Blackfoot - Send Me An Angel Lyrics

Every night, I hit the street
All alone burnin' with the need
Broken dreams and an empty heart have got me
I need a lover with a lot of heart
It's so hard when you're in the dark
And no one's there to help you find your way
I keep running in the night
Searchin' for the light
Cryin' for someone to rescue me
Won't you send me, send me an angel
Send me, send me an angel
Send me an angel tonight, tonight
Keep lookin' but I can't see
Listen hard but I don't believe
Is this the way it really has to be?
Say you're in or count me out
I can't live with all this doubt
Save my life with a single word
And I'm out here in the dark
I don't know where to start
Begging for my feelings to be heard
Won't you send me, send me an angel
Send me, send me an angel
Send me an angel tonight, tonight
I keep running in the night
Searchin' for the light
Cryin' for someone to rescue me
Won't you send me, send me an angel
Send me, send me an angel
Send me an angel tonight, tonight
Won't you send me, send me an angel
Send me, send me an angel
Send me, send me an angel

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Blackfoot Send Me An Angel Comments
  1. Javier Rodríguez

    Great band, great album, and amazing track

  2. Aaron Vinsick

    I love the vocals

  3. Nataly Gamez

    Thanks for my uncle's I listen this awesome songs \m/

  4. Linda Linda


  5. Radio Playback

    One of those lost gems. Getting massive rotation at the moment at the Badass No1. Nordic Rock Music Radio. YEAH!!

  6. Chris Hurley

    Sounds a lot like post- Ronnie Dio Rainbow, definitely a departure from the Southern style but still great rock album!

  7. Donnchadh McPáidín

    I was 14 when my older brother introduced me to this Album.
    I am 50 this year and still loving this tune.
    Cheers Joe 🤘🏼😎

  8. Justin Overholtzer


  9. Mikko Uhtakari

    Brings back memories from my younghood

  10. snixysnix

    I haz this album on vinyl. This song rocks ❤️

  11. cesar gonzalez

    i remember an 80´s american serie called "El Condor". It seems to be the song!!!

  12. Revener666

    Ken hensley!

  13. marko kajomeri

    Ystävän risti

  14. Danilo Castro

    thats so classic!!!! I remember the year than i discover this band, on internet playing some games and searching good musics, and i found. Until today i have his discography, so favorites songs. Thanks for the internet.

  15. Gerry Dauer

    Rick Medlock still rocking

  16. Şǚpẽřņövą

    Radonjic Dragan says > Legend *Ken Hensley* playing organ with Blackfoot . One of the BEST southern bands !!!

  17. Gerry Dauer

    don't make music like this , rock &,roll foverever

  18. ritsardi

    joskus 84-85 broidi tunki juupassa himaan, sillä oli jostain jäänyt illan kähmyissä joitain levyjä räpylään.. siinä känösessä alkoi sen aikaiselle junioorille niitä siinä kehuskelemaan,, yksi oli joku van halen, toinen tais olla toton hydra, ja se kolmas tämä blackfootin , oisko ollu indigo levy , en muista varmasti, mutta sen muistan ,kun totesimme tämän biisin , aivan vitun mahtavaksi..!!!

  19. \m/ JCM \m/

    Fuck this song is a Masterpiece Omg 😨😨😨😱😱😱 i love it yeahhhhhh

  20. Xenia Bolaños

    This will sound weird but this music fixes my mind.

  21. Gerry Dauer

    they don't make music like this anymore, Medlock rules

  22. AlwaysPrisms

    when is the last time you heard great  songs like this

  23. MrMaukka10

    I'm a hetero white male loving this song.

  24. Shannon Hall

    love these guy's

  25. shaun connolly

    awesome !!

  26. Emmanuel Ramirez

    Great song, great vocals, great years!!

  27. Pauric Boylan

    brilliant 😈

  28. Håvard Eriksen

    Love this song!!

  29. Mike Shannon

    Bought the album (Siogo) this comes from back when first released in '83. Just great, great stuff. How couldn't it be though--Blackfoot were already riding a crest (check out the live Highway Song that came out just before Siogo) and ass kickin' as they were they upped their game when ex Uriah Heep keyboardist Ken Hensley joined the band. The inimitable Blackfoot attack and Ricky Medlocke's in your face vocs were taken to the next level with Hensley's Hammond B3 adding another dimension of intensity to an already volatile combo. Ass kickin' Southern rock with hooks galore. RIP Jackson "Thunderfoot" Spires.


    Love it! 💝

  31. Pablo Griswold

    Bonnie Tyler + Survivor vocals and Blue Öyster Cult instruments. Putting the Classic in Rock.

    La Mirada Cítrica.


  32. BOFES

    Awesome song,love it !!

  33. Riccardo Bettin

    Epic intro... well fucking done!!

  34. Markku Temonen

    Kick me. Am I awake at this hour? Send me an Angel, cold beer and pizza.....(salami please and 2 cheese)

  35. Ozzi Mikkola

    widun hyvää intiaanimusaa. Hookahey!

  36. Steven Sears

    yea but all their songs sound like BLACKFOOT an that's still cool

  37. rascalferret

    sounds cookie cutter and noisy...

  38. Duncan McScottish

    I first heard this as an early teenager on the West Coast of Scotland was a firm favourite in my eldest brothers vast Album Collection.
    Never tire of it. \m/

  39. pekka paviaani

    One laugn-man.

  40. Foster Glantz


  41. Eddie Bone

    New Blackfoot Is On The Way From Medlock!!!!!!

  42. NAC



  43. Evo161AOR

    Hard AOR classic !!!

  44. Raimo Reenniemi

     nJaa -a Forsbackan Jani osti sitteki sen punaasen palttoon, vaikka minä nimenomaan kielsin, höh. Se mitää usko. Siakki säikkyylöö tuollaasta ropelesta. No mjoo oot komia.



  46. Mario Sacco

    The ex Uriah Heep keyboards wizard Ken Hensley made a real cool job with them. The epic intro is simply outstanding.

    Jake dickinson

    uriah deep?


    Uriah Heep!! Check out their great music!!

  47. MrSkynyrdrules


  48. brox68

    Its actually a new line up of Blackfoot.......all young guys Rickey has picked,he will produce them......dont see the point to be honest,maybe its to stop the other original guys using the name with Bobby Barth.

  49. Eva F.


  50. Bરiaŋ

    Not there best stuff but you posted it on my birthday & I just think the group was trying to hard to be fashionable at the time with a hearts on fire burning with desire 80's thing. However the Nazareth cover of Heart's Grown Cold is a song best appreciated through a live performance ? I think they did a great job ! This was a group whom should have done what Rush did with the Feed Back album - only they should have done it in 1982 rather then go with was is PoPular to emulate

  51. Andy Villada

    Remember mi young days every times rool¡¡¡yeah¡¡¡

  52. Esko Kvist

    fuck america gilling indien?

  53. MrSkynyrdrules

    Wish I was born earlier... Did you know that Medlocke is going in the studio with Blackfoot again? At least I've heard that come past recently...

  54. salvador veralopez

    hell dont you dare. we all were young !!

  55. Sam

    Saw them in 82 they where great, they rock the house down. It was totally choice.

  56. Divide-By-Zero

    Well said, sir.

  57. Asko Varvia

    sä taidat olla homo!

  58. Loss Orderly

    what the fuck is that pseudo asia/yes bullshit intro!!!? next

  59. Richard Chestney

    Ken Hensley, the greatest keyboard player in rock 'n' roll bar none.

  60. kubik563

    The touch of Ken Hensley turn every song in gold..!!!!

  61. PatrickTX100

    Is the same "Send Me An Angel" that the Scorpions did?

    \m/ JCM \m/

    PatrickTX100 and Real life too lol

  62. Pertti Yli-Öyrä

    I love your language. Och samma på svenska.

  63. VOLVON720

    Se oli kirkkoherra-nimikkeellä aikoinaan.
    Ja tämähän on sitä!Samaa mieltä.

  64. pekka paviaani

    Hampaaton viisauteni sulaa ajattoman viihdyttäville filleille..

  65. BK Bland

    Metros? They make me sad.

  66. diego Rios


  67. LarryClarizio

    Great song. Actually originally written by Jack Williams and recorded by "The Storm" from Portland, Oregon back in about 1979. Look for Alan Sehorn, the original vocalist, backing up Tony MacAlpine. I still like the original version better (having performed it a few hundred times). I'm looking for an original copy and hope to post it soon.

  68. Truey Lewis

    Do you see the chocker on the man in the far left?? hell yes he is bad ass

  69. sokkiko1

    Kirkkovaltuuston Puheenjohtaja

  70. Herra Tuomas

    one of the rare TRUE American bands!! Born Indians. Almost 99% of "americans" think that they are "one and only true americans" but that's for 99,7% sure and true that they are not. For absolutely sure 90% are connected to somewhere in europe and for that america is not america, it's foreigner's furnace. Maybe sad, but it's 100% absolutely true :) try to live with it, it's hard but I don't care.

  71. kubik563

    Ken Hensley touch is so great in this song!!!!!

  72. Chris Davis

    Someone said the following regarding Highway Song on YouTube and I will say it about Send Me An Angel...This song kicks so much ass!

  73. Andre

    Wow, das waren noch super Zeiten, schade, daß sie so schnell vergangen sind, , grüße alle Fans, Sille64

  74. Ǫ́ss Devilbound

    Thanks man *bows*

  75. Niels Larsen

    Dude, you have great way with words.

  76. alfa beta

    @canousi he's not a"guy" anymore...

  77. alfa beta

    @janomolnar βλάκα...

  78. alfa beta

    @FloriSanchez intro is played by great Ken Hensley, former Uriah Heep member

  79. FloriSanchez

    never heard this song before, but got me hooked on the intro

  80. elviira67

    @Lobsterlady2362 you are so right, in 80's I listening it and still it's better than good

  81. Elaine Marie LaPointe

    Phenomenal album. This is one hell of a great song. Please, send me an angel. Thanks for posting.

  82. dia480

    SIOGO Suck It or get out LOL!!!

  83. René Christensen

    I need lyrics and tabs for this song!!!!!

  84. marytherion

    this song followes my hearbeats...speaks to my soul...

  85. Ǫ́ss Devilbound

    @gencoop This is from time when men who were rockers wore tight jeans and leather and weren't bitches, probably when you still were a little squid in your daddy's ballsacks. Don't let it get to you if you do not understand these sort of things, your sexually vague, soft, tit-face generation is just like that :)

  86. VR46

    with this song i remember my teenage years ^^

  87. barxman

    thanks for share

  88. Régis Blanc

    does anybody knows what happened next to the great ricky medlocke i met him back to 88 in paris fot the medecine man tour !!! nice guy and great show !!!

  89. Régis Blanc

    for sure very far from their hardest southern rock roots but still enjoyable if you love hard aor like night ranger , bronz , roadmaster , china sky , balance and so on !!!

  90. yung metronome

    this song brings me so much memories...

  91. AchillesAgonyEcstasy

    @gencoop I'm not sure I understand what you mean...