Blackfield - Firefly Lyrics

Firefly, I'm flying in circles till I die
I light my way within the lines
I don't know where I am

Firefly, on my tail there's dying light
I don't know how long it will last
Before I'll meet the ground

Moonshine over the mountain
No promised land, no true love waits
Speed up and then we slow down
The clocks in my skin are winding down

Firefly, I'm glowing in the dark tonight
Those tiny wings won't get me far
I'm pretty where I am

Firefly, those funny sparkles in the sky
You've got no purpose while you are
Guided by the wind

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Blackfield Firefly Comments
  1. Güneş Seyis

    Brett Anderson’s voice is amazing!

  2. Carrie Lofty

    Brett 💙

  3. Tami483

    love this

  4. Felipe Díaz Bo

    Sounds a bit like David Bowie

  5. jexora

    I'm getting a Halloween vibe

  6. Rafa Bello

    esta cancion esta muy chingona

  7. Krosso Mark

    amazing guest vocal.

    Crazy For Crystals by Janners

    Get used to it, these will probably be the only vocals. Wilson stepping aside pretty sure.