Black Star Riders - When The Night Comes In Lyrics

I walk down broadway in the bitter cold
See my reflection and it makes me feel so old
A boulevard in deep recession
A winter sky in deep depression

Give me back my broken life
Give me serenity beyond this strife
Give me absolutely absolution
From all this trouble, disarray and confusion

This is a call to innocence
This is a call to arm yourself

When the night comes in
There's a crack in the universe
When the night comes in
There's a crack in the universe
When the night comes in
This is a call to innocence
This is a call to arm yourself

I got nothing, I'm prepared to negotiate
Deviating when I should be going straight
Should I roll or should I play?
Talk about the one that got away

This is a call to innocence
This is a call to arm yourself

When the night comes in
There's a crack in the universe
When the night comes in
There's a crack in the universe
When the night comes in
This is a call to innocence
This is a call to arm yourself

When the night comes in
There's a crack in the universe

When the night comes in
There's a crack in the universe
When the night comes in
There's a crack in the universe
When the night comes in
This is a call to innocence
This is a call to arm yourself

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Black Star Riders When The Night Comes In Comments
  1. Alexandre Rolon


  2. SwedenMC

    Oh! Great song 😃

  3. András Zilahi

    bombastic song!!!Congrats!

  4. Scott D

    opening for Judas Priest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. René' Cruz

    👽👾🚀I've seen BLACK🍀STAR⭐RIDERS🏇🐎 @ Harlow's Bar, in Sacramento, @ DNA Lounge in San Franciso, CA.where I live & in Fresno with Skid Row!
    EDITED : \M/🍀\♍/🍀/W\

  6. Blackwolf Patterson

    stop comparing BSR with lizzy and knocking them..BSR are a great band in there owen right... damon and ricky do most of the writing with scott adding to the mix wiyh his melodic guitar adding a lizzy sound also co writing to boot so..yes they do have that elliment of lizzy but thats where the buck (also performing lizzy covers at gigs (only one last friday in newcastle rest songs off heavy fire and the other two albums) three great albums of classic rock long may they last

  7. Saintsinnz

    Absolutlely love this one... Ricky is my uncle and I'm proud to say it. This shit ricks. Was live that it' caught my ear

  8. bigstevem73

    Great band. A touch of Lizzy but now full steam ahead with their own sound. And Ricky Warwick could always write amazing lyrics. EFFIN' ROCK!!!

  9. MercyfulBates

    Seen a fair few negative comments on the new songs and I just don't get it, I think they all sound pretty awesome!

  10. Blackwolf Patterson

    btw..its BSR....not lizzy..ricky co wrote this album...scott was just there ok..hes a fellow rider not lizzy in this...just saying

  11. Alan Lloyd

    I don't hear any Lizzy at all. This sounds like bad late 80's melodic rock . Pure shite. The singer sucks . The lyrics suck.

  12. Alan Lloyd

    I hate this singers vocal style. It seems like the albums are getting steadily worse

    James Crowder

    Alan Lloyd I actually agree, it feels like the band and the singer are preforming two different songs at the same time.

  13. rafael andalou

    soooo gooooood l esprit de thin lizzy good job scott gorham ex thin lizzy ...........

  14. Hard Rocking Trivia Show

    This one is pretty good. I can't wait to hear the new album.

  15. Big Dave Kilbride

    Excellent can't wait till Feb 3rd

  16. Robert Sidwell

    Starting to warm to this band . The song writing is getting better and I'm liking this soft rock sound using the female backing singers . Nice job .
    Abd I'm a big lizzy fan . Happy days

  17. Serpephone

    OMG I freaking love this band... so awesome! LOve Love Love! Takes me back to old times!

  18. whitemountain apache

    absolute rubbish - spot the yanks and those who are easily swayed - don't even attempt to bring Thin Lizzy into this as Lizzy at their worst were still miles better than this crap

  19. whitemountain apache

    terrible song , rubbish drumming - it's like someone thumping a biscuit tin plus the lyrics are rubbish - a band punching below their weight to be honest

  20. Eiter Tom

    lizzy rules

  21. Niran Abraham

    killer drumming by jimmy D and i love the chorus.

  22. James Mason

    they keep saying theyre going to play this on Ozzys Boneyard but a piano cover track plays instead... weird

  23. Guitarp77

    This is awesome, can't wait for the album!

    karlita sweetee

    you've got it

  24. simon hobbs


  25. Aisling Carroll

    Their best single so far... Finally a BSR tune and not a Lizzy copy...

  26. Ziegfried Dalibert

    it's fine but it lacks of inspiration. i find it less good than bound for glory, kingdom of the lost or soldierstown

  27. tybo09

    Badass! Can't wait!

  28. Michael Perry

    I'm a huge The Almighty fan. Glad to hear a new kick ass Warwick band \m/

    Steph in black

    powertrippin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

    Michael Perry

    Steph in black
    Soul Destruction 🤘

  29. Explosive Music Previews

    One of the GREATEST LIVE BANDS out there today! 3 Classic Albums STRONG - spread the muthafreakin' WORD! BLACK STAR RIDERS Rock!

  30. Did Boudet

    super chanson,,, comme d habitude.merci

  31. Stojanović R.

    Great !!!

  32. Mike Conlin

    Nice guys.... loving BSR

  33. Frits van der Heide

    You've got to rock a little to survive ! Sounds great !

  34. NecroGoatLord

    This is a call to bloody rock. First time I've heard these lads & I dig em big time. A blend of 70's, 80's & 90's rock blended Well done guys, the spirit of rock is truly alive \m/


    Ricky Warwick,from The Almighty and Scott Gorham from Thin Lizzy,they're pretty much Thin Lizzy's ''successor'' band.Couple of years ago,Gorham,John Sykes and Brian Downey got together,to play some gigs with Lizzy classics.Sykes left after the tour and was replaced later with Warwick.Downey left after the second tour but Gorham/Warwick wanted to continue making music and decided to start a new band,with a new name,who will write new songs and also play some Lizzy material live.Voila,Black Star Riders.Check out their first 2 albums,it's quality stuff,like a mix between oldschool Thin Lizzy and The Almighty.


    greekfreak1980 dont forget about damon johnson, he is a huge thin lizzy fan and he is the main songwritter with ricky. Gorham is the soul of this band, and De Grasso at drums is slso a thin lizzy fan like since forever.

    great band, no doubt about it


    theyre insane live

    IAN Sheppard

    Chris Gately see them live,there awesome.

  35. kerrang inrock

    not a bad song

  36. Kriss HATER

    awesome! really cool.

  37. Андрей Холодинский

    Rick Spriengfield?

  38. KJ Schneider

    LOVE IT!

  39. Daantje van Herk

    Well done guys! Very well done! First impression has only one chance and this is very promissing for what we can expect from the whole album.

  40. Michael Jersborg

    Good old fashion Rock'n Roll. We are now beyond Lizzy... This is BLACK STAR RIDERS

  41. Alex G

    This is oldfashionably good! Meant as a compliment ofcourse.

  42. joseph castillo

    so good! can't wait for the album and hopefully you boys find your way back to the states (mainly Los Angeles)

  43. Martin Chesworth

    Brilliant !

  44. Lynn La Mond

    luv it !

  45. Andrew Hewitt

    Love it. Good luck reproducing the backing vocals live though boys.

  46. mcbalzer

    rock on!

  47. VonHoganSchmidt

    tremendous, Tremendous Record

  48. Donn Garrison

    Bad ass.

  49. Türk Sanat Müzik

    çok iyi 👍

  50. Powerless Monk

    This song is awsome, I have a new single by the way if you curious :)

  51. Manoel luthieri

    so great thanks

  52. Metall Schaedel

    einfach nur gut.

    Powerless Monk

    schön! :D

  53. Aluísio Júnior


  54. Mike Gailey

    Bloody brilliant! can't wait for the full album in Feb 17 and the shows in March 17

  55. Planet CARAVAN ZINE



    yeahh great