Blackfield - Go To Hell Lyrics

Fuck you all, fuck you
Fuck you all, fuck you
I don't care, I don't care
Fuck you all, fuck you
Fuck you all, fuck you
I don't care, I don't care anymore
Go to hell...

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Blackfield Go To Hell Comments
  1. Jose Barberena

    three words are sometimes enough to express feelings from "i love you" to "go to hell" this song may lack depth but the track is top notch just what we are used to hearing from Blackfield... Fuck you all fuck you

  2. rimefrostkitten

    "Never, never give up" adding dimension of soul beneath our British best friends.

  3. Kyle Hyde

    Dedicado a Capcom.

  4. fishyfish

    i don't care

  5. Shrijan Aryal

    steven shouldn't have approved this song to be in the album.

    Kyle Hyde

    No estoy de acuerdo contigo. ¿Y por qué siempre hablan de la "aprobación" de Steven Wilson? Aviv Geffen compuso muchos de los temas de Blackfield, algunos son de sus discos hebreos pero traducidos al inglés.

    Reuben Papang

    Why man?

  6. Meme Machine

    High school be like.

  7. ruleram1

    This is about how I feel right now

  8. Cerebralcinema

    ('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
    ''\.......... _.·´

  9. steven perez henriquez

    Go to fucking hell

  10. Proserpina

    Bayılıyorum şuna ya.

  11. Jonathan Jensen

    decent music cant save dismal moronic lyrics. FUCK u avi...stick to backround vocals and contributing not writing

    Jonathon Rose

    Except the guy wrote Cloudy Now, and a number more of their best songs if you read the writing credits. The difference for this album and onward was Steven had less time to contribute, and I think they suffer due to that. But there's reasons why Steven continues to work with him, and it's not because he can do background vocals...


    Fuck you oh fuck you. Fuck you oh fuck you. I don't care. I don't care.


    Fuck you Jonathan Jensen fuck you, fuck you Jonathen Jensen. I don't care.

  12. Matt Hatfield

    Hope their new album lives up to the classic Blackfield sound, and then some.

  13. Cpenguiner

    6 dislikers please fuck you. :)

  14. Robert Browne

    Not all songs have to have deep and profound lyrics. Some are just made to tell the world to fuck off.

  15. Sufferer89

    Шедевр. Несколько незамысловатых слов спеты так, что прям от души.

    Meme Machine

    Sufferer89 Сука

    Of An Unknown Origin

    Meme Machine blyat

  16. ╬ *JimmyWacked*

    say what's *Really* on your mind, Steven !


    Aviv is singing and wrote all the lyrics....

  17. ya gal al

    Please can someone tell me that this is a joke song... If this is an actual song I give up on music all together

    empty stomach

    The hell do you mean? It's an actual song, and to be completely honest, the lyrics might be shallow and redundant, but it's generally not a bad song.

    Rip FreeMan

    Metal is the cure :)

    Meme Machine

    Alexandra Rose its real AF

    Joseph Morse


  18. Colossus lake

    Fuck you¡¡¡

  19. Nahomi González

    This song gives me strength and power.

    Octavio Álvarez

    i knpe ridgjg

  20. Armydillo

    Sums it up for me...

  21. TaeTae's Beret

    Seen these guys live on Wednesday in London...absolutely flawless.

  22. Harbinger

    fuck yu all fuck you

  23. David Mason

    go to hell <3

  24. kucho46

    temazo weon o no !!!!

    Isaías Vargas

    Tema qliao weno

    Kyle Hyde

    Si, gran tema, culiado huevón.

  25. Mandar Dahake

    brilliant...blackfield is good

  26. Mandar Dahake

    insane track...blackfield is good...

  27. peachtrees

    Very moving.
    Moving me straight to hell.