Black Sabbath - Letters From Earth Lyrics

Well it's a cold world
And I'm in the middle
Caught in the in-between

I don't belong here
So I'm writing to you
It's wrong here
Where I'm sending you some

Letters from earth, yeah

Well it's a new world
And now I'm a stranger
Stranger than you know

I don't belong here
And I'm writing to you
With blood on my hands

What if I send you madness
What if I send you pain
And letters from earth, ooh
All right

Come on it's another game
But you gotta play on
Cause they say it's just pretend
Ask them why they say you'll never, never die
Come on - the game is called the end

Well it's a cold world
And I'm in the middle
Caught in the in-between

I don't belong here
So I'm writing to you
Hey let me explain

What if I send you confusion
What is the time and the pain worth
Oh no no
I'm only sending -
Letters from the earth

Letters from earth, ...

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Black Sabbath Letters From Earth Comments
  1. Milen Penev

    I like how heavy is this album. One of my favourites from the them.

  2. Thanos700

    The cover is Tetsuo from Akira sticking his hand up a terminator things ass like a ventriloquist. He's acting like the robot reaper thing is hurting him, but he's using his powers to make it like a puppet. It's actually based on me, so is the cover of myth maker from skinny puppy.

  3. Rufat Kazimov

    With Cozy Powell

  4. Gary Smith

    I want a free copy of the Heaven and Hell album.

  5. Mackster

    Sometimes the simple stuff is the best as long as it has a groove. Listen to "Straight Trough the heart" from Dio.

  6. Lee M Day

    It s wrong here! Yes total and utter human fuck up! On planet earth

  7. Gary Smith

    I wrote a letter to Black Sabbath in 1982/83 would be my best guess. I asked for a copy of the Heaven and Hell album. Never got a response.

  8. Gothik Extravaganza

    About at 2:31 where else have I heard that riff before?


    In Over the Mountain by Ozzy

  9. Mackster

    Vinnie Apacie is obviously the drummer on this album. I'm a frickin guitar player and not impressed by much. Vinnie is ridiculous. Bad ass. Listen to all of Dio's first solo albums. Listen to Straight Through The Heart from Dio. Vinnie is a master.

    R C

    Mackster Vinny was able to really let lose in Dio. Ronnie let him just go. But then, there aren’t many singers who tolerate the drummer drumming through the vocal lines. Ronnie’s voice was strong enough, it’s sounds great!!

    Michael Hutton

    So true bro..... that song and album is the clearest music I've ever herd and Vinny is unreal .....such a GREAT Drummer


    @R C . Yep you're right. Vinny was no Neil Pert. Just a ground and pound guy.


    @Michael Hutton . Yep you're right. Vinny is no Eddie Van Halen of drums but he plays with soul and feel and that is what music is about.

  10. Brian Lancaster

    I was looking for the Mark Twain audio book, but fuck it, I'll listen to this instead

  11. Gabriel Almeida


  12. Ray Foster

    Dio's vocal tone was so good on this

  13. Jason Newstead

    I hear a lot of vocal doubling here, that was never on the original release. They must have taken some of RJD's alternate takes and used them to double up the vocal track. I think it sounds great but I think a lot of purists would disapprove.

  14. Filip Karaula

    1:20 the real madness which makes real pain... AAAAALL RIGHT!!

  15. JerrBear74

    Definitely the best Dio-Sabbath album

  16. Isabela McK

    Another of my fav songs from this album, it's so great!

  17. Gary Oesterle

    I've found out what it means to be believed. Don't care.

  18. Ralph Filigenzi

    Can someone please tell me who is playing the drums on this song since it's not Bill Ward?

    Documentary Movies

    Vinny Appice

    Ralph Filigenzi

    Thank you, that makes sense since he played on Dio's solo [email protected] Movies

  19. SatanicCommunist

    other than "tv crimes" this record's disappointing

    Gothik Extravaganza

    *I* disagree.


    Best Sabbath album of all. So angry, cold, and heavy!

  21. Electric John

    is the best band
    in the lands of Earth

  22. Alex

    I never understood why Ronnie didn't want Vinny to join the band. After all Vinnie was the drummer of DIO band for several years

    R C

    Ronnie wanted Vinny back. But Cozy Powell was already the drummer in Sabbath and Tony wanted to keep him. There was a lot of tension at the beginning. Enough for Ronnie to walk out. Then Cozy had a horse riding accident and broke his pelvis. They asked Vinny, he came back and Ronnie did too. He felt much more comfortable with Vinny. He went with Ronniw when he left Sabbath after Ronnie refused to open for Ozzy.

    R C

    what do you mean? Cozy Powell was the first drummer on Dehumanizer since he was already in Sabbath. They all had a lot of problems at first because they didn't trust each other. Ronnie actually walked out once during the writing. Then Cozy was injured, horseback riding. Vinny was back in and Ronnie was a lot more comfortable. There would be no Dehumanizer with Dio had they not brought Vinny back.

  23. Eduardo luis nodari Doneda


  24. Boglárka Fügedi

    this one reminds me youthanasia from megadeth

    Roberto Ricci

    Youthanasia was released 2 years after this

  25. rolando ariel gallardo

    Pero que pedazoo de discooo....dio en lo mas alto de su carrera...revivio la leyendaa con este album

  26. Felipe Valim

    This álbum is amazing!

  27. Mikey Stevenson

    I wonder if their was any inspiration from "letters from the earth" by Mark Twain.


    I thought the same thing but I don't think so

    Vinny Angell

    @SatanicCommunist hey, it's me..LOL this song is weak..

  28. Edgar Gutiérrez

    Como amo esta canción maldita seaaa, brutal !!

  29. Andrey Ivanov

  30. terriblecertainity

    their best non-ozzy song, in my opinion

    Felipe Valim

    Ozzy is a children!

    Błażej Jakoniuk

    Every single BS song without Ozzy is better than with Ozzy ;)


    I am glad I saw him several times live,


    I miss you Dio. The greatest singer.

  33. antonio torres

    Dio said in an interview that this song was about someone who was coming out of jail and that now he did not feel good in the outside world as he was judged by the people, he felt better inside the jail. Dio took out the story of a letter he received from an inmate. R.I.P Ronnie. This is my letter from earth to you.

    Isabela McK

    antonio torres I didn't know that, such amazing lyrics! People don't write like this anymore

    R C

    @Isabela McK that's so true. People tend to just talk about his voice but often forget what a brilliant lyricist he was.

    joshua sorenson

    @R C dio is equal in essence to his creations of all that he spoke Into existence


    He's still alive. I saw him in N.y.

  34. Jamie Couch

    Real truth i love song

  35. Cole Decker

    Eating cheese on Friday afternoon is never an acceptable way to air your grievances with upper management. Nothing but ham and sauerkraut will suffice. Don't forget, we run a business and the bottom line is the bottom line. Naw m sayin?


    Fuck you douche.


    Random hilarity meets metalhead knuckleheadedness.

  36. fkcyber

    The classic 70's Sabbath doom + DIO touch



    Salam Wati

    Agreed..first Doom album with Dio at the helm..heavy as can be not overly noisy makes this a Class metal album.🤘🏾

  37. Manoel Júnior

    That verse riff!

  38. Troy Evitt

    Hey, nerd-fact: The song was based on Mark Twain.

    Nicolas Ruvalcaba

    Other than the title it sounds like typical awesome Sabbath lyrics - but not much to do with the book.
    Another nerd fact: Mark Twains "Letters from the earth" was never finished, and per his request he asked his family to wait several years after his death before printing it (they waited a little over 50 years). I'm a huge Sabbath fan so I'm not sure how I've never heard this track till today. In the book there's a chapter called "Satans Letters", where Satan was banished from heaven for talking behind the Creators back so he decides to check out the earth and the human race experiment - so he's writing letters back to the other archangels telling them how insane the earth is... In my opinion "Satans Letters" would have been a much better song title.. but I'm not a rock star, I just play one in my mind ;)

    Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    Nicolas Ruvalcaba Dude! Thanks! Been a noob fan for 20 years... never seen this. @%*%%&#@^%!$**$$*%%^#^!!!

    Leitura ObrigaHISTÓRIA

    I've read in a Rock magazine years ago that this song was inspired by the letters sent to the band by fans locked in prison.

    Derek Shaw

    Fantastic book:)

    Troy Evitt

    Nicolas Ruvalcaba Christian author C.S. Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters".

  39. deep purple fan

    My favorite Black Sabbath album with dio!

    deep purple fan

    RHINOSAUR my favorite one with the original Ozzy is sabotage

    Andrey Ivanov

    Юриай Хип. Учи матчасть

    Manny Badabing

    Yeah it's just devastating.

    Gary Smith

    I have to agree although there is some amazing, potentially, under-rated guitar on the earlier albums.

    Christopher Carty

    Gary Smith, underrated guitar on their earlier albums? Lol.

  40. 864gel8

    best from dehumanizer......

  41. Vinicius Souza

    salve dio

  42. Belinda Merritt

    heavy as hell