Black Sabbath - Time Machine Lyrics

Oh what are you gonna do
When there's a part of you
That needs to run with the wind

And the fire of burning yesterdays
Can only light the way
To lead you from
The garden of the dark
Stay out of shadows

Now look like the change is on
Tomorrow's never gone
Today just never comes

Go on and jump,yeah
Into the hurricane
You will forger the pain
It's only there
To exorcise your mind

Looking at the world
When you've open up your eyes
You've got to see the promises they've made
They're bloody lies and broken dreams
Your silence screams

You're living in a time machine
And you can choose just who you are
Someone that you've never seen
Somewhere you've never been
You're living in a time machine

Oh what are you gonna do
When every part of you
Just needs to catch the wind

And the fire of burning yesterdays
Can only light the way
To lead you from
The garden of the dark

Looking for the world
When you've opened up your eyes
You'll see you've got invisible chains
They're only lies
Not what it seems
I hear your silent screams

You're living in a time machine
Nobody cares just where you go
Taken where you've never been
?? somewhere you don't know

You're living in a time machine
Why do you stay who you are
Be what you've never been
Someone you've never seen
You're living in a time machine

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Black Sabbath Time Machine Comments

    Another cracking tune 🎼 from The best Black Sabbath line up of all time

  2. Michael Black

    Awesomeness 🕇🤘🕇

  3. Elizabeth Faitarone


  4. That Harley Dude

    This album left a trail of pregnancies in its wake..

  5. Mackster

    Anybody that gave a thumbs down to this song should join Boy George's fan club.

  6. A AA

    DIO por siempre!.

  7. Lynn Bain

    Great tune the whole album is dynamite

  8. animaldays2

    “Someone you’ve never seen, somewhere you’ve never been.”

  9. barbara r

    Love this song ..hello from Cleveland ohio2019

  10. Ale Ale

    Ronnie James dio is voice Half tiger half metal

  11. Ago Contealia

    D.A.D Data Android Dax.

  12. Hit El Asesino Legendario

    Putazo de canción 🤘

  13. tuff 701

    Nothing against ozzy but Ronnie was just way better with black sabbath!

  14. KP guitarzan

    Dio had such a badass voice

  15. Manny Badabing

    Tony Iommi wields a weapon of mass destruction. 😠🤘😎

  16. Dave Saenz

    Heaven and Hell
    Mob Rules


  17. jamil justiniano

    Bone crushing by the one and only Riff Meister Lord Iommi 🤘🤘 and Dio was 50yrs old!

  18. Decreuz Decreuze

    Génial ! Black Sabbath ! J'ai le vynil !!!

  19. SDS 4Life

    I just want to jump on a "Time Machine" ...Take me to 1985 through 2007" Where i saw Dio Live so many times!! On your 9th anniversary of your passing R.i.p Ronnie James Dio🤘

  20. Nacho Ballsgrande

    Great song

  21. Manny Badabing

    As thrashy as Megadeth.😠🤘

    Bandit Keith

    Not quite but at 1.25 speed it is haha

  22. MrRafaelBCK

    This album feels like Master of Reality and Sabotage slept together and Dio was watching.


    MrRafaelBCK really. The riff is so similar to Symptom of the Universe

  23. Gary Oesterle

    I imagine a future where we will invent new musical instruments using computers, even A.I.

  24. mightywings76

    heavy f.. metal. period.

  25. Gilberto Alves Lopes

    This song that's for listen into a car, into an crazy trip.

  26. Primeiro C

    What's singers Tony Martin or Dio?

  27. Necessary Evil

    Who else is listening in 2048?

    Luigi Sodano

    Black Sabbath is Eternal idol 😁

    John Volken

    I am. President Barron Trump is about to give a I'll have to cut this song short.

  28. PeaveyPV20

    I feel sorry for dio and tony martin. Folk sabbath aint sabbath without ozzy, to me ozzys sabbath stuff was ploddy where as dios and tony martins stuff with sabbath was more upbeat and exciting

  29. Yus Hulu Langat

    January 4th 2019 still listening RIP Dio

  30. Phah King

    Iommi the riff master

  31. FlowolF Smunk

    Buttrock glory lol

    Randall Johnson

    Your absolutely clueless!!!

  32. Sara Overbeck

    that cover art tho!

    Dr Fish

    Hell Yeah

  33. Felipe Valim


  34. Rone Reis Ribeiro


  35. Gary Oesterle

    Run Forrest Run!

  36. J Batts

    Dio is a legend. I had the privilege of seeing the dehumanizer tour and heaven and hell. Unforgettable. God bless you brother. RIP

  37. mario muñoz

    \m/ DIO \m/

  38. Ultimate metal guitar tones

    fuck yeah

  39. Nerzenjäger

    Did DIO ever come closer to doing a thrash song than here?

  40. Eric Schaeffer

    This is the best Dio Sabbath song.

  41. Dustin Caravaglia

    Lost- 70's Dio Baseball Tee. Pretty sure my mom gave that shit to good will :(

  42. Emo And Proud

    Blah Blah...ozzy vs dio this, dio vs ozzy that. Both suck major cock at singing. Listen to Matt Shadows and Andy Biersack those are real singers. Posers.

  43. Elton Ganzert

    Dio best voices in The World

    Gothik Extravaganza

    "...From the earth." 😉

  44. snorgisborg2

    Heard this on waynes world casette when i was a kid

  45. Jennifer Montelongo

    There s a clue in ever song sd

    Cordell Ivy

    Jennifer Montelongo a clue for what? These songs will definitely speak to you personally

  46. Jennifer Montelongo

    Mr dio made his mark,sd

  47. Ghost RacerX

    Fucking best and awesomest heavy metal voice ever....R.I.P..rock God....always and are missed !!!!

  48. caeg8925

    Not the best track in this album,but sound's good

    Cordell Ivy

    caeg8925 which one do you enjoy more? I'm sure I do too



  50. pandr3s

    Dio should have lived 200 years, he would have become a mainstream symbol.

  51. William Elliott

    Best Black Sabbath album!

    Cordell Ivy

    William Elliott live evil mob rules heaven and hell pretty good too.
    I gotta go with live evil.

  52. Jayden Thompson

    RIP Ronny James Dio. Awesome vocals. Also RIP Mike myers comedy were funny up until love guru

  53. Paul Dianno

    I feel so lucky that i got to see Black Sabbath W/ Dio three times before he passed away. 2007 in Toronto, 2008 Darien lake, NY & 2009 Erie Country Fair, NY. Plus i was forunate enough to have seen the band Dio in 1997. R.I.P. Ronnie!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cristiano Lammerhirt

    Happy new year, my friend.

    Isabela McK

    So lucky!! I never got to see him 😣


    That’s awesome. I live near to Darien Lake and had no idea Dio ever played it. I wish I knew about it.

  54. King Ace Hernandez

    I like the way that this album took off sabbath just throwing it out there in 92

  55. Newmarket-Bookkeeper

    Have you seen this boy?

    Thomas Rowan

    SweetLegs Newmarket Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  56. Dave Saenz

    The last great Metal album ever made!!

    Alison Eckiwaudah

    No listen to symphony x

  57. Gerald Hoskins

    Tony iommi wow !!

  58. Benedictine Convulsions

    hell yeah \m/

  59. MeloLand

    Legend Dio


    Take Ur Pulse Check For Life U Might Just Be A MACHINE

    Felipe Valim

    My brain is an Intel HD!

  61. Andy Rob

    Damn, Geezer B is throwing monster thumps!

  62. Marcus

    Wayne's World brought me here

  63. Metal Dog

    love it!!!!!!


  64. Patricia Cucciarre

    Pfff ! For the 6 who don't like....

  65. Patricia Cucciarre

    SHITTTT ! When you like a tittle or album. 0 dollar for click "I LIKE" ! Respect please ! But when you don't like, you're not affraid to click "I DON'T LIKE". I'm French from NICE (the south) and i've a bad english, I just understand the school english (4 years) but I have a dictionary for help me since a lot of years ago. If you don't like, say why or because...

    Jeremy Ramsey

    What the fuck is not to like, hell love about this song?

  66. Patricia Cucciarre

    Putain ! Quand tu aimes un titre ou un album ça ne te coûte rien de cliquer sur LIKE. Par contre pour cliquer sur  "NO LIKE", il y en a beaucoup trop à mon goût. Je suis française et mon anglais est basique mais je vais faire un effort pour que tout le monde puisse comprendre....

  67. Metal Dog


    Riff master, Bass madman with Vinnie on drums and Dio on the vocals!


    I LOVE IT!!!

    Metal Dog

    Oh yeAh, you 6 folks who gave this a thumbs down???

    You need your head checked.

    \M/ \D/

  68. Music loving metal head

    i love ozzy dont get me wrong but in terms of the actual music i love the dio era soooo much more.

    Isabela McK

    Dio was the most perfect fit for Sabbath IMO. Ozzy was great and all but he and Tony Iommi don't really get along and the energy between them wasn't there anymore after a while. With Dio it's like he was made for Sabbath and he and Iommi bounced off each other. It's such a shame that Dio ended up passing away 😣


    Music loving metal head HERE ! HERE !
    The late Great Ronnie James Dio made Black Sabbath great 🤟 Ronnie wiped the floor with Ozzy Osbourne


    Alex O'Blivion
    Ronnie James Dio was the best SABBATH singer 🎤 of all time .
    Tony Martin was the second best SABBATH singer 🎤
    Then Ozzy Osbourne ' Then Ian Gillan ' Then Glenn Hughes .

    Ray Gillan doesn't even count !


    Isabela McK
    So True ⚡⚡🤟⚡⚡

  69. Alexandre Mandaliou

    maravilhoso baita riff pegada monstro!!!!!

  70. Joshua Parsons

    six people dont like real metal, smh

    Vlad M

    this is fuckers !!!

  71. Joshua Parsons

    RIP DIO......a metal legend!!!!!


    no disrespect josh , but replace Legend with God

    Joshua Parsons

    fart813 i thought about that!!!!


    yea, one of the very very few who truly deserve that title.......

    Joshua Parsons

    fart813 i agree 100% no one ive heard sings tops dio some are close but he sits at the top of the mountain as far as im concerned

    Giwrgos Basiotis

    It's Tony Martin....

  72. yTemplate

    My dad bought me this album, my first actually. He may be gone but the memories are there.

    Ultimate metal guitar tones

    Love n respect

    Helton Shoiti Fukase

    Same for me

    Joe Chaotic

    Your dad is never gone. He will always be right there, by your side.

    Hugo Stigglitz

    Damn, just like me, this album was with me in a bad time of my life. Now I listen to it and I feel so nostalgic.

    Gothik Extravaganza

    That's great.

  73. gjrrs


  74. MrZics

    this song is playing in the T-1000 scene on Wayne's World


    I remember that Wayne's World fuck yeah!!


    the version in Waynes world is actually has different lyrics than this one.

    King Ace Hernandez

    MrZics have you seen this boy?

    Donovan Davis

    King Ace Hernandez Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!



  75. Pleasurable Pain II

    You're living in a time machine
    And you can choose just who you are
    Someone that you've never seen
    Somewhere you've never been

    Cordell Ivy

    Pleasurable Pain II nice
    This one has the usual masterpiece lyrics

    Black Room Productions

    Fuck that is a nuts lyric, Geezer right?

  76. Paulo Siltrão

    tezão p carai

    Primeiro C

    Paulo Siltrão TIME MACHINE.

  77. mooselord flanz

    when ever im running late i hop in the car and crank this metal masterpiece

    Chocolate Face

    did the T-1000 pull you over?

  78. Electric John

    Black Sabbath Dehumanizer is a Masterpiece of rock history! ... a real Time Machine!!

    Ibleedwhiskey Planet1

    You are so fucking right my metal friend.

    Brett Granger

    Electric John Easily my favorite Sabbath album! 🤘🤘🤘


    It isn't on par with "Heaven & Hell" and "Master of Reality" but it's an underrated gem from the Dio 2.0 era which was way too brief. And now he's dead and it will never be again! :sob:

  79. rhonda speelman

    One of my favorite Sabbath songs and my favorite from Dehumanizer.

  80. tine a

    thanks.....after all theese years....still my fav. album:)