Black Star - Respiration (Flying High Mix) Lyrics

[Mos Def singing]
I'm flyin' high, in the friendly sky
without ever leaving the ground, yeah yeah
Rest of the folks are tired and weary
And have laid their bodies down

[Talib Kweli]
We lyrically rich, livin, spiritually fit
Eating healthy, coming clean never filthy
In God's eyes I'm wealthy
Felt the power as I entered the palace of 7 lights
Time traveled participatin on battles my brethren fight
For birth rights that they already got, and shouldn't have to get
Break down the steady plot that's accurate
Bust the shots that's immaculate
Take it to your nugget cause my beloved covet they freedom
Believe it put nothing above it love it or leave it
We blessed with free will so we choose to be ill
Like sharks keepin it movin we could never be still
Swim in the channels of life
The orators of rhyme handling mics
Tiptoeing through the corridors of your mind with candlelights
Everlasting in your hood like liquor stores and check cashin
Niggaz flashing [?] classes sippin thug passion blastin
Makaveli 4, I bet on brothers with nothing to live for
To give more to the struggle, they already at war

So much on my mind I just can't recline
Blastin holes til the night bled sunshine
Breathe in...
Breathe out,
Heard the bass ride out like an ancient (mating call)
I can't take it, I can feel the city breathing

[Mos Def]
I pushed my pen and wrote this scribe
Like the morning wouldn't find me alive
I'm surrounded on all sides
By the kind and the cool, wise men and the fool
Young guns attending school, ghetto classes include:
Get yours, get it right
Get down, get paid, get ass, get around
Get on, get fly, get jig and get high
Live to get and you'll only end up getting by
When the nighttime covers the city like a cloak
I approach and assemble my hopes, into notes
Hard to sleep in the city that don't
Cause it won't let you rest, noises on your doorstep
'Nuff distress
Police department, raid the park bench on nonsense
Cause they fear to see the brothers conference
Regardless, we bond tight and we rumble all day to break night
Daylight, wifey riffin' to death - "you ain't right"
The same fight about my late night habits is mad static
But the city's so alive that I just got to have it
The planet of Brook-LAWN is what I look on
Ghetto chef rock your vest when you gettin your cook on
Dedicating this song to Scott LaRock, B.I.G. and 'Pac
Kwame Ture, Betty Carter and John Henrik CLark
Ron Brown, and freedom fighters going down
You set the pace, now we finish the race
It's on now

So much on my mind I just can't recline
Blasting holes til the night bled sunshine
Breathe in...
Breathe out,
Heard the bass ride out like an ancient (mating call)
I can't take it, I can feel the city breathing

[Black Thought]
Yo, Yo
I'm from the year-round shootouts to summertime cookout
The wintertime grind with the shorties on the lookout
A chosen few know the rule, the rest threw the book out
The law stay on crews, thirsty with they hook out
That old-school bang out,
Money that pulled the thang out
They bit him and hit him with a few, he just came out
With the sharks that travel all parts within the same route
Narrow walls closin in, cutthroat to exit at the opening
Wrong place, you wasn't where you were supposed to been
You back around the end, heavy wasteline again
With them same suspect cats that waste time again
Ya'll need to wake the fuck up, and peep the monument in your face
Cuz ain't no time to waste not a minute
I seen my cousin [?] said "Peace, yo where you been at?"
He said "the final frontier 'Riq, I'm up in that,
and it's the time to watch the place your foe and where your friend at,
Cuz where I rotate ain't nothin to grin at, I been at
the fork in the crossroads, the outer limit,
See you can stand tall or crawl and act timid"
The Black Thought with the Black Star, infinite

[Chorus and ad libs to fade]

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Black Star Respiration (Flying High Mix) Comments
  1. radiacto

    That instrumental is all kinds of crispy. Wow just breathtakingly amazing

  2. Vincent Washington

    Keep it movin in love...likes that

  3. Oak Cliff

    Talib Kweli absolutely killed this shit

  4. bookieplow

    One of Pete Rock's very best beats.

  5. Naggy Nagsen


  6. Malcolm Wadley


  7. Dana Johnson

    I never heard this before WHOA🎯🔥⚡

  8. Timothy Moore

    Just a touch of pure hip hop soothing to the mind and soul damn where has the time gone🤔💣💣💥💥💥

  9. WE DO ISH

    So pretty. PERFECT TO ME!


    Pete Layed that out.

  10. Bekir Karaca

    Pete really has another taste as producer, ohh man check the smoothness of the sound.. There's no crappy effects or voice changers. Just jazzy flow and straight rappers of the best ones. Fantastic, peace 🤘

  11. Mausoleum Duval

    I'm today years old when I heard this...... WOW

  12. Johnson Taylor

    Just as good as the original.


    Same level 💯

  13. Tomas Horvath

    first time I hear this... what???

  14. Still Chillin

    Still wasn’t reached a million views? WTF.

  15. Rondu Mason

    This is one of those joints that instantly takes you to your vibe and the headspace you were at when it was out. I was broke and struggling when this came on, it didn't even matter. This jump off was metaphorically a deep breath that removed me from that stress, and whenever I hears this I instantly go back there in my mind and smile.

  16. Hector B. Santana Jr.

    One of the dopest remixes of all time

  17. Me You

    This beat feels like when you sit down and get your breath together.

  18. young00seek

    ...with the trademark PR dog pant in the background, lol. This one had ALL the elements. Supremacy.

  19. EFH

    So tough


    Still amazing 🔥

  21. Stephan Brügger

    Mos def is one of the most underrated MCs for sure....

  22. Lawrence Temple, Jr.

    This is why God gave us Hip Hop.

  23. Clifford McKinney


  24. nonchalantguy

    Just amazing.

  25. Jay Kay

    I need this shit like air, y'all don't understand. I'm a child of freshfest. It's in my veins.

  26. Sibonise Madlingozi

    This is real Hip Hop ... u know wa'm sayin

  27. arthur turner

    Straight 🔥

  28. cantgetright jah

    Too much wisdom for u keep watching ur change while i stay true 💨👀💀🐐👂

  29. xolile mahlangu

    The original is super and then came the remix, I was these guys are really holding it down..Mos def on the hook !!!!🙏👌🏾👍🏽💪

  30. Spread Love

    Dope! Hey please show this brother some love he talented

  31. Peace on Earth



    But BLACK THOUGHT’s lyricism is way sharper than an obsidian knife,this guy is seriously A LIVING RAP GOD...every joint he’s ever been on he’s murdered.

    Tariq Trotter is indeed a G.O.A.T


  33. Be Like Mike23 D

    Mos Def, Talib, and Tariq? Over a flawless Pete Rock beat? Remix of arguably the best Hip Hop song ever yet IMO this IS BETTER... In other words this is arguably the greatest Hip Hop song ever made IMO!!!

  34. Ronnett Turner

    This beat is so smooth reminds me of the R&B group Slave

  35. Dogen70


  36. Mitch Bucem


  37. Brotha Ashyknees

    Dr. John Henrik Clark #masterfulteacher

  38. Matthew1981

    highs too crispy

  39. R Hammond

    When i listen to shit like this i enjoy reading the comments almost as much as I'd enjoy exposing the lames who are giving shit like this a thumbs down...who are you? How much 'hand sex' have you herbs been having to disrespect the artform...where's freddy fox when you need him so you suckas could get dealt with!?!

  40. Derrick Nice

    Too ILL

  41. Shamba Menelek

    like sharks we can never be still _TALIB thats ill cause Sharks Never Stop Moving till they die.

  42. Plastelina

    "Live to get, and you only end up getting by.."

  43. Tito Rivera

    One of the dopest hip hop tracks of all time... if it’s not at your BBQ I’m not coming. #Classic

  44. edson edalia

    just imagine if black thoght and common had joined would have been fire

  45. Kyle Broussard

    Mos Defs verse in this song alone is better than half the rappers careers that have come out since 1999. This is soul music.

    "I pushed my pen and wrote this scribe,
    Like the morning wouldn't find me alive /
    I'm surrounded all day by the con and the cool,
    Wise man and the fool,
    Young guns in tennis shoes /
    Ghetto classes include:
    Get yours, get it right,
    Get down, get paid,
    Get ass, get it right,
    Get on, get fly,
    Get jig and get high /
    Like to get - and you end up jjust gettin' by /
    When the night time cover my city like a cloak,
    I approach and assemble my hopes into notes /
    Hard to sleep in the city that don't, cuz it won't
    Let you rest, noises on your doorstep 'nuf to stress /
    Police department raid the park bench on nonsense,
    Cuz they fear to see the brothers conference /
    Regardless, we born tight, and work all day to break night,
    They like, 'why you living in death, that ain't right' /
    This ain't right about my late night habits,
    It's mad static, but the city so alive, I just gotta have it (reference to Ms. Fat Booty) /
    The planet of Brook-Lawn is what I look on,
    Ghetto chef rockin the place while you gettin your cook on / ..."


    Masterpiece by Mos Def.His verse on Thieves in the night is timeless

    Kyle Broussard

    @dynamic honestly that might be my favorite mixtape of all time front to back. Whole thing is just timeless soul food.


    @Kyle Broussard real talk

  46. Kyle Broussard

    If I could meet one MC it would have to be Mos Def. Dude just seems so grounded. I feel like he the type of dude who if he wasn't a musician would just be homeless because he loves the journey anf hates the material. Thanks for this soul music guys. Keep the voice of the Truth alive a bit longer in this darkness.

    This music has gotten me through a lot of mornings where I thought I wouldn't wake up. "I push my pen and wrote this scribe, like tomorrow won't find me alive."

  47. AR Ase

    today is the first time I ever heard this song... damn i been missing out

  48. Marvin Blanc

    One of the greatest remixes ever

  49. Ricardo Segura Dominguez Jr

    2019??? 🎧🔊💯✌🙏



  51. KidSon704

    So much on my miiiinddd! I... Just can’t recline! 2019

  52. Isaac

    Listening in 2019 🙌🏾

  53. J Smith

    Thought said you’re foeing where you friend at . Whew

  54. R Armstrong

    This is high art...pun intended!

  55. dynamic

    Great but Common should have a verse on it especially as he was part of the original.Masterpiece still.

  56. dynamic

    Incredible lyricism by master lyricists

  57. Isaiah Dolphy

    Ayo im from the year round shootouts,
    The summertime cookouts,
    The wintertime grind for the shawties on the lookout.
    The chosen few know the rules, the rats threw the book out🔥

  58. farid khan

    Straight Fire

  59. O K

    Anyone know the sample ?

  60. Van Nevels

    Hip-hop CLASSIC! Just heard it 4 the 1st time and I'm ashamed.....
    Of all the names listed as dope DJs & producers, lemme b the 1st; Hank Shocklee & Terminator X.

  61. Henry Thomas

    Absolute perfection! Enough said!

  62. kara badger_ironsight


  63. anas 447

    Shit hits haaaard🔥🔥🔥🔥

  64. Matterphor _UK

    Melanin 9 killed this beat on his track soldierz as well

  65. lolo a

    Sooo slept on..wish this was mainstream

  66. GeneralWisefool

    This is the soundtrack to my of my most re - played joints ever

  67. Cee Gee Incorporated

    This is the only time that we got Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Black Thought in a one track!!!

  68. Vincent Washington

    I remember having this cassette tape back in '98...still fresh for da '19

  69. R F

    2019...and still music to my ears. This is a classic!!!

  70. manraj basi

    If you aint download this off Limewire, Bearshare etc at least once get the fuck out my face

  71. abdul smith

    Sick sick track...

  72. CitySkin09

    Those dumb fucks at Apple Music put the lyrics to this version in the original song.

  73. meitsme1977

    What 57 people DIDN’T like this?? Double you tee eff?

  74. byss biscit

    This the best hip hop song of the 20c

  75. HipHopBeatSource

    Still dope to this day. Everybody made their mark on this one. Simply classic.

  76. Eddie Sankofa

    55 people smokin boat.

  77. Jamil Marcano

    Plus I love the original but nothings better than this remix with Pete rock

  78. Jamil Marcano

    To be truthful every time I hear this song makes me want to cry to get my life together as a real hip-hop supposed to do that to you

  79. Mileek Wood

    Who's the 1st rapper.. He nice

  80. Ta Nedo


  81. Pitso Mothibeli

    Classic joint

  82. J P

    2018 August! Still Hot!!!

  83. A O

    Forgot about this one. What a classic!!!!

  84. TJ Hooker

    Chocolate boy wonder......soul brother #1

  85. Marvin Blanc

    Hip Hop in its truest form

  86. Micscience

    Black Thought fucking destroys the mi!. Seriously he was so underated. "thirsty with they hook out"

  87. Shawn Mccray

    O'll schooool

  88. curthn

    This my generation and I will say without a Doubt That there will be no other in competition, Quality, or Message. I Dare you to step up to this level. I actually Pray you do.



    Roshell Taylor

    curthn FACTS!

  89. Soxx Manhica

    And feel inside

  90. Soxx Manhica

    Just dance

  91. Peter Pan

    Pete rock is the best old school producer all of times

  92. James Jones

    Mos Def > Yasin Bey

    His voice at the end though....damn

  93. K Alexander

    this was a cool remix but, Mos Def's verse on the original was pure art!!

  94. James Jones

    Been looking for this for years now. Thanks for posting

  95. Anthony Weiss

    Let's play the game, how many times can i listen to this and cry