanks you for the workout.

  81. Symbolic AcclaimedTM

    Rolls-Royce of Beverly Hills car commercial has bought me here to this song.

  82. Peaches Social

    Oh he was so young here. Growing up is it, made adulting bearable !

  83. nico

    I like the 1st album from James Blake.

  84. Vivian Vigel

    Theres no limit to your love @kadatski


    Thru Headphones💗

  86. Operation Arsenal

    Surprised he hasn’t collabed with sampha

  87. Jojo Bana

    The best place to listen to this song is in the car... With full bass on

  88. D. ESVI

    Vienes por la Rosalía?

  89. Fattest White Guy ever

    I just notice now that he's singing about a girl that cant squirt

  90. 666 420

    A limit to your subs lol thats why I bought a P.A so that doesn't apply to me anymore. My ears are the limit now.

  91. uli adi

    video is great

  92. Roy Zilbersher

    where does the piano part come from? it sounds very familiar

  93. lima chica

    8 years of inexplicable connectivity <3 thank u 4 that