Blackberry Smoke - Pearls Lyrics

Wave your flag so everybody can see it
Blow your horn and let em' know you've arrived
Stand up tall there ain't no way they can miss you
Tip your hat and keep a wink in your eye

Looking good sharp enough to draw blood
Go on and get em like you said you would

Throw your pearls to the swine behind you
They'll all wave at you on your way down
There's so many that have come before you
Somebody lost every pearl you found

Whatever it is that boy's got it
Never seen nothing like it before
He's like a cross between this one and that one
I'm here to tell you my jaw hit the floor

I'm bad with names but remember a face
Stick with me son we'll run this place

Some fall so hard they shatter
How can you know how to lose
I may not have the pearls of wisdom
All I got's the beautiful truth

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Blackberry Smoke Pearls Comments
  1. александр зозуля

    Well done, comrades. Keep it up!

  2. Alejandro Sanchez

    Tremendos muy buenos

  3. Shannon Murphy

    Keep it up boys! We love you! Best old school southern rock band around. The ghosts are pleased. Charlie Starr is a true artist! The don’t lie. Thanks for the gift boys! Haven’t enjoyed a band like this , this much ......since 1976!? Respect! ✌🏻❤️

  4. Rose A. Starr

    Where there's smoke there's fire...

  5. Barber Nerd

    Sou brasileiro, conheço essa banda há mais de 6 anos, pra mim, a número 1 no que se trata de southerm rock! Acompanho cada álbum.

  6. Jhonatan Carneiro Da Silva


  7. Paw James

    Just getting turned on to BBS and Dammmn! is what I say. I'll be supporting the band by buying their album. You should too...

  8. Steve Turner

    Awesome band


    Aye when I heard this about 3 years ago,it reminded me a lot of Atlanta Rythm Section in there mid 70s era...It is a very classy tune.

  10. Deeceeba Bauer

    Love it

  11. Kevin Fitzpatrick

    How was this left off??..Great Song!

  12. Robert Mantell

    Goddamn I can't wait until tomorrow....Portsmouth concert, finally seeing my favorite band, only took close to a decade lol. Woooooot!!!!!

  13. Michael Kreple

    Please tell me Guys, O'Brien didn't "make" this burner stay off the original release. Hope all is well. Take Care!

  14. Bobby Kincannon

    Love this band

  15. Juliano Laurindo

    m y dream, bbs in Brazil

    Wesley Ricardo

    vc e de muitos acredite

  16. Tv Soulzera

    Another great Song!!!! Tankx!!🤘🤘🤘 come to Brasil!!!!!!!!!

  17. Daisy Edberg

    I would not make it with out you n I want a chance with a future with him

  18. Daisy Edberg

    Fucking off the hook thank you I'm so fn blessed

  19. Luiz Gabriel Cancian


    Wesley Ricardo

    tamo junto

  20. Randy Tritt

    Where theres smoke theres fire and these boys are definitely on fire!!! keep on rockn best band thats come around in awhile!!!! 🦅🎸🦅

  21. Velho Rock

    Venham para o Brasil rapaziada!!!!

    Wesley Ricardo

    tamos torcendo por isso

  22. EnJoeyThe Ride

    BBS = Best Friggin' New "REAL" Music in my book !!!🔊🍻🎶👍🎸👏🎤🤘📰🍇🚬

  23. Brandy Franks

    Good music🎶🎼🎤🎧

  24. Lucille Pearson

    Oh no! - I haven't got the deluxe edition of any Blackberry Smoke albums! What else am I missing out on?? 😨😢😭

    Russell Sackett

    Me either, and I've preordered their CD's since The Whipporrwill. I think they owe us.

  25. Kenny Lloyd


  26. Roland Caston

    Good...very good

  27. Clinton Norris


  28. horsepassion19

    Good job!

  29. Deborah Warren

    Lv Blackberry Smoke ♡

  30. Randy Whitaker

    Great song

  31. pappy hayes

    Another great song. Thanks.

  32. Tox

    One of my favorite tunes from Blackberry Smoke. Glad I was able to get the album with the bonus songs on it !

    Tyler Alkire

    Can you post a link where I can find the version of this album that contains Pearls? The only version I have found does not have Pearls on the album.


    It was a best buy exclusive, ... It appears to still be for sale.

  33. Samuel Lalhmangaiha