Black Star - Fix Up Lyrics

[Verse 1: Yasiin Bey]
Fix up, look sharp, yo
I resolve, me and mine involved
A lot of cats talk live, they ain’t live at all
Sideline check, hush when it’s time to ball
Said you was charged an’ all, I’m surprised at y’all
You could have a thousand rhymes, a thousand dimes
The house to shine, coupes on the routes recline
Be on Greenwich Mean, Beech Street, or Mountain time
But weigh it up, duke your power ain’t a ounce of mine
You’re down for mine, ashy and ground for mine
Yasiin so clear, true, pronounce divine
Pull down ya blinds, shade them out or shine
Everything from Bangkok to Bucktown is mine
Say Black Star, great things sprout to mind
Full moons and starry nights, new life and true light
Desert flames and ancient names, cinematic classic frames
Beautiful and fantastic things
Like peace, equality; Allah see everything
Don’t call it a comeback, I was home anyway
Ain’t missed a measure for all any time we been away
Travelling man I carry home with me every day
Bey, slim body push heavy weight
Fix up look sharp, elevate
And I don’t mean Copperfield or David Blaine
We on solid ground and far above the clouds
Black Star

[Verse 2: Talib Kweli]
The wait is over, or is it overweight
The game is bloated, there’s no escape
They sub-standard, we substantial
We got the great names, they got them love handles
We slimming down, trim the fat
Sit it down with all that chitter-chat
You talking this and that, simmer down
Got my name in your mouth, spit it out, son
The music so powerful, use it to see the parallels
I could make it rain but I make it plainer than Malcolm does
Black Star, baby powder fresher than the talcum, yup
People charged up, yup, we good with or without the plug
You doubted us, but you’re still hating – wow, I’m proud of ya!
Committed to your cause and it’s caused you to be a sourpuss
Ain’t a number that could measure your level of cowardice
You Power Puff, you pale in comparison, don’t get out enough
Turn up the motherfuckers, the speakers ain’t nearly loud enough
Black Star rocking it, Chaka would be proud of us
You had enough, callous as shallow and narrow-mindedness
Preparing for the battle, the shadows is where you finding us
You trying to bust – you dead, you synthetic as a designer drug
The populace is ignorant -– thank you for reminding us
Separate myself from these rappers who hustle backwards
Yup, they got zero property, like the laws of algebra

[Hook: Yasiin Bey]
Fix up look sharp
Black Star, good God
And when the sky look dark
Shine a light, look ahead, look up

[Verse 3: Both]
Malcolm X and Marley Marl, the word of God, the works of art
Portraits of the brain and other unexplained phenomenon
Shut down Babylon, smash all automaton
Feel the beat, got ‘em feeling geeked like it’s Comic-Con
Far from the hardy-har, more like a Tomahawk, rocket launch
Ali right cross knock they choppers off
Kweli and Mr. Bey, fresh not from concentrate
Looking very sharp today – thank you brother, Danke Schoen
Crowd working more than German engineering
And all the frequency they thought they hear the interference
Flashes of the spirit
Seekers of the clearing
They say that the tongue is the mirror of the heart so mirror mirror
Look, in that window is a freedom fighter’s grandson
Fixed up looking sharp, automatic handgun
Look, parade, caravan, diplomat, degenerate
Messiah, pariah, the leader of the syndicate
Peace treaty written in loophole penmanship
Same rows, two sides, palaces and tenements
Dispossesed made a tongue noble open the lonely heart
Peel apart, come together, come together, peel apart
Come together


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Black Star Fix Up Comments
  1. FADE 39

    Check out my remake of this track here:

    Tell me what you think!

  2. WE DO ISH


  3. Katrina Hutton

    The sample they used on here is just sick. Anyone know it's origin?

  4. Snake-eyes

    kanye cray cray in a good way TRUMP org. put uiou in ya coke cuz i beilve in you DID YOU WITNESS AMOROSE ON 16 EPOSIDE THAT NEVER arier do that yea so slashed his tis 1997 so when he fuccs wit me agin he gon pay what he owe

  5. Snake-eyes

    danm ifelt that cuzzo

  6. Егор Тюрин

    classic track

  7. michael

    Their coming to Minnesota this month I'm so excited

  8. Relle Xtra

    M-m-m-m-madlib invasion. Savage production and his brother murdered you already knew.

  9. xXdrake_oneXx

    madlib is one of the consistent beat rockers, dude is amazing, and great choice...Black Star is finally back...Will Hi Tek, Shawn J, and 88 Keys be droppin beat gems for this album? Definition...

  10. 망고에몽

    still listening in 2018
    waiting for them

  11. jsizzle mackashizzle

    They need hi tek. Madlib is dope hi tek laced the original

  12. Trollingwhore00

    Sample is The Falcons, Standing on Guard if I'm not mistaken.

  13. Crash

    Is it me or does mosdefs verse kinda resemble mfdoom? Maybe I'm buggin

    SB: madlibs beats always sound better when he's got someone rapping over it.


    You're right. Mos has been a DOOM stan for a while.

  14. RealCoolGuy

    Wow..that "beat" or whatever you call it at the end is incredibly annoying. Ruins the whole song I just listened to...guess I'll hafta rewind and listen to the song again!!

  15. sundance kidd

    They have such great chemistry together. When is the next album dropping?

    Barry McCockiner

    @DJ Relish You were saying?....... 😟

    Barry McCockiner

    @#LinkPlug Unfortunately this is probably the most accurate prediction these days..... I'm losing faith in Mos to just get the shit done.

    Barry McCockiner

    My god! Black Star (album) is 20 years old and in that time Mos has dropped like what? 4-5 albums? I absolutely love the man and all he creates, but compared to most other rappers and hip-hop artists of his caliber his output is actually pretty weak. I mean c'mon 5 years passed between his peak classic Black on Both Sides era and The New Danger!!!! I feel like the world was deprived of at least 1 album in there of Mos at his peak, circa 2000-02? Idk that's just how I feel about it


    sundance kidd well good news Kweli just said it’s finished

  16. Charnika Davis

    This. Is. SICKNESS!!!!! I fucks with this! Yasssssssssssssss I fucks with this!

  17. Jorge Winston

    Gimme summo:ovawate

  18. Ginga

    LOL Agreed. I wouldn't be surprised if all the tracks have been recorded but with both of them maintenaning their individual careers (Mos acts quite a bit as well), it's difficult for them to come together and fully promote an album or even mix-tape.


    buy my cd baby


    freind grace williams clouds in the glaciers of ice is a silver lienin

  19. John Enigma

    I already know that, Captain Obvious.

  20. Naif Alonazy

    -_- stop bullshitting , its the same person

  21. KMAC

    I hope MF Doom gets even 1 verse on any of their songs.

  22. trainphantom

    2013 and still waiting for this mixtape and album they were suppose to come out with.

  23. jeremiah clivestone

    Don't like this beat as much as their late 90s beats... And Mos Def seems to have lost a certain energy.

  24. BlackDynomight

    I wouldnt mind Hi-Tek

  25. John Enigma

    Mos Def < Yasiin Bey

  26. Flushinsmurfsdotorg

    one foot in the dirty clothes, ass on the speaker. blackstar bumpin. its a good day

  27. bubz75

    TALIB Owned this BEAT!!!

  28. Man0n

    Yeah they killed it on the Colbert report. Can't find any version that's better

  29. major7payne

    If this is the exact version that is released n the new album, I'll be very upset. The live version they did on the Colbert Report in late 2011 was FIRE!

  30. xS3NTRYx

    Nothing like 1998. We need 88 Keys and Hi-tek. Better production grabs the ear.

  31. Unnatural09

    yasiin bey and talib kweli greatest alliance in hip hob


    his names fuccen mos def hes a reflip ,hes not fuccen from haticonia im a locker

  32. ferny godinez

    like if u want blackstar back

  33. Saul Lopez


  34. realhardtruth


  35. Mega pringles

    good music still lives!!

  36. mike mugo

    bey go hard on that 1st verse for real. im fuckiin up my replay button

  37. The5ers

    That beat is definately a Madlib original heater! I look forward to hearing the whole album when it arrives!

  38. The5ers

    Uh...if you listened in the beginning of the track they clearly say "madlib envasion"! Therefore madlib is on the track.

  39. uzamaki205

    whats their newest album called and when is it coming out?

  40. Bsol24

    the wait is over or is it over weight?

  41. intransigeant

    why so much hype for madlib to do the black star album? hi-tek is mad ill don't fix it if it aint broke

  42. Strait Math

    Sickness is back!

  43. garkah

    Brilliance! Thank you Mr Jackson aka Madlib!

  44. Bamfism

    Uummm sorry but that would be hands-down EPMD. Happy that Black Star is back together and recording though! Real Hip Hop...this is DOPE...

    Raymond Rondon

    Bamfism they’re better lyricists than EPMD. But EPMD sold more and had bigger records

  45. ire

    this version is so weak compared to the live version :(

  46. Jacob

    @UberSilvio nope a tribe call quest holds the throne

  47. Jacob

    @gsian187 Ohno produced too

  48. Richard Sun

    Dayum!! About time!!! Sickness!!

  49. Adam Marcus

    why is the quality so shitty? this sounds like it was recorded on an ipad

  50. Ryan Fitzgerald


  51. Mayaneye

    Good gaaaaawd....yes!

  52. Jacob

    is it me or is it weird calling mso def yesiin ? it is too me

  53. Jacob

    @gsian187 i think it is all mad lib

  54. Edwin Harris

    I am tired of people, including my wife, that I have to except Lil Wayne, Drake, and Niki Minaj, Watch the Throne, 2 Chainz, etc. as "Hip-Hop." They'll do. THIS SHIT IS HIP-HOP!!!!!!!!!!

  55. lincoln3000

    Let's Go!!! Blackstar!!! It's time

  56. jpahaha

    @jpahaha *live performance

  57. jpahaha

    I hate to say it but this sounds like shit compared to their life performance on The Colbert Report.

  58. felixdadeathcat

    @zanlean Any info on this?

  59. felixdadeathcat

    @HerdaViewTube Yeah man, I love the tune, just sounds pretty raw, like the vocal almost sounds cleaner on the live performance...

  60. HerdaViewTube

    @felixdadeathcat its dat rawwwwww isH!!!! XD!

  61. Canon Hastings

    @gsian187 I saw on this interview they said they were really into the "Dilla and Madlib thing right now" so I'm sure a good portion of it will be Madlib.

  62. SSSMforlife1

    @jayteekay100 I just checked, he produced 6 of the tracks on the self-titled

  63. Teck man

    @gsian187 Ohno's produced track dropped some hours ago...I guess they taking it back to 98!!

  64. Slick Nick


  65. felixdadeathcat

    Is this a demo or something?

  66. GotDemBangers11

    @afroman1021 yeah I hope he realizes that nobody is ever going to call him Yasiin Bey lol

  67. WalkerOfMyles

    @MiLkMaN316 naw homie Tek was never a group member. Reflection Eternal is Kweli/Tek

  68. Kip Smithers

    @gsian187 I thought BlackStar was Mes Def, Talib, and Hi Tek... Madlib is nasty, one of my favorite, but I hope Hi Tek has some part of it still.

  69. afroman1021

    @DaanOFF321 Yes.
    He changed his name but will always be Mos Def.

  70. D. Olthoff

    Mos Def = Yasiin Bey now?

  71. gsian187

    Anyone know who's on the beats for the next Black Star album? I would love it if it was entirely produced by Madlib

  72. iximoneyixi3


  73. wh0am5ye?

    Fuckin fire