Blackfield - Pills Lyrics

There's a pill for every hour
These days you don't have to feel
Give up to all your fears
And make them disappear

It's like driving with no lights tonight
They will get you home
They will run the show
There's an exit for the circus life
They'll lead you to the door
And cover all your holes
That go too deep

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Blackfield Pills Comments
  1. jamie wesson

    its like david crosby bumped into radiohead

  2. revoloser65

    Great music!

  3. Claude Vignola

    What a nice album Blackfield V to come from Québec in Canada.

  4. Víctor García

    Jorge Borda sucks royally
    Like if owned.

  5. franklin vazquez galarza


  6. Revenant90

    I had no idea blackfield put out IV! Cant wait to listen to it!


    Album sucks royally.


    So are you saying that I need to put out an album in order to have an opinion on someone else's album? Are you retarded? The album is considered to be garbage to most fans, unless you're a fanboy a who would pay $100 to hear them fart on a snare drum.

    You're an idiot for your comment, so sit down and shut up pencil neck geek.


    My guess is that since you like Blackfield IV, you don't get laid at all dude.


    From what I'm hearing here you sound overly harsh about the album. I wasnt aware of this album either but I'm very pleasantly surprised

  7. עינבר שובל

    get started to do 1000000 likes

  8. Doddy Z

    wilson rulezzzz

    patrick v

    @Doddy Z tell me why? he didn't do much by this album!


    +patrick “freezzZzze” v He helped set the foundation, didn't he?

    patrick v

    I don't no.

  9. Andri Z

    wow! The should be 12 million views, not 12 000!

    Abel Damaj

    @Andri Z Blackfield its like a deep secret for few ppl !

    don taylor

    +Andri Z soon


    hehe, you have high expectation form mankind :)

    Jborda20 it shouldn't. This album is a steaming pile of poop.

    jamie wesson

    or the friend everyone ignores

  10. schantal garcia

    another verry true good song