Black Star Riders - Bound For Glory Lyrics

Johnny Wong keeps tryin' to get it right,
Way down in Suckerville tonight
When darkness falls in the neon lights,
He feels like walking dynamite

And he knows he could never win,
He's just trying to loose a little more slowly

Bound for glory (Bound for glory)
The lost but never lonely,
Bound for glory (Bound for glory)
Bound for livin' on the edge,
Bound for glory (Bound for glory)
The righteous and unholy,
Desperation always tells a story

I would've rebuilt Jericho,
For nights as good as this
Another shot of redemption,
And it's taste in every kiss

Elvis in the backroom,
Jesus on the wall,
Mary's on the whiskey,
There's shadows in the hall

Bound for glory (Bound for glory)
The lost but never lonely,
Bound for glory (Bound for glory)
Bound for livin' on the edge,
Bound for glory (Bound for glory)
The righteous and unholy,
Desperation always tells a story

We all know we can never win,
We're all trying to lose a little more slowly
We gotta get through this world, free or die tryin'
Ride that downtown train hellbound for glory

Bound for glory (Bound for glory)
The lost but never lonely,
Bound for glory (Bound for glory)
Bound for livin' on the edge,
Bound for glory (Bound for glory)
The righteous and unholy,
Desperation always tells a story

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Black Star Riders Bound For Glory Comments
  1. SwedenMC

    Fuck you 🇸🇪

  2. Brian Murphy

    This is the closest BSR have come to a bona fide Lizzy song. Its the only one I can actually see / imagine Philo singing. Which makes me feel a bit weird. This could sit easily on the Black Rose album. Right after Get out of here.

  3. Brownalebelly

    Radio Bob playing this regularly in Germany 2019. Thank you Radio Bob!

  4. SwedenMC

    Oh 🇸🇪 i fel like Nobel 🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪 Dynamite 👍🏻

  5. uncle ruckus

    Johnny wong eh? Apparently hes asian-american, lol

  6. MrBira24


  7. Steve Koozer

    Keeping real rock alive. I love it

  8. Manny Badabing

    That singer has the Phil vibe down pat. It kills. Love the harmony guitars. Keeping the Lizzy tradition alive.

  9. Chane Winthrop

    And this is why I don't listen to the radio. They don't play stuff like this. I remember once upon a time wanting to be a DJ just so I could spin rock like this.

  10. caleb0286

    Every time the chorus happens, they remind me of the South Park Christian Rock bands hahaha, it sounds like Trey Parker 100%

  11. Celeste Duijsens

    Love this

  12. John Fitton

    Phil could have made this one

  13. jean-michel le masson

    quelle ne fut as ma surprise lorsque j'ai vu que c'fetait l'ancien guitariste de THIN LIZZ Y !! !ca ne nous rajeuni pas !!!

  14. Shooting Stars

    Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak...

  15. anders lindberg

    THIS is thin lizzy and whitesnake in onesong.

  16. Danny

    reminds me of got to give it up off black rose

  17. Adream withinadream

    Has anyone heard Black Star Riders new album, Heavy Fire?

  18. Александр Полещук

    ......dont' stop BSR!

  19. luv24real

    Guitars seem to be singing for joy.

  20. Dan Fennessey

    Mighty Fine Guitar

  21. Snake Bite

    Guitar riff sounds like Whitesnake's Guilty of Love

  22. George Shannon

    just WOW!!! Goosebumps likes, See u in Scotland on you tour guys :)

  23. Criller

    They've really got the Thin Lizzy sound going in this tune! Still, it's another song and another band. Love it just as I love Thin Lizzy!

  24. symbionese sla

    Wow-- Phil Linott would be proud!

  25. James Hipkins

    "Like" number thirteen hunnerd n' forty ayt.

  26. Marcus Lucifer

    I like these guys I first heard them when they were a supporting band for a whitesnake, def lepard concert in Nottingham it was my first concert and these guys made the beginning just as awesome as the end

  27. Adream withinadream

    There is a official lyric video out for the song "Soldierstown" now! by Black Star Riders offcourse!

  28. Paul Bailey

    Great album, can't wait to see all three bands in December... Whitesnake, Def Lepard and BSR
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  29. RorysStrat

    I have to add one thing!  I don't care is something sounds like someone else.  There are only so many notes in music.  If someone sounds like something else which I obviously like then I say yes yes yes.  I like it.  There is no disrespect or sacrilege at all.  Rock on and keep it coming!

  30. RorysStrat

    Phil would be proud!  I love BSR...............

  31. lordgold1

    nice BLS inspired solo

  32. Adream withinadream

    Black Star Riders are back with a new album called "The Killer Instinct". For those of you who missed it.. There is two videos out. One of the song "The Killer Instinct" and another one for the track "Finest Hour".

  33. Jim Duffy

    The band sounds great

  34. Chris Cook

    @Marcelo Melgaço very similar intro for the first 6 notes but otherwise quite different.  If anything the last part of the whitesnake intro they are ripping off an old Lizzy melody..cant think of what at the moment but im sure of it...southbound possibly. I'll go through my lizzy stuff tomorrow and find out what one.


    southbound it is


    @Chris Cook This IS Thin Lizzy. They are just recording new material under a different name out of respect for Phil.

  35. Romchikthelemon

    That's simply incredible!!!
    Thin Lizzy вернулись!

  36. Marcelo Melgaço

    I know that intro: Guilty of Love / Whitesnake.

    Michael Larkin

    Have a listern to whitesnake..Come and get it/ rainbow since you been gone ;-)

    Marcelo Melgaço

    Hi Michael! I know Whitesnake since 1984. In 1985 I saw them live at Rock In Rio I. Was my favorite band for 20 years. I bought and have all the albums. ;)

    Michael Larkin

    @Marcelo Melgaço good man..keep rockin all the best for 2015 from sunny Hartlepool :-) 

    Marko Mescrelo

    +Michael Larkin ...John Sykes was ad always be part of TL! keep rockin BSR, wonderful.

    Pedro Felippe

    I agree, sounds just like it

  37. Frank FiPe

    Wie gewohnt, Weltklasse! 

  38. cemetarygates1000

    Hearing a little (Toughest Street In Town) anybody else? Love it!

  39. jhs5150

    Like it but if anything, Warwick tries to sound TOO much like Lynott.  Pay homage yes, but try to imitate a little less.  Love Phil, love what these guys are doing, rock on \m/

  40. schwejk23

    great song, true words! nevertheless I'll miss Phil. As a man, a friend, a MUSICIAN.
    thanx, Scott and Ricky - you keep s.t. alive, which I always considered one oft the best parts in my life.


  41. Synfy lMysty Wynter

    I get to see them at Juanitas tomorrow night.

  42. felneymike

    "Johnny Wong"? Oh right, I'd always just assumed this was about the same guy Stiff Little Fingers' "Walking Dynamite" was about XD. Ricky Warwick plays with them sometimes, too.

  43. Danny Brew

    Guilty of Love, Whitesnake, 1983 opening riff the same!!!!

    Juan Pablo Cafiero

    wow u are right

    Danny Brew

    @Juan Pablo Cafiero Thanks dude, still a great song though!!

    Juan Pablo Cafiero

    also same riff as "the boys are back in town" xD

  44. MrGipper37

    See them in belfast....superb performance

  45. EiRESKuLL

    Love this song

  46. Kenneth Nyman

    Sticky Fingers gig was maybe the best gig I ever have seen!!

  47. kristof vandommele

    Guilty of Love, Whitesnake, 1983. Same opening-riff.

  48. asphyxiationsend

    saw these guys at download festival this year, they were brilliant! Thoroughly enjoyed them!!

  49. BurnBabyBurn!

    Warwick initially intended the line "Elvis in the backroom and Jesus on the wall" to mention Lynott, but Gorham asked him to change it.

    I mean.... why Scott?? Why did you ask him to change it???

  50. Mikey Sallabank

    Great song. Sadly being a wrestling fan, i can't help but piss myself when i hear this... #RIPTNA

  51. Daniel Burch

    Can't wait to see these guys end of November :D

  52. billy witwhistle

    Black star riders

  53. Stewy Wallace

    Well said

  54. Birgit John

    So happy, that they didn't stop. Love that spec.sound, thanks Boys, NOW, you are back in town LOL

  55. Paul Rhodes

    Good band,i like the album a lot.I grew up on lizzy.Looking forward to see them live soon!

  56. Anton Smith

    "New" Classic Rock from the Classic Bands don't seem to get much time in the limelight.. But that's not because of the quality. Alice Cooper's "Welcome 2 My Nightmare", Deep Purple's "Now What !?", Black Sabbath's "13", Europe's "Bag of Bones" among others is better than quite a few of their earlier work. It's a shame they are not spread and treated better by both media and "old" fans! All Hell Breaks Loose is great too, offcourse!

  57. DAHENDO23

    All hell breaks loose the album of the year hell yes!

  58. Icles Rodrigues

    Yeah, I now. But a comment like this just make me think that I'm right.

    They deserve all success, they're awesome

  59. blainy-o93

    This is what me and my mate would call a 'Planet Rock Special', it's one of those songs you only hear on Planet Rock, like Anastasia by Slash. Still a great tune.

  60. svenzia

    Awesome sound. Very old skool Lizzy. I love it!

  61. Rob D

    a great tribute to thin Lizzys legacy. but no one could weave a lyric like Phil

  62. Scout Rifle

    Sure, the family resemblance to Thin Lizzy is neat, but this whole album rocks, and can stand on its own. Great, classic rock!

  63. Al Douglas

    I am so happy with this! I saw the Thin Lizzy Line up with Warwick and though he was outstanding! This is really strong material!

  64. Classic Rock Station

    With these guys and Trucker Diablo, I'm in retro-lizzy heaven! The Irish are certainly exploring their rock roots.

  65. Alan Norman

    There, there now, stick with "Britain's got talent" with girlie playground songs, you will be fine there!

  66. jacob catalano

    Awesome singer sounds like Phil but Phil played a Killer bass as well. There is no more riff-rock anymore I'm glad someone is flyin the flag

  67. cleveland hughes

    They could have named it Phil stars riders ; it would have been the same ; long live thin lizzy

  68. DebbieTDP

    these lyrics videos are so "sad"....

  69. Nuclear Blast Records

    Glad to hear you're loving it! Yeah! :)

  70. Icles Rodrigues

    This band shows how a band name can influence the fans' opinions. If they used the name Thin Lizzy, people would propably say "They are trying to sound like Thin Lizzy, but it's not the same thing, Thin Lizzy without Phil is not Thin Lizzy". But they use another name, so people are happy because they sound like "the old Thin Lizzy". It's interesting to see that.

  71. 77dragonslayer

    yes sir!!!

  72. 鈴木優

    so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. maxi806


  74. happysonic27

    Great song!!

  75. Vikingfan13

    fucking great

  76. Becca Daniels

    Saw these at Download. They wew fucking amazing!!!

  77. Mikołaj Marszałek

    That's how the lyrics videos should look :)

  78. Chris Sweet

    Holy shit, this is so eerily similar to classic Lizzy! Love it!

  79. Jason Cantu

    This pretty weak. Bummed! Bring back the rockin Live And Dangerous riffs and energy

  80. cyderpress

    The line up I liked best was with Gorham and Robertson playing guitar (was that you). Went to see Lizzy on the Thunder and Lightning tour not long before Phil died and it was strange see Sykes instead of Robertson and I didn't like his style so much. Also saw Sykes play with Whitesnake but I can't remember which was first - anyway he was a great player but just a bit too twiddly and glam for my own taste!

  81. clink

    Any Lizzy is better than no Lizzy!

  82. cyderpress

    Knob end! Sykes should never have been in Thin Lizzy!

  83. Sven Neu

    I'm LOVING it!!!!! Fantastic piece of FUCKING GOOD MUSIC!!!!

  84. jwfastback

    JktSd0r If you read about how the name change came about, you'd know why they didn't record new stuff under the Lizzy name.

  85. René Christensen

    Reminds me of the glory days of Thin Lizzy. This could be a follow-up to Waiting for an alibi.

  86. udo richt

    Like good old Thin Lizzy with Phil Lynott.

  87. JktSd0r

    ...pretentious is the word that comes to mind after listening to this. Why the hell didn't Gorham do this when Sykes & Downey were still in the band? The only person that I have ever heard sing the Lizzy stuff close to the way Phil sang it was Sykes. To my ears, this sounds like another of Gorham's '21 Guns' albums. At least do this type of project with 'ex-Lizzy' bandmates.

  88. Metalforlife007


  89. Andy Nicholson

    Absolutely Classic! Brilliant! Love it!!!!

  90. righttorock

    Makes me wanna party out in the sun and get drunk! rock on!

  91. VonSeux

    wowww.. thats a real neat emulation from the classic Lizzy sound

  92. TheRedPill

    44 Years and sounds like just like the old stuff, awesome!

  93. Jonathan Maunders

    Love it. I'm guilty of love, I'm guilty of love.. oh wait..


    I agree with you there.

    It annoys me that Warwick has tried to sound like Phil as it inevitably draws comparisons with the untouchable. While he sounds OK, it's just not as good as being original.

    The sound is like Thin Lizzy but the lyrics are lacking a bit as well. Its almost as if it was cobbled together with a rhyming dictionary.

    In essence I believe it to be a good effort to capture the Lizzy spirit, but something is still lacking and its more than Lynott. Good debut + foundations though

  95. ivor griffiths

    lizzy rock


    So looking forward to the Album and seeing them in November in Wolverhampton. Takes me back to when I saw Lizzy at the Odean in Birmingham many, many moons ago. Great voice, great song & great guitars.

  97. Harry Hayes


  98. rezargamer

    I just listed to that horrendous band you mention, my conclusion is that you are deaf and have a shitty taste in music because that other band is utter shite.

  99. rezargamer

    Really, sounds to me like you don't know Thin Lizzy then. I have no idea who the band you mention are but maybe they sound like Lizzy as well so you got confused.