Black Sabbath - Too Late Lyrics

Soon it's never more
When you've got to pay for
Promises - made in the night

Call the magic one
And with the magic comes
Forever chained to the flame

It's too late
Too late for tears
Too late
And no one hears you
Do you feel a touch of evil
(then) It's too late

To wish and make it so
To feel the power growing
Stronger - blessed by the dark

And when the candle fades
You can say it was a
Joke you played
So you must let me go - no

It's too late
You've said the word
Too late
Something heard you
Too late - now the race is on
And you're run out of road
Too late
For tears
Too late
And no one hears you
Can you feel the touch of evil
It's too late

Oh oh oh save me
I believe in your name
Oh oh I've fallen down
But now I've found
Nobody to take the blame

It's come to drag me away
And when the hunter cries
No alibis
Get ready for judgement day

As the candle fades
You can say it was a game you made
So you must let me go, let me go

It's too late - you've said the word
Too late - something heard you
Too late - the spell is gone
And this time you're the fool

It's too late for tears
Too late
And no one hears you
Welcome to forever
Welcome it's too late
Too late

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Black Sabbath Too Late Comments
  1. Hoss Cartwright

    Dio loved it when you loved his music. I can relate to that statement. I seen this tour on a Friday the 13th in Oakland. He was amazing!

  2. 조은시절

    drum good

  3. Poppy Ichiban

    Soon its Never More. Its too Fucking Late. Love You RJD.

  4. Joe Dazey

    Great tune on a great album!

  5. Ali Mojaver

    Just amazing. Killing vocal by greatest frontman of Metal Ronnie. RI Metal

  6. Marco Perillo

    One of the best metal vocalist rip ronnie

  7. Vanei Pontes

    Fantástic Song / Great Álbum 🎵🎼🎶👌🎸😎👊
    "Ronald James Padavona"(R. I.P )🎤😎👊

  8. Charles Naylor


  9. Μανωλης Φιολακης

    It remimds me of a piece of shit that brought up the system and due to such delays in payment will be no more!If I am writting like this everywhere where does she see my hesitation?

  10. MCA Fabio


  11. Rogelio Blanco

    Let's give Iommi the credit he deserves. After all these years.... still on with the amazing riffs~

  12. Joe Norris

    The best song on the Dehumanizer album. Sounded great live too.

  13. Gothik Extravaganza

  14. Kordel3553

    this one and Computer God are the best imo

  15. Flickeda booger

    BRUCEY - did we ever get along ????

  16. Manny Badabing

    The bluesy crooner of Metal. Seriously, no one sings this type of heavy rock with soul, and bluesiness like RJD. He was taken from us way too soon. Damn reaper.

  17. Michael Black

    THEE Ultimate Sabbath song, Heavy as fuck & Iommi's solo is his supreme best!

  18. Dave Saenz

    90% of this album is amazing!!! Just as good as Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules.

    Joe Dazey

    The others were really good. I prefer Dehumanizer myself!

  19. Μανωλης Φιολακης

    The race is on and you ran out of role!Can you feel the touch of evil it's too late?

  20. razkev

    Rip Ronnie. Such a great talent

  21. Alisson Souza

    Melhor voz do heavy metal!

  22. American Patriot

    It seems pretty clear to me that it is about SOMEONE who all their life delves into the Black craft and blatantly sticks it in the Face of God. This SOMEONE reasons that in the End He can break His own 'Rules' and simply pardon this SOMEONE despite his/hers total disregard for the Almighty. Obviously in the End, after Death comes it is NOW Too Late. Satan's delusional spell of deceit and deception is gone. No more mercy, no more forgiveness if asked despite now being pleaded with. This SOMEONE says he NOW believes in His Name (Jesus). But regrettbly, it is Too Late. I don't hear your cries anymore. Your tears mean nothing. Who's the FOOL NOW??? YOU bargain with ME???
    Welcome to Forever. Welcome to Eternal Misery. That's Satan's only reward for being his fool. Afterall, misery enjoys company.

  23. American Patriot

    Understand something. Ronnie was more a believer than he led people realize. The horns he always gave were NOT to praise the Devil but rather to ward off evil. A rebuke if you will. He used to see his Sicilian grandmother use that. Only at his concerts did the idiots twist it where it was then intended to praise the Devil. Who by the way eventually is the loser.

  24. American Patriot

    Would anyone like to give their insight as to what this song is about? I think it is obvious. I hope he took HIS OWN advice BEFORE Ronnie passed.

  25. Vardis D

    Hi ! Does anyone knows if there is a live version of this song ??

  26. Μανωλης Φιολακης

    Now when I go to another place what you Mcall home the only song to remember about your delays to payment!

  27. Anderson Kemel

    among the top 10 albums ever created.

  28. Renato Soares

    melancólica.....pesada e sombria na medida certa!!!!!!!!!

  29. SpacemanSpiff

    I'm sorry but I must disagree with you. Dehumanizer is the best album by not only Black Sabbath but the best album by anyone.


    I can't stand Ozzy's voice, it kind of boggles my mind that he made it so big so yeah for me this is the best Sabbath.

    Manjit Shrestha

    I won't say it is the best album by anyone but it is certainly one of the best and by far the best one by Black Sabbath.

  30. bad kampot

    2:58 that riff

  31. Angelo Cutolo

    Outstanding song! Lyrics are about why it´s not a good idea to sell your soul to the devil... You can´t fuck with the evil one... It´s a classic heavy metal subject

  32. Dawn Cull

    love sabbath

  33. Ioronrote Montour

    I was so sure I had this on a playlist ages ago. Oh well, plenty of duplicates Isn't a bad thing.

  34. themopedmetallist

    Just the title of the album must trigger NPCs to no end

  35. Ângelo Lima

    This song explains what Black Sabbath is,more than the first Heavy Metal band ever,but the most mystic and misterious band on this Earth.Earth...

  36. Sou Aquele Que Tudo Vê Então Tome Cuidado

    I Love💙This Album💀

  37. Jennifer Monte

    I shall cast you to hell ,...🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

    Jjdjd Jxjjd

    …/- ////in/ /I.,1l fr'<1ohI*

  38. Jennifer Monte

    I didn't do it 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

  39. michaelfish35

    No matter how many times I listen to this song, 2:55 gives me chills and makes me feel like bench pressing a truck at the same time

  40. Thomas Kaba

    One of my very favourite tracks from Dehumanizer besides Letters From Earth and After All. Especially from 2:57 onwards. Fuckin heavy doom riffin Iommi, slow and heavy. The ending riff us also classic Sabbath! Doom on

  41. XDavid GoliathX

    When I listen to this song it brings to mind Clive Barker's "Hellraiser."

  42. Chris Carey

    This is so how I feel right now. Woe is me. 😅

  43. John Joe Fitzpatrick

    dehumanizers not the best sabbath album imo but would defo put it somewhere in top 10, still a great album and this song is no exception

  44. Paul Valdez

    Great song

  45. Juha Nevala

    Quite recently I've been looking for and listening to so-called forgotten pearls of the Sabbath legacy. This one is certainly one of them. I heard the "Dehumanizer" album first time somewhere in the mid-90's and it didn't have a big impact on me - like "Heaven and Hell" and "The Mob Rules" did. But back then I somehow managed to skip this song, which I nowadays consider a true classic. Regarding all the songs of the Dio era, this is quite up there - right among "The Sign of the Southern Cross" and "The Children of the Sea". Don't forget "Over and Over" either! RIP Ronnie.

  46. Angela Maria Macari

    Amazing voice

    Sou Aquele Que Tudo Vê Então Tome Cuidado

    Angela Maria Macari
    O maior da história!
    Não em estatura...mas sim em talento!

  47. George Cruz

    Love this song , I can relate, I love the DARK. Do not be afraid.

  48. Artii refy

    Wow!! This voice

  49. Steven Washington

    Great lyrics,RJD. WE ALL MISS YOU.

  50. Jennifer Montelongo

    Fucken 666666

  51. Jennifer Montelongo

    It's like magic sd

  52. James Dio

    Now the race is ON AND YOU'VE RUN OUTTA ROAD....

  53. Vicky Grandy

    Oh yes!!!!

  54. SpacemanSpiff

    best album, ever.

  55. Hossam Bayoumy

    DIo and Sabbath combination are one of the best eras for the heavy metal music......what makes Sabbath during this period different is that Dio as a poet will never Come again and he have his own feeling that he pass it to the music .........DIO DIO DIO SALUT you for the music you left.....Salut every one who appreciate this kind of music every where.....

    des ton

    I salut u brother

    Michael Black

    Agreed & well said Hossam🤘👊

  56. Liber Man

    Welcome to Forever, Welcome it's too late.

  57. Ronan Murray

    53 years of rock and my 1992 song just to remember metal was still around

  58. Nick Huerta

    I made myself do it

  59. xerxeslord1

    When the Hunter cries,, no Alibis !!,, get ready for Judgement Day!!\m/

  60. baggywhiskers

    I Haven't heard this song since I was 11.


    it's still the same.

  61. Wade Guidry

    I met Dio on the Dehumanizer tour in Cleveland. Everything you heard about him being so nice to his fans was absolutely true. RIP.

    Isabela McK

    Wade Guidry so lucky!!!

    Stephen Richards

    I saw and met him in 2007 in London. He was gracious and a lovely man. I miss him. Greatest voice ever.

    Joe Dazey

    @Stephen Richards I met him at the Foundations Forum metal convention in LA in '96, he was awesome! I also met Lemmy, Ice-T, Slash, Scott Ian, jerry Cantrell and John Bush there!

  62. Maniam Raja

    /m alive it's alive

  63. Oenchoe Saar

    memories at Sibolga (North Sumatra)-Indonesia...
    Nice Voice...guys..

  64. Michel Blanchard

    sublime !

  65. KoKoR gelir

    Dio's voice drown out the Iommi's riff, the only thing I don't like in that song.

  66. caeg8925

    I know,its too late

  67. King Aragon

    the beast

  68. lexxstrum

    I've always thought this song had a very Lovecraftian theme too it; reminds me of the Haunter of the Dark.


    It's about the Faustian legend (although I do like anything Lovecraft a lot).

    American Patriot

    It seems pretty clear to me that it is about SOMEONE who all their life delves into the Black craft and blatantly sticks it in the Face of God. This SOMEONE reasons that in the End He can break His own 'Rules' and simply pardon this SOMEONE despite his/hers total disregard for the Almighty. Obviously in the End, after Death comes it is NOW Too Late. Satan's delusional spell of deceit and deception is gone. No more mercy, no more forgiveness if asked despite now being pleaded with. This SOMEONE says he NOW believes in His Name (Jesus). But regrettbly, it is Too Late. I don't hear your cries anymore. Your tears mean nothing. Who's the FOOL NOW??? YOU bargain with ME???
    Welcome to Forever. Welcome to Eternal Misery. That's Satan's only reward for being his fool. Afterall, misery enjoys company.

  69. Billy Cann


  70. Fábio Medeiros

    Belíssima canção...

    MCA Fabio

    Isso é Black Sabbath meu amigo, Dio/Iommi/Butler e Appice, a maior banda de rock de todos os tempos.


    Hail, Tony Iommi, with you , with your Riffs , with your good health soon.

  72. Kacper

    Pure power!!!

  73. gfinetti


  74. William H

    Dehumanizer is the best album by Black Sabbath.


    Sabbath Bloody Sabbath didn't do it for me. It's top 5. Sabotage absolutely, my favorite hands down. Number 2 has to be Black Sabbath and then Paranoid (even though it is overplayed. Electric Funeral is a fucking masterpiece.)

    Thomas Kaba

    Dehumanizer was my very first Contact with Black Sabbath. I already knew Dio from his superb Lock Up The Wolves Album, but never heard about Black Sabbath until Dehumanizer - I was only 8 Years old, when Dehumanizer came out. I recognized Dios Voice immediately and was completely blown away by the heavyness, when I heard the first two minutes of Computer God. Dehumanizer is still one of my favourite Black Sabbath Albums beside Born Again, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Vol.4, Mob Rules and Headless Cross. I really love all periods of Black Sabbath because Iommi is the Riffmaster.

    Andres Barrero

    Black Sabbath and Paranoid are the best

    John Joe Fitzpatrick

    Wouldn't say that but the best album dio did with them

    Hellgina Walger

    Well its for u i respect but lov dio and rainbow is forecer

  75. Glen Shoemaker

    for all of yous look it up all from duo to Ozzy and the rest Elvis Presley started it all understood u fucks if u don't understand go fuck yourself Elvis is second to no one


    fuck elvis


    Glen Shoemaker what a shit opinion.

    Jerrald Cobb

    +Glen Shoemaker WHAT? .......just to make this clear on two things:

    1. It's spelled DIO and not duo.
    2. Elvis Presley wasn't the only one who pioneered the Rock and roll era. Chuck Berry before him also pioneered which DOES make Elvis second to someone so shut your mouth and learn your history more.

    Jerrald Cobb

    and it turns out Chuck Berry Died too a month ago. RIP

    Squirrely Shirley

    Elvis died on the shitter.

  76. Hard Rock


  77. LUCIUS612 it?....

  78. Driven2Beers

    Never cross the Devil, man!

    Ovidiu Diumea

    Never turn away from God! But rather run to Him with everything you've got.

    Chad Reeve

    Why Jesus beat the Devil with a Cross


    Some have tried, but it was Too Late.

  79. Frederickforlife James

    Superb, great track ~ have the album shh lol : )

  80. mark villalpando

    something heard you! 3~7~16~17' tours!

  81. Alan Bygrave

    this and i are the best on this album

    Júlio Salotti

    Computer God is also great

    Bobby Childs

    "I" is an absolute testament to the strength of an individual! My personal bests are I, After All, and Sins of the Father.

    Carlin Torres

    YEAH RIGHT!!!!!


    It's how I get amp'd up to go to the gym

    Hugo Stigglitz

    Master of insanity and TV crimes are great songs

  82. Yummymonster

    Big Brother take the gay guy home. He can make you feel satan in your green shining ass. Put also a picture of him staring at you so you remain satan your boss. Push push gay to human... DEHUMANIZE THEM. push push BIG SISTER

  83. AttentionJunkie

    Best track on the album

    David Santana de Castro

    I completely agree with you 👏👏👏👏👏

  84. Babygirl %%%

    Savagebitch dont know shit about music. Hell is here ;-)

  85. Lavonia Harris Gansworth

    Love all the diff shapes and sizes of Black Sabbath, they always deliver!!

    Dennis Mitchell

    dio rules.sabbath cule

    Igor Rzevski

    So much truth !

  86. bee 2bee

    such a amazing voice...miss Ronnie

  87. TheIAMINU

    Ozzy must've taken all the talent with him..


    TheIAMINU Dio in sleep out sings Ozzy. Go get fucked.


    Read this again. Fuck Ozzy and Fuck You

  88. Paganguy1

    His Majesty, Ronnie James, once said in an interview about this song, I paraphrase, "Yeah, Geezer and Tonni were always playing around with magic circles and summoning spirits, and as agnostic as I am, it freaked me out... I wrote this song as a warning..." I understand what He means, I am an atheist but I was raised Catholic, like DIO. That stuff is almost impossible to wash off...If a priest crosses himself in front of me, I will, reflexively cross myself... You can rebel against it all you want but the Catholic, especially my Irish or His Italian Catholic is ENGRAINED!


    Very interesting, Paganguy1! I felt that Dio wrote a lot of warnings in his songs. This is a foreboding, dark motherfucker. But it's a great piece of art most of all. "To wish and make it so. To feel the power growing stronger. Blessed by the dark." That's heavy man! I miss Dio. That dude was irreplaceable.


    Tony himself IS Catholic. In 2017 Iommi entitled a choral work titled "How Good It Is" inspired by Psalm 133. It received it's debut performance at Birmingham Cathedral. The Dean of Birmingham said "This is a most wonderful gift Tony offered the Cathedral."

    Alchemy (the first science) was invented by Christians. Spell craft, sigils and demon protection spells were used by Christians for centuries. Even to this day some Christians still use White Magic for protection, peace, luck or even blessings. However for a few centuries the Church and many other Christian groups have denounced the use of ANY spell craft as the Bible says to not summon or interfere with angles, spirits or demons.

    Many people still have their homes blessed for spirit activity. This is a very very light form of spell craft by a Priest blessing the home. It is casting a Sigil on the property. What Ronnie possibly witnessed was Geezer and Tony using luck and peace sigils. I have a ring I bought for Halloween from Alchemy of England titled "Agla" The middle sigil means "Thou art mighty forever O Lord" with the four seals on the side for Love, Memory, Safety and Peace.

    Pure costume piece or when for days when I'm feeling as goth as Type O Negative, but I can say I've never felt uncomfortable or something telling me "Don't do that." when wearing it as I've never practiced any kind of spell craft and the sigils on the ring mean nothing to me rather than fancy designing. Even my crosses, they do not hold magical or spiritual powers, they are to show I am a Christian.

    Look up a Swedish documentary called "Häxan" (You can find it on here, the Swedish film institute print is the best and as of Nov. 8'th 2018 is still on the site) It is about witch craft through the ages.

    Aharon Heitsche

    Indoctrination of a child into a cult(i dont see a difference in a cult or religion) is a very powerful tool used by the religious, much easier to convince a child of nonsense than an adult. Sorry that happened to you brother

    American Patriot

    @Lavonia Harris Gansworth Actually that whole song is a dilogue between God and the unrepentant sinner, who eventually stands before God and realizes he is doomed.

  89. Watchyou2008

    I missed this video my dearest Aleks,,wonderful and art creative works, love this song, so beautiful !

  90. David Jones

    RIP Ronnie!

  91. Ivo Ivanov

    great song!R.I.P. Dio!

  92. Too Late

    I tell you to enjoy life I wish I could but it's too late

    Calebe Priester

    It's only too late when you are dead, but if you are still alive then you still have time...

  93. AttentionJunkie

    Best track on dehumanizer for sure.

  94. Oscar Olivera

    Magic, magic, magic...

  95. Danny Smith

    Dio Rocks!

  96. Ramses Antonioni

    Wonderful Music

  97. ali haikal

    dio was the world voice

  98. jack johnson

    where is the so called lyrics?