Blackfield - Lonely Soul Lyrics

(And the lonely soul...)

Everything is broken
Everything is chaos
Everything in me
(And the lonely soul)
(And the lonely soul)

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Blackfield Lonely Soul Comments
  1. Bar Harris

    What crap. guess I excepted too much of you Aviv Gefen..

  2. Stefan Boensch

    Can anybody tell me who this beautiful girl is?I would like to comfort her!Music is very very good!

  3. mahdi ben hamed

    Nah fjlfdk

  4. Рустам Тиркашев

    что за алкашка ...............на видео что больше некого было снимать ...????

  5. Macker Maldrill

    Aren't we all Lonely Souls in some respect?

  6. metalletam

    this song connects with me at a deep level :(

  7. Lobo Estepatio

    Buen video para una cancion pésima! Es una imitacion burda de "Come undone" de Duran Duran!


    Sounds like Enigma!

  9. Rocky Gaba

    I am fall in love with this girl

  10. krukkk fact

    That song is pretty awesome. Sounds like heaven.

  11. kushisaac

    Man, so glad I'm no longer with a woman with demons like that.

  12. ryoshockwave

    "have a lovely summer"

  13. Yisaleyder Leydery

    Blackfield! you angels

  14. Nitish Dobhal

    This is a very disturbing video. There is nothing depressing than to see a helpless women.

  15. Daniel Phillips

    You know the refrain of this is directly lifted from Unkle.

  16. Anthony Quattrocchi

    Damn, that song has one hell of a groove...

  17. Sem Assunto

    I hear mr wilson ... 'i love prince'

  18. Crap Reviews

    I like this album but this is one of the worst tracks on it... I don't understand why it is being promoted

  19. xara6657

    Could we have a version without the "I'm a lonely soul" line annoyingly repeated over and over again? :)

    Crap Reviews

    I'm a lonely soul. I'm a lonely soul. I'm a lonely soul. I'm a lonely soul. I'm a lonely soul. I'm a lonely soul. I'm a lonely soul. I'm a lonely soul-soul-soul-soul-soul-soul-soul-soul-soul

  20. 4uReplay

    this is ''moby'' not blackfield....big dissapointment about the new album...

    Crap Reviews

    Steven Wilson wrote one proper song on the new album. I always said it shouldn't have been promoted as another 'equal collaboration' album, because it isn't, and it is painfully obvious upon listening.


    The Life Poster the whole album is a big disappointment.

    Jash Rijvers

    4uReplay this actually sounds just like original SW in No-Man. His strength has always been in drawing from diverse styles

  21. Gelasio Balderas

    Steven wilson el rey midas de la música

  22. Filipe L.M.

    Not blackfield... Shit.. So generic, poppy...


    Like any genre, you can find people who do it well.


    Still Blackfield so STFU

  23. Resham Wadhwa

    I love the song but am unable to see this video for the song. The video is good, no doubt but not something I imagined with this track.

  24. Jennifer T

    this song has a moby-ish feel to it 😊I likey- likey!!

  25. Suicidal Grooves

    Nice song!!!

  26. Michael Bugliosi

    this is a video we can all relate to at some point or another.

  27. Dalila Michelle Islas Sánchez

    Everything is chaos :(

  28. Luca Vignola

    This song is truly amazing....and what perfect mix!!

    Macker Maldrill

    Your're right. It says so much with so few words.

  29. anita

    I love the video for this amazing song, Thank you blackfield for making art all these years

  30. Oz Mercado

    So fucking good as always.

  31. Fernando Haake

    Did editors put a Moby song instead?

  32. i am your dildo

    nice music to H&M shopping

  33. steven perez henriquez

    hand cannot erase middle eastern version

  34. Khashayar Em

    So happy to see some Iranian crew for making this glorious video and lovely song❤️ thank you for that

  35. Francisco Burrola

    someone needs to make a mashup with UNKLE - lonely soul and this one

  36. frankgh1

    Almost more no-man than Blackfield.

    Jash Rijvers

    frankgh1 my thoughts exactly

  37. YorkDrummer

    I needed this so much right now. One of my favorites off of the new record.

  38. GrkFreak

    The ending is so sad

  39. Hello Peoplez

    Brilliant, thanks!!!!

  40. Softwares need Optimization

    3:51 of rinse & repeat. du, du,dddum, I'm lonely soul. Du, du, ddddm, I'm a lonely soul. anyway it's a pop song and much much much better than other pop song.

    Ashok Das

    Leteraaa 🤣🤣

  41. Łukasz Szybowski

    Live with me

  42. Maxime Edon

    Kinda makes me think of Moby. Really like it !

    Adam Lendas

    And Nightmare on Wax :)

  43. Arkapravo Das

    Cool tune and a brilliant video, @LasseHoile

  44. eshkar y

    love it

  45. Steve Smith

    Sounds unrecognizable as Blackfield, but I like it. Brilliant album.


    Best music groups change their sound over time. Worst ones stay the same and make themselves a cliché

  46. Esra Özçoban

    you're always amazing blackfield love u...

  47. The Puertorican Beast Jonathan Ayala

    Thanks for making an amazing album

  48. Sara Chakalli

    wish I could work with Lasse one day. he's my inspiration.

  49. Sara Chakalli

    and to add, AMAZING VIDEO
    Lasse holie did an excellent job, always admired his work
    he knows exactly how to turn music into pictures, without going too far. can't wait to see his future work.

  50. Eliza-Victoria Batrin

    Nice song and video.

  51. Cristóbal Villavicencio

    hello blackfield my old friend...

    Ramiro Robledo

    jajajajajja You made my day pal!

  52. Sara Chakalli

    this beat is so different then any other blackfield songs. I'm slowly geting into it
    thumbs up!