Blackfoot - Reckless Boy Lyrics

Never was a choir boy, I'll never be a saint,
Got a taste for the fast life enough to make you faint,
Got myself a simple dream, that just fits my style,
I'm looking for a better land, cause I'm a little wild, and...

Reckless boy, high up on a ledge, sometimes I'm serious,
I'm a reckless boy, living on the edge, but I'm not dangerous.

Never been the social type, well I never drink champagne,
Well I love the pretty ladies, now that's quite insane.
I've got another plan, I'll take it to the top,
Put it into overdrive, and never let it stop this...

[Repeat Chorus]


Sometimes you gotta go,
Straight to the top you know.
Live it till the end.

[Repeat Chorus]

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