Blackfoot - Teenage Idol Lyrics

A lonely boy in the city
Standing tall up to his blue jean jacket and eyes of pity
He's got a dream, now he told his Papa
"Don't you worry Daddy
I'll be back to show you what a life I've made"
With a tear falling from his eyes
He knew that he wanted to be
Oh, he wants to be, yes, he's got to be
Oh, he'd love to be a teenage idol
Standing in his hometown
Waiting for the bus that'll take him
Farther than he's ever been
Picked up his bags and kissed his sweetheart
"Don't you worry honey, I'll be back
To show you what a life I've made"
With a tear falling from her eyes
She knew that he'd love to be
Oh, he wants to be, yes, he's got to be
Oh, he'd love to be a teenage idol
Oh, if he could see, his name on the marquee
He'd live so happily, as a teenage idol
He's in another city
Standing tall up to his satin jacket and eyes of pity
He's got it all except for his Papa
"Don't you worry, Daddy
I've shown them what a pretty life I've made
Even though I'll miss you badly
You know I always wanted to be"
Oh, I want to be, yes, I've got to be
Oh, I'd love to be a teenage idol
Oh, I want to be, yes, I've got to be
Oh, I'd love to be a teenage idol
Yes, I want to be, oh, I've got to be
Oh, I'd want to be a teenage idol
Yes, I'd love to see, my name on the marquee
I'd live so happily as a teenage idol
Oh, I'd want to be, yes, I've got to be
Oh, I'd love to be a teenage idol

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Blackfoot Teenage Idol Comments
  1. William Still

    2020 and Blackfoot is still kicking ass and taking names

  2. Fernando Scotuzzi

    1.25 speed power metal!

  3. Dragon


  4. Mark Jackson

    Who was the girl?

  5. Miriam Paz

    bello ken hensley! !!

  6. Flavio Renan

    Banda: BLACKFOOT

    Origem: JACKSONVILLE (Flórida/Estados Unidos)

    Álbum: SIOGO

    Lançamento: 22/05/1983

    Produção: AL NALLI


    Gravadora: ATCO

    Vocal/guitarra: RICKEY MEDLOCKE


    Baixo: GREG WALKER

    Teclado: KEN HENSLEY

    Bateria: JAKSON SPIRES


    Um garoto solitário na cidade
    De pé com seu jeans azul
    Jaqueta e olhos de pena
    Ele tem um sonho, agora ele disse a seu papai

    Não se preocupe papai
    Eu estarei de volta para mostrar-lhe a vida que eu fiz
    Com uma lágrima caindo de seus olhos
    Ele sabia o que ele queria ser

    Oh, ele quer ser, sim, ele tem que ser
    Oh, ele adoraria ser um ídolo adolescente

    De pé em sua cidade natal
    Esperando o ônibus que vai levá-lo
    Mais longe do que jamais esteve
    Fez as malas e beijou sua namorada

    Não se preocupe querida, eu estarei de volta
    Para mostrar a vida que eu fiz
    Com uma lágrima caindo de seus olhos
    Ela sabia que ele adoraria ser

    Oh, ele quer ser, sim, ele tem que ser
    Oh, ele adoraria ser um ídolo adolescente
    Oh, se pudesse ver, o seu nome na marquise
    Ele viveria tão feliz, como um ídolo adolescente

    Ele está em outra cidade
    De pé com seu cetim
    Jaqueta e olhos de pena
    Ele tem tudo, exceto por seu Papai

    Não se preocupe, papai
    Eu mostrei a eles a bela vida que eu fiz
    Mesmo sentindo sua falta
    Você sabe que eu sempre quis ser

    Oh, eu quero ser, sim, eu tenho que ser
    Oh, eu gostaria de ser um ídolo adolescente
    Oh, eu quero ser, sim, eu tenho que ser
    Oh, eu gostaria de ser um ídolo adolescente

    Oh, eu quero ser, sim, eu tenho que ser
    Oh, eu gostaria de ser um ídolo adolescente
    Sim, eu adoraria ver, o meu nome na marquise
    Oh, eu gostaria de ser, sim, eu tenho que ser
    Oh, eu gostaria de ser um ídolo adolescente

  7. Raine

    Aivan mahtavaa!!!!

    Hélène Étrange

    Maxell C-kasetille nauhoitettu radiosta 1984

  8. Old Nick

    it’s very strange that the great Heep's genius Ken Hensley was there

  9. Deborah Harless

    I just love Ricky Medlocke. I first heard him in Blackfoot

  10. David Gadea

    Dedicated to Rickey Medlocke and the Blackfooties for create the Best Southern Rock Band (I like them more than the Skynyrdies)since I was a teenager. Thanks So Much !!! Cheers and Life On !!!


    OUR YOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. jason cole

    Yea........ya can tell it may not be the top video director, I recall from when had real?..MTV......1st heard....must have been early 83' good synth, guitars ....1980's......good singer...!

  13. 83jbolt

    Ricky Medlocke is so highly Underrated...Awesome Guitar Player And Frontman

    John Kugelfischer

    Underrated ...........? By whom? Not a soul I know...............and fuck the rest. Blackfoot rocks.

  14. Majestic Sanctuary

    I must say, when Blackfoot came out with this in the 80's I was a bit put off, it being so different than the Southern Rock they had done. But now that I'm older I understood what they were trying to do then, they were trying to stay relevant in a changing musical landscape. Every band HAS to do that, or they fall off the map. Blackfoot weren't the only ones. This video is still cringe-worthy, but the song has grown on me from all those years ago.

  15. David Rodríguez Méndez

    Teenage??!! Jajaja

  16. AMCmachine

    Dad in the rocking chair with the pipe....: D : ) I remember this chestnut well from the U-68 Power Hour.

  17. littleteethkeith

    I wonder what it smelled like on that bus?

  18. Mike McGinnis

    Just freakin gawd awful, hahahahaha

  19. Johnny Q

    #103 US Billboard Charts August 1983

  20. Roberto Tomas Pinna Silva

    Classic 80´s

  21. Hot tent woodstove man Daekyu Kang 강대규

    신곡으로 소개되었을때 들었어요
    50살 청년 ㅋ 중1 영팝스 시절

    I was listened this song in my middle school 1, in FM radio, very cool and nice ever never song

  22. Raine

    Great story.

  23. Harry Johnson

    1:54 When was Joe Paterno a bus driver? 😂😂😂

  24. Jovi Herrera

    this video ends just where "welcome to the gungle" starts


    Jovi Herrera oMG!

  25. Jojo heartspaypay

    Rickey too damn likable. A fantastic Frontman too.
    What a band!!!

  26. David Rice

    Great vid!

  27. MrMaukka10

    238 the wall - made in guitar

  28. Ray Walters

    Sorry but this suxx even though it's Blackfoot.......

  29. Anthony Bryant

    Holy crapballs this is so cool and so corny. I can't decide if I should share this with all my friends or take a shower.

  30. René Christensen

    Siogo is simply their best album! I’m glad Ken Hensley is on that album too!

  31. \m/ JCM \m/

    Awesome Band and Great vocals \m/

  32. Holderi

    Tämä on helvetin hyvää rokkia!

  33. Nonrev Nosnibor

    Rick was a good looking boy, must be in our native American DNA 😸

  34. Tea Salminen

    Ai kuin hiton kaunista...


    No on, itsellä ihan LP:nä eikä näin hyvällä musalla ole vertaa..


    Samaa mieltä.


    You know, Rickey Medlocke is as pretty as Sebastian Bach, lol ... they both look like super models...

  36. J Robe

    good well written song

  37. gyslain beauchamp

    rickey,he's one of my favorites guitar player,

  38. TheRealGEO

    Wow - i don't know what is worse - this or the allmans brothers of the road....low point for southern rock....


    Just hard to accept this is the same band that did Queenie and Good Morning. The 80's were a crappy time for allot of southern rock. Living through it was bad enough. Last thing I want to do is revisit it :) I'm hoping you are, at least, not a fan of the "new" Blackfoot. If you are then we probably don't have much in common. Just agree to disagree


    Cool - then we can agree to agree! :)

  39. dalesworld

    Ha ha ha! So bad it's excellent!

  40. MrMaukka10

    How many originals on the walk of fame?


    Love this! 😘

  42. Реальный дальнобойщик


  43. Реальный дальнобойщик


  44. Ray Karkoff

    I love black flip but that's the worst piece of s*** video that was ever shot a waste of film

  45. SamtheSham2000

    Blackfoot was pretty sweet.

  46. James

    Check out No Reservations 1975 and flying high 1976


    Railroad man is incredible!

  47. James

    I recall eating with Ricky back in 95, never will forget his van and a U-Haul hooked up, going from town to town, in 98 he when to LS, so, I was glad for him.


    I met these guys back in the late 70's! ❤

    Majestic Sanctuary

    Lucky you, in their heyday.

  49. shatnershairpiece

    Marauder, from '81, was classic Blackfoot. Siogo, their next album, was a big letdown, the beginning of the blackfoot sellout and their sad attempt to fit in with the 80's MTV crowd and the pestilent influence of pretty boys and trendy synths. Their management said "lose the tall, bald, ugly guy as he doesn't appeal to girls. Write songs that appeal to kids." Kudos to tall, bald guy, Charlie Hargrett, for leaving after this album, because it mostly sucks. There are a few good 'Blackfoot' songs like 'White man's land' where the spirit of the old band was still alive, but Ken Hensley? WTF were they thinking? The next album, 'Vertical smiles' is even worse and sadly, marked the end of a once great band.


    Marauder is full of great stuff.


    shatnershairpiece I always thought Siogo was actually a good album. It still had that same feel as the Strikes, Tomcattin, and Marauder albums but just with added keyboards. Vertical Smiles is the album where everything fell apart pretty much instantly.

  50. Tasos Kalpak


  51. jkalewine

    One of their best albums....period.

  52. Jindra Vobořil


  53. Raúl Villanueva Iglesias

    Algo Falto

  54. Mark Boyd

    GREAT track from their most underrated album, featuring Ken Hensley of Uriah Heep fame. Man this was a really cool album. Because of my age, it is the one that introduced me to their superior back catalogue. This was still a great album, though, and this song was, I believe, a bit to real to be consumed by the masses. Viva Blackfoot...forever my Southern Jam.


    Diary of the Working Man was a tough bite

  55. Tommy McKinney

    I loved this song, One of my favorite. I would have thought it would have been a bigger hit then it was. I went to see them in concert and they did not even play this song.

  56. Nedeljko Djukic

    2:12 yep!


    Nedeljko Djukic I was thinking that lol

  57. José Augusto dos Santos

    BOM ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  58. Markku Kemppainen

    A Ken Hensley song!

  59. Yuen Them

    THIS is my very favorite BLACKFOOT Track - and I have ALL their wonderful albums - Just can't get enough of them - Guitar magic as it should be played, and songs as they should be sung, straight from the quickened pulse  - Long Live Blackfoot!!!!

  60. Erik Soer

    Awesome is there any live foottage with Ken hensley on you tube?

  61. rockmisto

    Great. Straight and tru. Rickie Medloke was my teenage idol. Super frontman. Great melodist. Hatts off.

  62. Holygasoline

    hahah the Bus driver !! - love this vid

  63. PauloDarkForce

    This video is funny and horrible at the same time. But it's Blackfoot, so it deserves thumbs up.


    I second that motion!


    Only because of #RickieMedclocke & #Charlie

    Hector Gonzalez

    Oh yeah funny and creepy. Lol. Singing bus driver, singing papa, that is funny stuff.

  64. KeeneSound65

    sorriest song ever!

  65. Rik Nel

    Amazing Band. But at 30 playing a Teenager in a Video, who's Idea was THAT ? LOL.


    @Rick Neal exactly// Sad.. Thank God for Skynyrd!


    @Rick Neal And age at that end?

    John Smith

    +Rick Neal Ha ! Most so called teen idols were 10 + during the 50s and 60s

  66. Dante de Souza

    Awesome! Very fucking good!

  67. HeavilyArmedGoy


  68. Teo Fendy

    Gamay !

    Panos Lampsas

    σύντροφε , εξαιρετικό!

    Teo Fendy

    @Panos Lampsas Τα σέβη μου αγαπητέ μ’ ! … Respect the Indians !

  69. cgcAWESOME84

    Amazing to think he used to be in Lynyrd Skynyrd before that deadly plane crash that killed a couple members...

  70. RorysStrat

    RIP Jackson!!!!  Best Drummer EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. seppo hirvonen

    Hyvä biisi

  72. ogrebattle22763

    This is horrible..... Ricky Medlocke sucks....


    Of course his older stuff was much better


    You any better?

  73. neurosis333


  74. Khairilanuar Othman

    One of the best ever. 1983 was a very good year; maybe not old blue eyes' but mine certainly was!

  75. Don Palumbo

    Anyone know what SIOGO stood for/means? I do! Few do!


    Suck It Or Get Out was the rumor.  A message to the groupies and hangers on.
      NEXT !

    Rachael Lee Cox

    Yes I do

  76. Prohor Tuzemtsev

    he really Cherokee? like a white man more

    Don Palumbo

    He was a wanna be Indian. Only Greg T. and Jackson were/are of Native decent.


    @Don Palumbo
    According to Wikipedia, he is of Blackfoot descent.  He was inducted into the Native American Music Hall of Fame in 2008.

  77. ser6itto

    Classic Rock!!! Fod****!!!!

  78. Hefferlum

    Great Song, ich love it.....bought me in 1984 the Org. LP in the USA

  79. TheThatllberight

    fuckin lovin it


    I have not herd this song in 40 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Maciel Carvalho

    Thanks dude. This song is awesome!!! I hear over and orver and never get tired of it!

  82. thierry DIO

    Trop nul, le clip. C'étaient ces années là...
    Pourtant j'adore le groupe et le chanteur-guitariste qui est maintenant à Lynyrd Skynyrd. HI-LA-RANT!!!!

  83. Mikko Lahtinen

    also dudes check out Jon Oliva and Savatage!!!


    Watch out.

    Mikko Lahtinen

    watch out for venom

  84. Nikie Belichki

    The prelude to power metal in the 70s :-).


      This song from 1983 or the band ?

  85. kuikka696

    I heard accidentally this song at radio and i felt love.

    My bad that after that i always have to come to youtube listen it ;D

  86. gabriel garcia cruz

    emblemática para mi esa canción, resulta todavía me acuerdo del disco de acetato llamado heavy metal del año 1984, con los que compartieron créditos con grupos como dokken, ac/dc, motley crue, inclusive el mismísimo foreigner, van halen, zebra, zztop, vanderberg, axe, y kix, simplemente grandes recuerdos

    Pepe Gudiño

    Que cosas! 😄😄😄 Después de 6 años veo este comentario! Yo también tenía ese acoplado que traía Live Wire de Motley Crue, Unchained de Van Halen, Heat streets de Axe, entre otras!

  87. everusD

    mucha pieza fue KEN HENSLEY para este grupo, la neta. todavía no entiendo por ké perdió su tiempo aki, para esto hubiera seguido un poco mas con el increible URIAH HEEP de todo mi respeto!!!

  88. James B

    Haven't heard this in almost 30 years- what a pleasure!

    Majestic Sanctuary

    Same here.

  89. mauricio Power


  90. Jukka Kivistö


  91. rockmisto

    I am in awe of this rock&roll song!!! Till i was 15....

  92. Francisco Farias Alvarez

    q tales recuerdos!