Black Star - Little Brother Lyrics

'Now listen'
..doin this song for you.
all my little brothers.. out in the street.
strugglin to survive.. keep your eyes on the prize, you know

Yeah, the revolution will not be televised
Or broadcast live on the net
My man Mos said it's personal.. knamsayin?
It's gotta start from right up in here, you know

[Mos & Kweli]
You can't stop, you know [x3]
You can't stop when we rep

We rep the ain't-gots
Ain't nobody can't start no party like us, we crush the faint hearts
From Hallsey to St. Mark's, walk in the main blocks
Painted with blood that's still hot, so deep it stain socks
The pain spark frustration, situations lead to hatin
Some deal with drug distribution, others walk the plantation
Some know the code a' the streets, some got a college education
Come down on the weekend, and peep the conversation

On the corner, units stormed out
Ghetto lookin bombed out
Police waited to roll, for those who walk the wrong route
Shorties goin all out, they got they swords drawn out
Ready to brawl out, gettin fought til they fall out
Black like Morehouse, 40 o'z is tossed out
For brothers that they mourn bout, get wrecked til it's dawn out
Whether they broke or flossed out, honeys pass they draws out
Lookin for a ticket out the poor-house
A jungle out here
Lions keep they claws out, fangs and jaws out
Weak just get forced out
Names is called out, ghetto-fame is sought out
You wanna be the man that they talk bout
I walked out
I had some things on my mind to sort out
I thought bout the wild circumstance we born out
Remember myself at your age, when I was just like you
If that was now, I don't know what I would do
My answer's? closest to me
So what I say to you is goin for me
Son we both still growin indeed
But where you at, I was, and where you been, I left
Utilize my experience to guide your step
Some people get love but don't command respect
It's somethin that you can't ride with a check
Over-rollin your lex or icy links that hang from your neck
If it's real, who need to deal with the special effects?

Come here, come here, yo
Lemme drop this on ya, look they gotchu cornered
The corner of the block is hot, I ain't got to warn ya
'Cause I see you every day, trapped in every way
'Shit, I'm a thug, and that's all that I can say'
Who are you anyway?
Mary J.? I spend, many nights awake, watchin you while you sleep
Tryin to figure out how to be the example, 'cause talk is cheap
As you walk the streets, study cats on the real
In a convo, just make your point to relax and chill
(Niggas) wanna destroy each other in a cypher instead a' build
Be a- man of will, don't be- standin still
If you- don't plan ahead, then you- plan to fail
Do [?] in a daze when the ways reveal
Like they funny style but I'm not laughin
Serious (niggas) makin money while the police is passin
Can't wait for opportunity to knock, you gotta make it happen
It ain't about no spectacular ways a' rappin
Just immaculate ways a' action.. dig?

[Mos sings]
Little Brother
I know that times is hard
Keep your mind on guard
Stay clear of things that are harmin
You'll get along
I sing my song
For little brothers
Out there in the street
Strugglin to make ends meet
Gotta hold the heat
Strugglin so hard to compete
Stay clear of things that harm
Do it for y'all
Try to stay strong
Keep movin on [x6]

[shoutin out Little Brothers all over the area, simultaneous singing]

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Black Star Little Brother Comments
  1. Robbie London

    This was on the Hurricane soundtrack came out later on on a 12" single,they performed this track live on Jimmy Fallon simply put with backup from The Legendary Roots Crew one of my favorite television late night experience!!!!😉😀😄😃🤔

  2. Ronnett Turner

    Wow J Dilla was amazing !!! Miss you Little Brother RIP James ( J Dilla ) Yancey !!

  3. E Derrell

    That song moves me..especially having sons

  4. Ish Bey

    STILL listening in 2019 & BEYOND. ✋ Playing, Player.

  5. Rhymes Galore94

    This beat... is godly.

  6. Sonar Eskoh

    *consciousness* 💭

  7. Jim Grow

    In the current political climate we live in, I believe a New BlackStar album is in order.🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

  8. Chulu Pa

    I love this music wow thank you blessed

  9. Marcus Fugghett

    Only Dilla could take a teaser from Pete Rock and C.L Smooth "The Main Ingredient " joint and make a classic 🐐🔥🔥

  10. MeteoBlitz

    ill track fosho

  11. MeteoBlitz


  12. Matheus Bahls

    mad luv

  13. Me You

    Pete Rock took the best part of it. J Dilla loved it just like the rest of us who heard in in 1994. He loved it soooo much that he tried to get more out of it...but there really was nothing left of it. If you listen to what Pete Rock did it was good enough. It doesn't really sound good stretched out like this. It's like concentrated orange juice (Dillas Version) compared to Orange juice Not from concentrate mixed with pulp( Petes Version)... Go back and Listen to The Main Ingredient album by Pete Rock And CL Smooth, and tell me me if how it eases it's way in and out in between wasn't so perfect and enough. (Right at the end of the 1st Track In The House/Right at the beginning of the 2nd Track Caramel City)

  14. EFH

    Remember when I first heard this.. I was dippin around Spelman with my guys Merlin and Mr Rictor... we were like 'yo! He said Black like Morehouse @!'

  15. EFH

    Roy Ayers

  16. Sean Goodman

    Folks dont get how dope Mos is... Kweli is equal and Dilla is a genius

  17. Box_Collecter8._.

    MOs def and Talib Kewli bodie the flow in a away I can’t compare anything too in this one.


    Black community needs more music like this

  19. Lil Codine

    I wasn’t born in this time but this real music

  20. Cheese Block

    roy ayers - aint got time is the sample

  21. Xolani Nkosi

    Miss this...South Africa

  22. Jason Gold

    Because of all the talking Roy Ayers did in the original composition, Dilla had to cut the parts and arrange it by hand as opposed to the regular way of sampling. #BRILLIANT.

  23. Snake-eyes

    Real shit zg

  24. Rieff01

    Who came here after Little Brother Documentary?

  25. Kyle Broussard

    Mos Def is honestly my favorite MC of all time because I have probably heard 50+ songs from him, and never once have I heard him say a wack lyric designed to stunt, or get attention. Every single bar is from the soul. Every single stanza rhymes perfectly from start to finish. It's not even rap, it's poetry. His rhymes are like parables.

    He doesn't hate the youngins in the game, he gets why they act the way they do. He knows we are all brothers and seeks to show people the light and help them learn from his experiences. That's love. That's wisdom. Not a lot of people like that in the world - nonetheless famous ones who have millions of fans - who could easily turn to the evils of the world and sell out their brothers and sisters for material. God Bless you Yasiin Bey.

    Thanks for helping me make it through the hard times. Words cannot express the love I have for you and your craft man. Much love. Stay true.

    Moshood Sulayman

    Word man. Kweli always says he writes 90% about spirituality, social issues and knowledge. While writes about himself for the remaining 10%. He is such a deep mind. A god MC. And what about his vocals when he gets serious with it? Suiting. Plus you can't get tired of his flow. He's a genius.

  26. ladicassh01

    This beat🔥🔥🔥🔥 Blackstar killed it... Rip JDilla


    Peace, I remember this from back day!

  28. Isaac Simpson

    I'm from the 90'$ kid! I miss and love reality beats like this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤💿💿💿💿💿

  29. Laurynas Navakauskas

    Imagine my feeling finding this only now. Holy shit.

  30. Eriq McCorkle

    Who here now, I need real ness I appreciate this type of music

  31. Pap Smear

    So dope.

  32. mfpv_detroit

    2019 O still lit

  33. LT Lyrics

    I didn't really like this song at first, but now i'm starting to appreciate the genius behind it, the lyrics, the vibe, and the beat most importantly, R.I.P J. DIlla, and long live dilla, and blackstar.

  34. Crates is High

    Dilla could feel and hear what others overlooked and turn it into the most important moment to build a beat around.

  35. Joshua Calhoun

    Best beat ever

  36. sergiy romanenko

    "...utilize my experience to guide your step..." Mos Def

  37. TheRunningScout

    Thank god dilla didn’t didn’t delete this before questlove woke up ! RIP Mr Yancey ! 🙏🏼

  38. Brian Jackson

    Dope 😎

  39. dynamic

    Great Song

  40. cosmic coolie

    Where can I buy this?

  41. cosmic coolie

    I call this the Charle Brown song/music..One of my favorite songs.👍🏿🤟🏾🤙🏾🖖🏾👌🏿

  42. Jason Gold

    Why do I hear The Peanuts in this joint?

  43. Michael Wilson

    Dilla was the shit damn

  44. Austin Edwards

    Black Starr Forever

  45. youtubinganonymous2

    "if it's real, who need to deal with the special effects?"

  46. Dan The Man

    First time hearing this still feel so close to home as if I've been listening to this my whole life, Dilla will alway's live forever.

  47. victor chavez

    No Jcole, Earl sweatshirt, Joey Bad A$$,Kendrick Lamar, J.I.D or who ever, will EVER make the beautiful art of hip hop like this, they can’t they literally where born in a different era in the world

  48. lakerskings1

    One of my favorite Dilla beats.

  49. Arry Pottard

    gogo j dillAAA

  50. Phuny Pheedbax

    I really don't want to speak on my brother Isaac Reyes. The hatred fall from my music matrix. I see the racist facist turn dangerous. This something my anger switched. This cuts razor thin. The lost of a brother feels like a lost relationship. I love woman yet I can't change her mix. I know how to loose the most important moments. I hope the audience stays golden. You need love like water in motion. I will say this for hopeless. When you miss the love in the open, love closes. Life is messed up and toasted. Family Reunions only happens at funerals at the coldest. I hope you put the weapons down. People are clowns untill something real throwdown. I got that slow sound. If I released my hospital pictures, people will be to busy on liquor. I miss him like my other brother Jesse Reyes. I lost two brothers I painted. I hope this grenade pin reaches the sky like firework on my lifeline. Your eyesight only reach my pain on this blindside. This is my time. They more funerals I reach is the closer I am to my final heartbeat.  I am sorry my music does release more things like morphine in my vein when people are boring. This hold no intro because pistols aim in this gripple like secrets give hope with info. If I had my brothers back, I could only imagine me having better tracks. I would have red jazz with r and b soul. Love is out of control. I have music to uphold.  We huddle. We all from emotions to disappear from the negative. My mega script lost grip. Love has been fallen. We need to polish our memories instead of turning into an alcoholic. I open a water faucet. We are in the generation of counting our losses. I sorry about the forgotten. Sometimes, the people need some reference on my love.  The people I think of will fly above. When I thought of this on my birthday, people will hate in the first place. My young intentions have me in some worse days. I guess life memories hit today. I remember doomsday everytime I reach the limits of my boomplay. I doubt my music is the rhythm you will play as the truth fades. My potential increases and never delays. I hope you don't put my bars on replay. I am trying to evade the question the audience in deep change. Will rip songs every cherish a human life? Will guns and assualt rifle bring back lost time? Do people have die or sucide before thier intentions get crucified? I let the bass amplify because everybody has one life and take love for granted tonight. We need to unite to give love to old school tonight.  My brother died at 25 before his time. My other died around 40 inside the lords sign. People are dying young in our generation. I hope you love yourself in our generation. This my dedication to rap. Perhaps, the gun and cash are here untill I collapse and end up in the hospital when my nerves crashed. I have flash backs of being backstabbed. I rather leave on a amtrack. The weight of death feels like an avalanche. Time pass. People forget the impact of family and give it a chance.  Sometimes, we need to take a stand. This is passion. I can't fix death yet I could set and example rapid. People drop the gun and ammo. The world is flammable to brighten our future and stop being an asshole. You don't need drug to make a difference and troll will get you caught in laughter as you hit gravel. When death comes for you? You will see why love is overdue. people turn into a colder fool. I guess life has rules untill bullets fly and control her mood.  Love is passes the statue the fallen image of a persons attitude untill some people are mad fools trying to kill the love and attitude. Death and love passes you. Love needs a rapid boost. I vanish cool. People need fantastic news.

  51. The Jeneral J.U.-ICE

    Still a dope tune and Mos Def’s reflection and coming of age rhyme in this song is so fucking dope!😌

  52. Austin Edwards

    Dilla rest in peace

  53. Ayikwei Fraise

    J dilla extremely dope real hip hop will never die

  54. useyurhed

    We need this kind of music on the radio. I am sick of all the negative stereotype pandering towards black people. This is real, intellectual, and from the heart.

  55. Gabriel

    I want to be Mos Def and Talib Kweli

  56. Beverly McFadden


  57. Beverly McFadden

    A California Queen Is Born !!!!

  58. soulsleepers

    ayeeee! 2018...still here

  59. Xơydyvuye Zxc

    any rap prod. by dilla is a classic

  60. Xơydyvuye Zxc

    i find it funny how they say at the start that it wont be broadcasted yet its been viewed on yt 441661 times lol

  61. Muzik Earz


  62. baghdadwarrior03

    4.4k likes, 49 dislikes! Who the fuck doesn’t like this! The cowards will never comment! Just curious, what is it you don’t like???

  63. M Haynes

    The Beat God with the lyrical dynamic duo!!!! Love n light Black Star. Rest easy Dilla!!!!!

  64. KHY Sci fi

    🔥FOR Da Youth 🔥

  65. stoinge

    Dilla forever

  66. Mohammed El Korek

    Rest in Peace J Dilla. Love Yasiin Bey. Love Talib Kweli. Hip hop heaven....

  67. Benjamin De Groot


  68. romello black

    amazing beats and lyrics.

  69. Liam McDonnell

    why tf is this not on spotify

  70. Walt Rza

    Cause where you at I was, and where you been, I left! Utilize my experience to guide ya steps!

  71. X I A O

    When people try to argue who’s the best producer

  72. blackice4521

    maan, real hip hop ..sooo dope

  73. Percy Williams

    The last of a dying breed.... I appreciate Hip Hop that gives a since of Empowerment, words filled with Knowledge and Self-worth... I can relate to every single word% Peace yall% ✊💪☀

  74. Sparkz Mentalz

    I am proud to say I was able to remake this incredible Dilla beat.


    These niggaz made history, man. I been bumpin this shit for 20 years, and it gets iller everytime I do.🤣

  76. romello black

    Beats and lyrics are ginsu sharp! Quality!

  77. Big Stacks

    Incredible chop job on the OG sample. Digger heads know, J Dilla was a genius!!! RIP!!!

  78. Victoria Appiagei

    Dope music awesome Cool and Dj hip-hop rap and soul neo history Good Cool vibe can rap for Dj mss

  79. G Lo

    This song is straight Love

  80. Leo Wiley

    Hip hop 😍 Hip hop 😍Hip hop 😍(-_-)

  81. Derrick A. Gee

    New Album announced for 2018!

  82. TaJ Peterson

    What album is that on?

  83. Chanc' Register

    "Keep your mind on AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH" Such a great message from this dynamic duo dilla is icing on the cake!

  84. Frank Brenner

    Long live Dilla. Dilla day! Rest In Power!

  85. Darnell Walker

    Only once in a blue moon a cat like Dilla comes along R.I.P my brother .

  86. Cody Achter

    Changed the way I made beats forever....

  87. Zoran Ristov

    Dilla what a gem my God

  88. Jimmie Carter

    RIP DILLA!!!! Yasin and Talib killed this!! Wish a whole album was made

  89. Kay Meauxss

    this is the instrumental used at the end of 'in the house' by pete rock. love it

  90. Sonny Bravo

    I LOVE this song! It's weird cuz it ain't a banger.... Or a track with that warmth (if anyone knows what I mean) like 2u4u or climax or nag Champa or so many other Dilla tracks. But this shit grew on me. I wasn't on it so hard when I 1st heard it. But after a few listens I started liking it.

  91. La Fuerza

    Dilla was a samurai when it came to chopping a sample, because he was that precise.

  92. Taylor Hudson

    Thank you Dilla 😌

  93. Austin Edwards

    Black Star Forever 💯🔥🎤

  94. Edmilson Vaz