Blackfield - Glass House Lyrics

Goodbye old friend, my paranoid
We'll meet again some day
Life is running out
I guess I had enough, I need to go now

I used to live in a house of glass
Where no-one comes or goes
Watching life outside
I used to stand behind the door
And hope the wind won't blow
And mess my fears around
It took me so long to find out where they're hiding

Music like rain over my deepest feelings
On your faking land

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Blackfield Glass House Comments
  1. Dave Moishe

    One of my favourite songs by Blackfield ever.

  2. George McKenna

    I Am the Resurrection, anyone?

  3. Carlos Fernandes

    Isn't it a shame that this stunningly beautiful music only has less than 5000 views. Then again, doesn't it make you feel privileged that you are of the few who know and appreciate this rare beauty?

    Normal as a Rainbow

    Yeah, Wilson's music is amazingly beatiful and I'm so glad that I can listen to it. It's so extremely underappreciated and so beautiful

  4. Waytrain agtw

    Steven wilson is an alien angel


    +Waytrain agtw I think so!