Black Veil Brides - The Vengeance Lyrics

(Hey!) All hail the
(Hey!) Dark phoenix
Blood and feathers from the broken pieces
(Hey!) You don't know me
(Hey!) And it's not your time
Turn around and get in line

So let the hate (hate!) rain (rain!) down
Born to be the one
We're gonna take (take!) the (the!) crown
Sing for the vengeance
Whoa-whoa, whoa-whoa
Sing for the vengeance
Whoa-whoa, whoa-whoa
We are the vengeance

(Hey!) What's freedom,
(Hey!) When you're beaten?
Nothing's ever better for you heathens
(Hey!) You don't own me
(Hey!) And this scar is mine
Drinking down your fucking lies

So let the hate (hate!) rain (rain!) down
Born to be the one
We're gonna take (take!) the (the!) crown
Sing for the vengeance
Whoa-whoa, whoa-whoa
Sing for the vengeance
Whoa-whoa, whoa-whoa
We are the vengeance

Pray to God you're alive
Just so dead inside
And all the sinners love
The skills you have to hide

(So let the hate rain down...)

So let the hate (hate!) rain (rain!) down
Born to be the one
We're gonna take (take!) the (the!) crown
Sing for the vengeance
Whoa-whoa, whoa-whoa
Sing for the vengeance
Whoa-whoa, whoa-whoa
We are the vengeance

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Black Veil Brides The Vengeance Comments
  1. Kacper Kowalczyk


  2. EduMustaine LetHimBurn

    Just one thing i'm gonna say, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL!

  3. ItzMario33

    Emo 4 ever!!!

  4. Angels Of Today


    BVB released music
    Palaye Royale released music
    MCR returned
    Skdjsksk I know there’s more but holy shit 2019 has been amazing.

  5. NeverSuicidal Refusing to close the book

    Come and get some.

  6. maria k

    wow this hit hard, i was such a huge fan back when i was an emo kid
    i may not be as emo now but i still wholeheartedly enjoy this type of music

  7. Jaïr van der Sterre

    Everybody gangsta 'till BVB drops a new album...

    Theb they be gangstas

  8. Nahkiylah Mays

    Is it just me or does he have some same features as the joker in suicide squad

  9. Sydney Hunter

    Nothings ever better for u heathens

  10. Awe wit

    Love the Bible verse the Lord Jesus Christ will back anytime be ready people

  11. Jose Ortega

    Que vengan a chile luego!!!!

  12. Immanuel Yeshua

    Is a bit sad how 99% of ppl listening to em never get the real mening behind their songs, and those who do get the meaning are never explaining it to others=))

  13. Menchie : :

    Honestly when Graveyard Shift from Motionless came out I was in denial about relapsing my emo phase but now this has made me stopped

  14. Wezy

    Andy Is best 🖤🖤🖤

  15. Valerie Rodríguez

    Love this music video🖤🖤

  16. Taylor Henderson

    ANDY MY GUY, HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY TOMORROW,! you are amazing don't let anyone tell you different! You can be who ever you want! (Not batman, we dont want u jumping of a 15 foot pillar again 😶)!

  17. R4G3 PARADOX

    marilyn manson’s son

  18. Irfandi Irfandi

    Jutaan orang bahkan tidak menyadari bahwa black veil brides bangkit.

  19. Beastlie Star

    Andy is one talented person i always like how he sings with so much passion i grew up listening to many great bands like Motley Crue Skid Row Bon Jovi and many others rock music is in great hands with Black Veil Brides

  20. Abby Mendez


  21. Harley Robinson

    Hey so can we talk about Lonny at 0:56


  22. Harley Robinson

    Aww you can tell Lonny still can't believe he's with BVB now... protect the baby eagle!!!

  23. Rj Sicat

    from phillippines here 👋🖐🤘

  24. Andreea Vodă

    I think I needed something like that. Thanks guys! 🖤

  25. TonyStark3000

    Andy Sixx returned?

  26. *Orchid•Wolf *

    We missed you

  27. Grim Slaughter

    Where's Ashley?

  28. goth trash


  29. Goddam Meme

    Imma be real wit u chief: I came here because of the Andy Sixx's log memes from 4chan

    I like the music though

  30. Nick Galan

    Anyone else hear the guitar first be like this A7X?

  31. Skylor Chen a new ninja

    When you remember emo music is awesome

  32. Cezary S

    Horrible, this band should just stop, and be forgotten finally

    Repressed Yeemo Stuck in 2005 击

    dude, why do you hate them so much?


    Jealous they held the top spot of greatest rock band in the world for a decade.

    Cezary S

    @TheRabidPosum What you smokin


    @Cezary S Marlboro reds.

    Cezary S

    @TheRabidPosum show me the evidance for them being the top rock band, the lead vocalist is terrible and hes a complete wasteman

  33. Ryan

    Omg this is so awsome

  34. Nazi Dog

    Ridiculousness boys...

  35. miguel angel hilario huaman

    Deverian dejar el look emo sean como bring me the horizon pasaron al pop rock y estan triunfando mas

    Yassell Sandom

    Así es

    miguel angel hilario huaman

    @Yassell Sandom sii y se volvieron mas cool

  36. Caravajintråps

    Regresaron con todo

  37. Garry_Elin

    Andy out here lookin hotter than Belle Delphine

    no homo

    I swear I’m not gay

  38. Unfair {XENX}

    So I fell asleep with my headset to my ps4 still on my head slept for like 2 hours and the moment this mans voice hits my ears I wake up perfect timing 👌

  39. Siham Gh


  40. Siham Gh

    I love you from Morocco ❤❤❤

  41. Siham Gh

    Booooooys I miss you so baaaad😭😭😭❤❤❤you are my happiness and hopeless in this year!!!!!

  42. Siham Gh


  43. Siham Gh

    Andy Black is back!
    BVB are baaaaaaaack!!!!!

  44. Dante Dmc3

    Bvb it's the return

  45. Zizi Volant

    Every member have the same jacket x) I love your music, and the little head move of Andy

  46. Yuri Saijo

    Sento que a prdido su toque do cantar asi

  47. Kikrusituo Sote

    Black veil brides were my favorite band but after I star listening to Dragonforce I just don't know how to leave DF again.. fucking awesome band.. probably the best band in the planet


    Just because they are your favorite right now doesn't mean you can't still listen to BVB and other bands. Diversity is good.

    Kikrusituo Sote

    @TheRabidPosum my favorite bvb songs are
    1)new religion
    3)in the end
    4)dead man walking
    6) shadows die
    7)fallen angels
    8)set the world on 🔥
    9)rebel love song and
    10)the last one
    .. what about u people's?


    @Kikrusituo Sote those are all great songs hard to pick favorites. When I put on a BVB album I listen from beginning to end, I never skip. Never heard a bad BVB song.

  48. Mishka Mental

    I guess I’m the only one who thinks it’s bullshit that they kicked Ashley out jus bc he had a problem. They can kiss my ass for that shit

  49. Justin Starkey

    Well thats shit music!!

  50. TikTok

    When did this become a TikTok song?

    Cm J

    Jinx it ur dead meat

  51. The Easel Rider

    Is it supposed to be funny?
    Looked pretty funny to me.

  52. Mokibo

    Not a bad song but why are they keeping their Motley Crue-esque look? To be nostalgic?

  53. Stephanie Castillo

    I was watching Billi Eilish videos? Who are you?

  54. ScRiZy pT

    How much makeup do you want in your video?

    Andy, "All of it"

  55. Lia Bern


  56. Joe Gagliardo

    So excited to see them for the first time on my birthday next year!!!

  57. Óðinn Snær Óðinsson

    Got Set The World On Fire vibe from latest releases

  58. isama skylar

    como ya aburrio el andy todas las canciones suenan igual gracias a su voz monotona

  59. Léa

    Am I still Lesbian now ? I think not 🤰🏽🥺

  60. Victor De Moraes

    They come back!! In the best style!
    I hope the new songs are in the style of the album Set the World on Fire...

  61. Supreme 132

    This song is insanely good

  62. Rika Rika

    Waouh perfect music 💝💝

  63. Vitali Bykovski

    The best band for now! Andy's voice is awesome!

  64. Evelin Revelo

    Has vuelto a revivir en mi corazón black veil brides que te mazo canciónasa🎤🎼

  65. manon rebelia

    i looooooooovvvvvvveee

  66. Marta Angielczyk

    Omg it's so good 😁 see u in Poland

  67. o l l i d o l l


  68. Brianna Rogers

    y'all remember how they released one song last year...

  69. Amelia L

    it should be illegal to be this attractive

  70. Carissa Susa

    Emos 2019???

  71. callum J the killer in the mirror

    Is this gonna be in a new album or somethin

  72. dominic liuzzo

    Avanged 7x little brothers


    Please don't compare them I hate a7x.

  73. El shagy

    This song ----------------> Whole Vale album

  74. darkness dream

    BvB always in my heart 😈😈😈

  75. Carmen Mayfield

    I like him because. He's hot



  77. Eva Cybulski

    Andy's voice is literally why I'm in love and low key crushing on him sadly he won't see this cause he's famous and all ❤ never give up ❤

  78. Gopher Snorman

    Is that lonnie from andys solo shit?

    Chris Biersack

    Gopher Snorman Yes. It’s Lonny. Andy’s solo shit garnered him the Kerrang Magazine Artist of the Year and landed him on nearly every albums of the year list in rock. That’s some good “shit.” 🤣

    Gopher Snorman

    @Chris Biersack dude u took the word shit way too literally lol.

    Gopher Snorman

    I love lonny and Andy lol

    Chris Biersack

    Gopher Snorman Haha. Nah. I knew what you were saying. Just having fun.

    Gopher Snorman

    @Chris Biersack oh okay man

  79. Freak Plague

    Andy Biersack❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  80. darkness dream



    Imagine a Tour with MCR and BVB together ufff

  82. weeb girl bi

    so not a long time ago I listen to one of your guys music and now OHH MY fucking life I cant get over the songs
    can you make Merch please

  83. Fairyslayer Gaming


  84. Blood Moon Phoenix Rising

    Dark Phoenix Rising

  85. Nick Niko

    He just messed up... Needs you bro.... Don’t give up on him...

  86. Миша Кирписев

    spooky facec=) you're too old you're like a mummy now...

  87. maryanna lgbt

    *foda cadê os br🇧🇷🤘🏽*

  88. Matilde Tavares

    This makes me feel so alive

  89. Will Pratt

    This is as bad as nickleback

  90. XeniuM

    Andy 😭😍

  91. Xx Wonderxland

    Wow now THAT sounds like the old amazing Black Veil Brides i fell in love with ❤❤❤❤

  92. Essie pratt

    Awesome song!
    Fucking great time to be an emo lmao
    Mcr, bvb, bmth, fir, palaye royale, Poppy! I'm so happy

  93. Emily Masterson

    is it just me or has any one else just Been listening to BVB 24 hours a day

  94. maricon



  95. Matt McIntyre

    Guitarists standing back to back is much cooler when one of them is a lefty -> zacky vengance a7x

  96. tom

    Andy is keep on getting hotter

  97. DecayingCrow DragonSlayer

    They are still hard rock good 🤘