Black Sabbath - TV Crimes Lyrics

One day in the life of the lonely
Another day on the round about
What do they need
Somebody to love

One night in the life of the lonely
There's a miracle on the screen
What did they see
Somebody to love

He guarantees you instant glory
Get your money on the line

Gotta send me a plastic Jesus
There's a check in the mail today
That's what I need
Somebody to love

We just won't eat on Sunday
Gotta buy him a limousine
Somewhere to live
Somewhere to pray

Every penny from the people
Keeps the wolf outside the door
Shop around and find forgiveness for yourself
But he'll give you more, yeah

Holy father, holy ghost
Who's the one who pays the most
Rock the cradle don't you cry
Buy another lullaby

Jack is nimble, Jack is quick
Pick your pocket, turn a trick
Slow and steady, he's got time
To commit another TV crime
TV crime

One day in the life of the lonely
Back again on the round about
What do they need
Somebody to love


One night in the life of the lonely
Another miracle on the screen
What did they see
Somebody to love again

A supermarket of salvation
Take a look inside the store
Shop around and find forgiveness for yourself
But he gives more

Holy father, holy ghost
Who's the one who hurts you most
Rock the cradle when you cry
Scream another lullaby

Jack be nimble, Jack be slick
Take the money, get out quick
Slow and steady, so much time
To commit another
TV Crime, TV Crime

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Black Sabbath TV Crimes Comments
  1. Tiago Henrique

    I love this album

  2. bitcoinmeetups

    Good song and very good and funny video. Really like the video here.

  3. MArcelo Torres

    Do caralho

  4. Thomas james

    Good song but this video just aint right for black sabbath

  5. My Turkish Life

    Solo sounds similar to Saxon , motorcycle man bad thing both awesome tracks 🤘👍

  6. My Turkish Life

    54 years old and never heard this
    Great track .. killer riff

  7. blacky salamanka

    Only 542k? This album is awsome. Long live Sabbath! RJD rules!

  8. Poppy Ichiban

    I would of grabbed the SG


    The legend who made Black Sabbath great again !
    The greatest Rock metal singer 🎤 who ever lived
    ⚡⚡ 🤟⚡⚡

  10. B k

    Such a great album never got the props it desearved

  11. Celso Ferrarini

    Went to this tour in São Paulo! Amazing!

  12. Billy Williams

    TV crimes good song from Black Sabbath , but what album it's from ?

  13. Moby Dick

    Ohh hear that bass pumpin ' 🤘

  14. primal mythic

    now you would have to carry a 52 inch screen

  15. Matt Leonardi

    Ain't no ozzy

  16. Fece Daceu

    OZZY 100%

  17. giorgi aptsiauri

    urba eko bo.... ))))

  18. Odilson Monfort

    Sempre adorei este clip. Hahahahah

  19. superglou913

    The robbery at the beginning kills me every time. Dude ignores hundreds of dollars of guitars and takes a 10 dollar tv.

  20. Al Mojica,Jr.

    I caught this on VH1 Classic (when it existed & relevant) on Eddie Trunks Metal Show. Cheap "phoney"metal heads failed to support the show financially. AMJ

  21. Yiorgios Vazouras

    Great song, and great album, but holy fuck this video is terrible

  22. Richard Calvin


  23. Duke of Haphazard

    Dio could sing the phone book and I'd listen. R.i.p.

  24. donald drysdale

    yes, excellent tune and video. it really shows the craziness that is main stream media in a box.

  25. Trans/Am Lovr

    Geezer is a madman!

  26. SafeSpace Post

    Dio is the BOSS.

  27. Larry

    Oh it’s ronnie.

  28. amerocker

    Dec 10, 2019
    I'd not heard this song or any song from 'Dehumanizer'. It's good, classic sounding Sabbath.

  29. Chris Pigott

    This album follows the map from the 1st 2 albums.follow it folks.🤘🤘🤘

  30. Haole Bear

    Totally inappropriate presentation for Sabbath. Guys! It's not the 70's anymore, kids are into skateboards! I'm glad they reunited again before Ronnie's death but they should have just continued on from here.

  31. Indiana Jones

    The only thing that I liked about this album was the fact that Geezer probably did some of his best bass guitar work on this one.

  32. Кирилл Вадимович


  33. Mourning Would

    I swear I’m getting such big misfits vibes from this and I love that
    R.I.P Dio 🤘🏻😭🤘🏻

  34. bishal dey

    is this a dig on Ozzy stealing weird things like Tellys?!

  35. Jack D

    Horrible song. Its a shame they were so unimaginative.

  36. MT Rich

    I didn't like the way the recording sounded on this album compared to other Sabbath albums.

  37. Tim Prescott

    Good tune, SHIT video...

  38. キタカ

    sabbath とrainbowの融合の再来を望むと肩透かし

  39. Theo Pfender


  40. Bruno Prata Arte

    2:13 I was dancing like that hobo on this solo man! Tony Iommi has always been a monster ahead of his time!

    Trans/Am Lovr

    A diabolical monster haha

  41. james williams

    This ain`t Black Sabbath.

  42. Shaun Clifton

    Always remember watching this on Headbanger's Ball. The homeless guy cutting up jamming out really stuck in my memory. 🤘

  43. motto sierra

    That sound man raw a heavy..

  44. Sean Fagan

    Ronnie james midget was such a joke those guys kicked ozzy out for this crap lol. If they are worth a million then ozzy is worth 98 million. This really sucks.


    1) R.J. Dio is one of the greatest singers and composers in metal
    2) Ozzy left the band on his own and became a joke himself
    3) the heart of band was and is Tony Iommi

    jj binx

    @steel1151970 well said!

  45. Иван Лявонский

    Супер гуд!👍👊✌! Самая лучшая песня на этом альбоме. DIO - R.I.P.😢

  46. Dirk Diggler

    R.I.P. Ronnie . You RULE 😎

  47. Tim Outlaw

    Check out Hellfire Mafia videos UNA VIDA, UNCLEAN AND SOBER, JUDAS BULLET now on YouTube

  48. Temper T

    Sabbath always had some very stupid videos. All the way until the end with Bible Black. This song is about religious grifters on TV scamming people out of their money. But some useless Jew took it literally and figured that a stolen TV articulates TV Crimes better. Retarded.

  49. giorgi aptsiauri

    second hand treasure ....)))))0

  50. 吳冠鋐

    The vocals that isn’t Dio?

  51. Laveyan Pride

    Stupid video. Unrelated to the song.

  52. 1251wire

    Times played by MTV in those days = 0

  53. maskatron 1977

    Sick.. dio lives

  54. The Loner

    Dehmanizer is one of my favorite albums.

  55. Doug Shelton

    Ronny rocks on!!!!!😁🇺🇸💖

  56. Gustavo Aj

    Heaven and hell???

  57. Anderson lima

    Is pure rock n roll ever!

  58. Babis Tse

    Tony is the master of dark riffs


    This video rocks.

  60. Cousin IT

    Without Dio doing his silly D&D thing this song would rock.


    Cousin IT what silly D&D thing?

    Cousin IT

    @KickTheChair all the Dragon, wizard theme Dio based his career on.

  61. Pimpo The Pimp Hippo

    I always thought Dio had a great singing voice, he sounds heavy as hell, but also doesn't sound gravely or screechy.

  62. Aero Smith

    Anything Dio is great

  63. Luciano Silva

    Karmman Guia

  64. Eyellgeteven

    Dio brought the absolute BEST(Beast?) out of Sabbath when they needed it the most. There is nothing, not one song EVER, that is actually 𝑩𝑬𝑻𝑻𝑬𝑹 than this song...not one.


    I respect your opinion and art is subjective all of that, but there are many other songs better than this, in the same album, by the same band, and by different bands.

  65. DRAW CDm

    Oh for a second i thought this was black Sabbath.......(dio)

  66. Norm dePlume

    Great song. Totally irrelevant video.

  67. Based Degenerate

    Good 1992 cringe

  68. John Lujan

    Had never heared this.... Yes!!!!

  69. toby awaw

    I wonder what would dio sounds like with doom-laden riffs,


    toby awaw check out the album the devil you know by heaven and hell, its this line up from Black Sabbath but for whatever reason they changed their name. It's very doom.


    @Magicaparanoia it was because Sharon Osbourne copyrighted the name to be synonymous with ozzy

  70. Iain Sinfield

    Obviously Dio is a superior vocalist but without Ozzy there’s just something intangible missing from the songs, he just has that gift of making memorable tracks. I guess you can teach vocal chops but you can’t teach a knack for writing classics.

  71. Azharani Aziz

    I like this music ronnie james is good

  72. Shakir Bashir

    Vinny? Holy moly! Dio? Perfecto! Best I've ever heard Iommi! And geezer is in Harris level! Wow!

  73. Дими Трифонов

    Отличная группа!и ни одного русского комментария!

  74. Nonrev Nosnibor

    Sabbath were a different animal with dio 🤘


    I agree...I LOVE Sabbath with fact, I had a hard time accepting anyone singing for Sabbath but Oz. But looking back they made an AMAZING choice getting Ronnie to sing for them! He breathed new life into the band...and they kicked fucking ASS!!! Ronnie once said in an interview that when Sabbath decided to open for Ozzy, he couldn't be on board and quit the band, because they should headline, and they could have been the greatest band of all time if Tony hadn't agreed to open for Oz. He was very likely right. Sabbath with Dio was fucking INCREDIBLE!!!

    Marc Warnock

    Nonrev Nosnibor yes indeed two different bands

  75. Lucas Lima

    isso que e rock

  76. Juampes Tañas

    ¿Por qué apelar al asqueroso modelo de vida norteamericano, si ese disco se iba a vender de todos modos? Muy triste, Sabbath 🤷🏻‍♂️

  77. Malcolm Muggeridge

    Black Sabbath with Dio was awesome

  78. Luiz Henrique


  79. Ozzy Doop

    I keep forgetting how awesome this song is

  80. jack osbourne

    0:38 Geezer with an 5 strings bass? Wow

  81. Eddie Burton 666

    The 3 sabbath albums with Dio are very good

    raul esquivel

    Yes lml

    Tim Hoover

    Neon knights baby!

    Haole Bear

    I consider it 4. (Devil You Know)

    Hugo Stigglitz

    @Haole Bear well said it, the devil you know is a killer

    Yiorgios Vazouras

    Eddie Burton 666 4 albums of you count heaven and hell: the devil you know(which you really should)

  82. P.T.R S

    I did not change You for T.I Sure I Love Dio but to me his such a master of voice. Just that and he was very kind when I met him.He told me: Lucy in the sky with diamond... But You are the Diamond not the Rock! Ohhh 😮 My God! Did not understand nothing! No no no! I Love Just You! Never forget! 😘❤️

  83. Simon Hunter

    not a big sabbath fan but this song rocks!!

  84. Victor R.

    DIO HAD A HUGE ARTISTIC RANGE. On his own he would compose complicated, fanciful and intelligent songs about ethereal themes , while with Sabbath he would strip down to basics and compose songs about the common man. He would also run the entire spectrum of rock from almost pop to smashing METAL like the masterpiece presented here! When people compare Dio to other singers, artist I have to laugh in disbelief! We all know who I'm referring to. DIO ES DIOS!

  85. Ronnie Frutschi

    Ronnie and Ozzy both carried them. Ronnie filled in where Ozzy left off both dam sure are good

  86. Fernando Blanco

    Superbe album, amazing song !! RIP Ronnie

  87. Davi Pinelli

    Loco de mais!!!!!!

  88. damienski

    This video Sucks Azz

  89. macehil matecilof

    Love this song. This is the first time I've seen the music video and it's pretty cool.

  90. Holger Stadler

    so fucking good ....

  91. MCA Fabio

    The Best band!!!!!

  92. Danny Griner

    Still a favorite in 2019 about you?

    Steve Lopez

    I absolutely love this full album. I also love the Cross Purposes album.


    I never heard this until now.

    Steve Lopez

    I just found an original unopened pressing of Black Sabbath's 1987 the eternal idol.

    tom araya

    awesome.....buried alive also my fav

  93. Mackster

    My God! What a kick ass song. I hate to say it but Ronnie had a lot to say about the sound of this song. Tony has his badass sound but this song has Ronnie's fingerprints all over the guitar sound as far as mixing goes.

  94. Silly Penguin

    One of the best works of R.J. Dio

  95. Juan del carmen Godoy rosas

    Rip al Chicó Dió

  96. Jack Brynes

    Kids these days will never comprehend TV CRIMES ! R.I.P DIO


    Black Sabath só e Black Sabath se for com ozzy Osbourne