BlackHawk - Big Guitar Lyrics

Hey now boys, take a lookit right here...
Only one comes 'round every million years.
She's a midnight rider on a shooting star,
Makes the whole world ring like a big guitar.

Well she flagged me down with the devil's way...
It was somewhere down that lost highway...
She's a lifeboat on a raging sea,
She's a high note on the harmony...

She takes away my pain and sorrow...
Loves me like there's no tomorrow, this.
I can't resist...
In my life I realize,
I have never known a sweeter kiss...
Funny what I missed...

Got a piece of heaven right here on earth...
And believe me I know what it's worth.
She's an island dream on a rainy day...
She's a desperado's hideaway...

Hey now boys, take a lookit right here...
Only one comes 'round every million years.
She's a midnight on a shooting star...
Makes the whole world ring...
Big guitar.

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BlackHawk Big Guitar Comments
  1. Joshua Brooks

    R. I. P. Van Stephenson. We miss you, buddy.

  2. Brent Woods

    Real country music

  3. Jeffrey Kidd

    Is that their sons in the vid?

  4. Dana Winstead

    🎶🎵🎤🎤🎸🎸🎸!! #BIG GUITARS

  5. Melissa Ritter

    I remember this sing. The video was in CMT back in the Summer of 96.


    you meant song but its a great song to sing to as well

  6. Daniel Campos


  7. zoomcat54

    Best song ever for two stepping!

  8. Lisa Stafford

    Performed By Nickelback

  9. James Otto Sweet Heart

    How can anyone NOT love this video??? Three nice looking slabs of man hood with their kids...what more could a girl like me ask for?
    God bless you and the two remaining members of this awesome act always!!!
    Holly in East Tennessee (age 14 when this song went to radio)

  10. Keith Hensley

    Great Band & Great Song

  11. tracy beason

    is that joe nicols? the dark curly hair kid in the black tee?

    Ashley Folden

    No, that's actually one of BlackHawk's sons, Wes.

    tracy beason

    oh ok i just think he looks alot like joe, sorry

    Ashley Folden

    tracy beason I know

  12. Christina Hinojosa

    My sister had all 5 of their CDs but someone stole them. We have not been able to find them again so we have them. I love Blackhawk.

  13. doughesson

    I could hear them covering Amazing Rhythm Aces' "Amazing Grace".

  14. Mr. HorsePower

    Here in 2017

  15. brianbearco

    never heard this  until now. like it a lot!! and its good to see kids play along with their own instruments!

    Ashley Folden

    I think kids in the video are portrayed by the names of the band's four sons at the time: Henry Paul IV, David & Trey Robbins and Wes Stephenson.

  16. Marlene Pedersen

    Cool, cool tune...holy cow i love it!! great voices..great, great.......and great :) Blackhawk rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. dennis bisans

    love the song the is really cool. wish I could find a girl that likes same kind of music like me single and in Missouri.

    Louise Lunsford

    but I'm right here in Kentucky

  18. Jen Dengler

    Awesome song!Awesome band.This is what country music was about.the crap they play today is horrible.

  19. Dañe Highfield

    One of the first bands to take ROCK-TO-COUNTRY! And they did it SOOOO F-ing right! HA!

  20. Dave Wollenberg

    BlackHawk hit #17 in Billboard, 8-10-96. God bless ya, friend, for postin' it. Thanx! Have a blessed week! RIP, Van Stephenson.

  21. Stephen Brown

    Great Band

    Kenneth Goodwin

    r hi Steve what's going onr with you you're cute reviewr r
    rr big meanies rottenra rrmean old man beat me visarr

  22. Stephen Brown

    Great Band

  23. DieselDucy

    This is a GREAT song,  wish i could find the EXT version.

  24. brian7301975

    I forgot about this song. One of their best. I always loved this song.

  25. Skippy Thorson

    I always thought this song would have been so much better had the lyrics and title been "lead guitar". Still great, though!

  26. TonyJames


  27. manandcat

    Best Blackhawk song ever recorded

  28. Justin C

    who hates this song no one ,who loves this song ME

  29. sparrowgirl84

    i still love this video and song!

    TheHawk213 TheHawk213

    sparrowgirl84 😜