BlackHawk - Days Of America Lyrics


The furnace burns in Steel Town
Big business came and tried to shut 'em down
But workers got together, and they bought that mill
They're making steel in Pittsburgh still

The family farm down in Indiana
The bank's foreclosing just because they can
And the farmer can't do nothing 'bout another drought
So John and Neil and Willie came and helped 'em out

'Cause these are the days of America
Brother to brother, hand in hand
Well, these are the days of America
Walking together through the promised land

The wheels in Detroit keep on turning
A blue collar lesson there for the learning
The throttle drives you anywhere, no matter how far
Just never give up on who you are

'Cause these are the days of America
Brother to brother, hand in hand
Well, these are the days of America
Walking together through the promised land

Right down the middle of America
Where her heart beats strong and true
Yeah, look up, just open your eyes
The flag still waves, and the eagle still flies

'Cause these are the days of America
Brother to brother, hand in hand
Well, these are the days of America
Walking together through the promised land

These are the days
These are the days of America
These are the days
These are the days of America

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BlackHawk Days Of America Comments
  1. Tori Smith

    I Love It

  2. Major woody

    Sad to think this place is being ripped apart again😑


    I watch this and smile to myself and wonder how many people don't know what the "Live At The Fox" on Henry's T-shirt refers to. A very nice, subtle tribute to some southern brothers.

  4. God Wins

    I got to shake these guys hand

  5. Steven Dudley

    Texas flag at 2:30

  6. Rob C

    A very powerful song that got us through 9/11...

  7. Nathan Osas

    Fox and Friends... Thank you!

  8. Janet Mcbee

    First time listener!
    Thank You for keeping it Strong and Real , with your music 🎶 !
    ♡•God Bless America•♡🇺🇸

  9. USN Corpsman

    You guys just got a new fan!!

  10. MissAmazanda

    Seems like everyone in country was coming out with a patriotic song in 2001 after the terrorist attacks.

  11. Randy Robinson

    I went broke farming I didn't see john Neil and Willie come help me

  12. Terry Hurst

    I can find some of the words I disagree with, but on balance I love this song - ranks right up there with Lee Greenwood's all time classic, which you can hear every 4th of July. You should hear this song by the campfire in the Sierras backcountry after a few Jack Daniels!

  13. J A

    Just heard this on Fox and Friends!

    Chriss Hershberger

    Yup fox and friends played it, so ofcource I had YouTube this song. Love it!

    USN Corpsman

    They just played it again!!! F&F's

    J A

    G Nelson They, again, played it 20 minutes ago!


    They played it again today and I finally caught the band's name and title!


    me too, but mine was just now which is September 22, 2018

  14. Timothy Torres

    0:55 There's my state!

  15. mills271

    Awesome to see a reference to Pittsburgh, PA!

    Timothy Torres

    +mills271 I know Detroit's called: The Motor City, but I didn't know Pittsburgh is known for steel when I first listened to this song.

  16. Redd WebDev

    Great song -- but the Apple Ads that google overlays it with is really really stupid --

  17. fpopee

    well....this fucking"song" sucks.pure drivel,sounds like a halfass poem by a 10 yr old.Another cheap attempt to suck $ out of a shitty industry and 45,928 froggy radio stations.Hatched right out of the toby keith mold of mention america&show the flag 94 times in 3 minutes,prop up every union achetype,and bleed every dead ass cliche they can come up with.Pittsburgh,detroit,indiana?REALLY?.......cmon man..please....all its missing is a fucking ford truck

    Blue Lives Matter

    fpopee whatever you say.. sorry I said anything.

    Blue Lives Matter

    fpopee seriously.. sorry.. I usually don't respond to comments like this.. just have had a hard few months.. and i snapped. I lost both my grandmother's in a few months of each other. I've had a rough time lately and I snapped. I'm truly sorry


    Kroger390 i take it all back....i should be more cautious w my words. ...its just a video...please accept my sincere apologies.....good luck and im truly sorry.

    Terry Hurst

    You are the one who sucks!


    If U like Ovomit your a loser from the get go....GO TRUMP !!!!!

  18. limitedslip82

    im 30yo and i love the old country. you wont catch me dead listening to todays BULLSHIT.....sorry i couldnt call todays music country.

  19. limitedslip82

    im an american but it sucks to say "AMERICANS" are getting more stupid by the day. all they care about is whats TRENDING at this minute and they are FOLLOWERS that cant think for themselves.

  20. Helleduden

    How is it possible that this video has so few views when it is so good. MUCH worse videos on youtube got many million views.

    USN Corpsman

    Post it on Twitter and FB and everywhere else!!

    Rob Ricci

    There's a TON of good music out there. Sadly, most of it nedver gets heard. I could easily name 10 songs that I've never heard on the radio that I love. Why are these not one the radio? Who knows, but I feel like most radio stations have like 10 CDs because you hear the same shit over and over and over. To me, "pop" doesn't mean POPular music, but an acronym for Probably Over Played.

  21. Audrey Brandl

    Where is the Nebraska State flag?

  22. AJ Freeman

    God Bless the USA

  23. Aaron Mullally

    Who is the one communist who disliked this video?

    Randy Robinson

    piss on communism

  24. Nate Flannery


  25. Dave Wollenberg

    Too bad BlackHawk's country top 40 history only lasted 8 years. This 1 hit after 9-11-01. Peaked in Bilboard, 1-26-02. God bless ya, for postin' it. Thanx! RIP, Van Stephenson.

  26. Rex Koch

    that's me at 2:37 when I was 3

  27. SandwichFromHell


  28. dasyization

    BlackHawk Are The Best !

  29. Irving Shunt

    I hear this song at TSC, where i work. I'm not a country fan, but this song rings true.
    It's a shame when Tractor Supply Co. sells shirts, USA flags, made in pakistan or china. Think next time you buy something see where it's made.

  30. Samuel Barber

    shame it doesnt have more views

  31. Samuel Barber

    i heard this on the radio and i was thinking,OH GOD I GOTTA GET THIS SONG :D

    god bless the land of the free.

  32. likes2aplay

    awesome thank ya

  33. James Johnson

    love the song, great band

  34. cbmbdb

    Agreed sir!!!