Blackfield - Oxygen Lyrics

So far away
We lost the way
There's no oxygen left on our planet

Empty words
Break on our lips
There's no oxygen left on our planet

Everyone sleeping with their guns
Someone's going to die
So much noise
We're a bunch of boys
We were born to lie

I feel alive
Just when I cry
There's no oxygen left on our planet

Things we've said
And then regret
There's no oxygen left on our planet

Everyone sleeping with their guns
Someone's going to die
So much noise
We're a bunch of boys
We were born to lie

So far away
We lost the way
There's no oxygen left on our planet

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Blackfield Oxygen Comments
  1. Roberto Sialino

    It remind me changes of Tears for fears

  2. meni-peri

    2019 פשוט כיף כל פעם מחדש 🙂

  3. Paranoid Android 67

    I love this band and wished Steven had stayed.

    Salt Serpent

    Steven is still with Blackfield

  4. Scott Mitchell

    I start every day with this song. Its my "wake up" song. Then I go right to Butthold Surfers "Dracula in Houston" - these 2 songs back to back are the perfect duo to wake up to. :D HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

  5. Monica Hotter

    What an AWESOME song, with Trevor Horn on production!

  6. David Naegele

    I so love everything that guy has ever released so far .. really got under me skin :)

  7. ZaBaNdaS

    İyiki keşfettim bu grubu

  8. אלישר פייג

    one of their best

  9. luthi

    Everyone sleeping with the guns, someone going to die.

    Scott Mitchell

    I quote this exact line so often. Its eerie that this is from 2011 and pertains to 2018. Very sad.

    Colour The Mundane Channel

    Aviv wrote this one fyi :)

    Scott Mitchell

    I stand corrected. I just found these guys so I'm a little rusty on who is who,but I'm getting there. This song is amazing and Aviv did a fantastic job. I listen to this song at least once a day. :)


    I love the  song !
    It is very sad song ......

    Pooyan Notash

    RAPPI GONEN. Yup its sad iam in darkness

  11. Abel Damaj

    There's no oxygen left on our planet .

  12. חיים מזרחי

    hear it loud and clear for all man kind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. חיים מזרחי


  14. Hugo Nikander

    good stuff, props to geffen !

  15. Philip Koehncke

    While I love blackfield, this song sounds exactly like SOS by Abba, I know they're a big influence on Aviv, Steven, and Blackfield, and I love Abba too, but in my opinion that's just what I keep thinking when I listen to this song....


    This whole album sounds derivative. This is one of the better songs in there.

  16. Giovanni Clemente

    :-) it is beautiful!

  17. Eddie Spencer-Small

    DNA isn't Blackfields best album, but why does everyone think you've got to write the best album of your career everytime? Sure, you should strive to do it, but most of the time its not going to happen. DNA has got some fantastic songs on it, lets all remember that before we dismiss it as a poor album, which it isn't by any means.


    Best albums are I and II (at least for now, 2019). There are some songs that kept the essence of those first two albums, like this one (Oxygen), but they haven't being able to make a whole record that matches the feeling of those first two.

  18. IntermediateJesus

    This is actually Aviv Geffen and Trevor Horn.

  19. John Serrano

    You tell me, I bought the rest of the band and man do they eat.

  20. joedapainterrr

    damn my speakers aint loud enof!!!!

    David Naegele

    Hell yeah!

  21. prayag upd

    Quite different to previous ones, yet It's Steven, one SOURCE of the TRUTH in the WORLD.

  22. Des Fallens

    Everyone sleeping with their guns
    Someone's going to die!!!

  23. lulahulayula

    SELAMLAR. bu grup allahsızdır. bu grup bizim duygularımızı sikmektedir. protesto edelim dağılsınlar amk. hep ağlıycakmıyız bunlar yüzünden. ŞARKI DEDİĞİN SİKER Mİ AMK!

  24. Chris Shephardis

    this song is beautifull!

  25. Debarshi Chowdhury

    reminds or REM and some britrock bands of the some parts..

  26. lotusfeetable

    IMHO These lyrics sound retarded and shallow compared to old blackfield.

  27. IntermediateJesus

    The anthropologist Claude Levi Strauss once said "The musical emotion springs precisely from the fact that at each moment the composer withholds or adds more or less than the listener anticipates on the basis of a pattern that he thinks he can guess, but that he is incapable of wholly divining". That said I think this was a bland album.

  28. rileypupboo

    Check out archive controlling crowds album , if you like porcupine tree your like archive

  29. baredas

    A great album with a beatiful cover....

  30. piotr kosiorowski

    The best

  31. Eximious94

    The only song that suits Avivs voice better than Stevens.

  32. Gehenaland

    Bought the Vynil for this! :D

  33. Shani Garion

    aviv singing in hebrew- the most beautiful thing

  34. Hyunkle

    thank you everyone for having a civilized conversation on youtube. I did not know people with respect were left on youtube. It was fun reading all the comments with no flaming and pure knowledge. Blackfield made me discover Porcupine Tree (i know its in the wrong order but heh, thats how it went) and since then i've loved all of S.W.s stuff, this album is great!

    Scott Mitchell

    same with me. It started with Steve solo, then to Porcupine Tree, Lunatic Soul, and ended on Blackfield. I love everything that Steve Wilson does. The man is a freaking musical genius. He writes the most gorgeous music I have ever heard.

  35. sonicadv27

    @MrJasonroy i think Welcome To My DNA is the best Blackfield album, and one of the best albums of 2011 as well...

    I can see where you come from, the record is derivative, but not ordinary.

    That "process of repeating themlselves"... Well i guess that comes from the generally wrong idea that bands have to reinvent themselves after a couple of records. It's not necessary. Bands can have the same sound for year without sounding repetitive. It's all about introducing new ideas...

  36. JBshotJL

    @madviolentchicken Sleeping with their gods makes no sense. After that they sing someone's going to die. As in be shoot.


    Its like playing gods or pushing their buttons by stepping all over creation

  37. JBshotJL

    @culokristof DAMMIT! Now, I'm thinking of the sheep!

  38. TheDeduction

    @culokristof Dammit- you've infected me with your sheep-mind!

  39. Kuumah

    Once upon a time, I imagined a singing sheep when listening to Aviv's singing. Now I can't listen to Aviv, without thinking of that sheep. :-/ I love BF, but Aviv's singing has always been difficult for me.

    Scott Mitchell

    I can hear his accent, but it adds to the music. I think he's a marvelous vocalist, but I prefer Steve Wilson's voice.

  40. Martin Conway

    Some good tracks but i'm sorry to say I prefer the earlier stuff.
    I did buy the CD.

  41. BeZotti

    @Fiiille I bought it too, it´s a masterpiece!

  42. xMetal707x

    @madviolentchicken You're the one who's right. It's "sleeping with their guns".

  43. madviolentchicken

    Right me and a friend have had an argument about the lyrics. I think that it's "sleeping with their guns" however he thinks its "sleeping with their gods" who's right?

    Scott Mitchell

    Sleeping with their guns.

  44. patrick v

    @Fiiille and go to the concerts!

  45. OderWat

    @MrJasonroy i feel there is some truth in your words... but I feel that they are "pop" and wanted to be like that. I would not expect much more from it... This song is a good example for this. I will always be more of a "Porcupine Tree" fan anyway.

  46. Steven Parent


    Maybe as an effect under the main vocal which in most cases is what its used for... However, definitely not to the extent say, Kanye West uses it for. At that point you could fart into a mic and it would sound glorious and in key.

  47. NexusOne

    I don't think they're using autotune. As far as SW's contribution to this album, he admitted that it was mostly Aviv's record. Aviv wrote all but two of the songs, if I recall correctly. It hasn't grown on me yet as the other two records have, but in time it may.

  48. Choms

    It only matters as it sounds like shitty kanye west productionstyle and

  49. Choms

    Does anybody else also think that they are using autotune?!

  50. Mike Cristina

    Glad to see Aviv's influence, but I love SW's style so much more so waiting 4 years for this was quite a disappointment. This song is one of the best songs on the album yet is just as good as any song on the previous two albums. :/

  51. Smice

    @Roaltar Ye Aviv writes the songs and puts his own feeling in the lyrics. Steven Wilson helps Aviv with the producing and vocals. But the main projext is Aviv. And i think he wrote some awesome songs and Steven produced well :))

  52. Roman Tarassov

    @KRDEMOL I think Steven's contribution is more on the production stage, the way the music is recorded and mixed in the end, which is a great portion of Blackfield's overall sound. If you ask me, I wouldn't have it any other way: Aviv doing the majority of the song-writing, while Steven chips in with few songs of his own as well as records, mixes and produces ALL the songs.

  53. Roman Tarassov

    @MegaCipmunk Everything on this album is written by Aviv Geffen except "Waving" :)

  54. MegaCipmunk

    Nice track....Mr Wilson's back...

  55. AscendKingu

    not digging the song at all..too Aviv..

  56. Becher Art


  57. Feem Saigner

    Mine just arrived today. So happy to open the package :-)

  58. Deathshuck

    @Fiiille Already did, and it was worth every cent.

  59. AirspaceFalling

    One of the better tracks. Some songs are actually rather weak... but others, very strong. Like this.

  60. Jonathan Decoster

    @Fiiille I like it alot, so i bought the CD & the vinyl ;)

  61. Smice

    Love this song