Black Sabbath - I Lyrics

I am anger
Under pressure
Locked in cages
A prisoner
The first to escape

I am wicked
I am legion
Strength in numbers
A lie
The number is one

I - I - I
Everything that I see is for me

Yes, I am giant
I'm a monster
Breaking windows
In houses
Buildings of glass
Rebel rebel
Holy outlaw
Ride together
Don't try it
The power's in one

I - I - I
I am standing alone
But I can rock you
I - I - I

On the edge of the blade
But the knife can't cut the hero down

I am virgin
I'm a whore
Giving nothing
The taker
The maker of war
I'll smash your face in
But with a smile
All together
You'll never
Be stronger than me

I - I - I
Right here on my own
But I still rock you
I - I - I
Don't follow behind
Just leave me on the outside

I - I - I
I am standing alone
But I can shock you
I - I - I
On the edge of the blade
But no one makes the hero bleed
( No, no , no )

I am hunger
Feed my head
All together
You'll never
Never make the hero bleed
( No, no, no )

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Black Sabbath I Comments
  1. Hoss Cartwright

    Ya, seen this live on a Friday the 13th 1992

  2. Daniel Villalobos

    This was Black Sabbath's reaction to Judas Priest's Painkiller - and incidentally one of the best metal albums ever. And no, that's not fucking Ozzy singing backup at the end. It's all the magnificent Ronnie James Dio, but you already knew that.

  3. Hoss Cartwright

    This is one of my favorites. I have listened to this band, "Black Sabbath" since the age of 13. I have most of every song's lyrics down. When Ozzy was fired, quit, Dio come in. Dio is one of my favorite voices. He was in a church where he sang in choir. His voice, listen.

    Hoss Cartwright

    One of the best days I had, seeing this band perform this song live on stage, Friday the 13th.

  4. Hoss Cartwright

    I am anger., ":listen to the lyrics, it's about Hells Angeles" Rebel Rebel, holy OUTLAW ride together don't try it the powers in one,."Ill smash your face in but with a smile!"These men will smash your face in an eat their taste the blood, it's full of protein.

  5. Chris Pigott

    Fantastic song from a fantastic album.why was this album overlooked?was a natural follow on in the story from the 1sr 2 albums.🤘🤘🤘

  6. TRD

    Still makes me feel like a warrior 😁

  7. Steven Carson

    Dio always raised the bar when he would sing for different groups


    Steven Carson yeah but we all know Ozzy is god of this band! Even tho Dio did leave his mark and made some badass songs with them!

  8. Sergiu Fanica

    I used to play this album all day on the drums when I was a kid. Put my headphones on and just runaway ..

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  10. Allen Doss

    I have a question
    In this song (I)
    Who is saying
    No no no
    Starting about the 4:18 mark
    I dare say it sounds like ozzy
    But it can't be lol
    At least I wouldn't think so
    Does anyone know?


    @Allen Doss What do you say to the deaddddddd?
    Is there a place where it's burningggg?

    Allen Doss

    🤘  🤘

    Allen Doss

    @Ironhide lol again
    🤘  🤘


    @Allen Doss 🤘Rock on brother!

    Ray Timu

    Fuck ozzy

  11. Lynn Bain

    Great tune & album, miss you Ronnie

  12. nemesis gt

    Só acho que essa música com o Ozzy ficaria melhor , minha opinião, e não é falando que o dio canta mal nem nada , mas Ozzy é a cara dessa banda , nenhuma voz cobre a dele

  13. Ryan Beers

    Why does the singing start nearly a quarter of the way through the song is my question 🤔..??


    It's metal. It can do whatever it wants.

  14. Mr. pig

    My Black Sabbath Singer. I'm 48 so it's him for me guys.

  15. Opopopopo

    Dio Sabbath as I like to call it always gives me a feeling that’s hard to explain, it feels like something wants to jump out of my body and be part of the music. Black Sabbath with Dio is the pinnacle of music...

  16. Byron Ugalde

    Pure power!!

  17. Manny Badabing


  18. David Bustamante


  19. Dave Saenz

    Killer Riff!!

  20. michael Castle

    I rocked the shit out of this CD back in the 90's! This is for sure one of Sabbath's best albums. And, of course, what can you say about the greatest singer ever!

    god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP

    Rip Robert plant

  21. Mike Arks

    65 fucking comments wtf ????? That’s why are loosers listening interpol and many shit like that

  22. Sky Marshall

    "I am giant. I'm a monster breaking wind over houses, buildings of glass". Those must've been some killer farts. Hey, don't blame me for those lyrics. My YouTube App froze, right at "breaking wind..." and it resumed with "...ows in houses". My depraved mind did the rest.


    Welcome to weather warfare.....

    Kevin Jorn

    Windows of houses

  23. James Dio


  24. edu gologan

    Best album

  25. rodrigo silva

    Quem diz q rock n roll é musica do demônio é pq não sabe o inferno q é ouvir pagode, funk, sertanejo etc etc! Kkkkk

  26. Jordan Quesnel

    Would have sounded pretty good with Ozzy instead!

    Brennan Fry

    Jordan Quesnel Ozzy would not do this near as good as Dio

    The Mirage

    Ozzy couldn't even sing this


    @The Mirage in 78 he could have ozzy was at his peak vocally 75 thru 78.

    LE RP

    Jordan Quesnel GTFO

    Gandalf the Grey


  27. Marcelo de Souza

    Falo do Brasil essa fase da banda é fantastica
    Dio representou em todas as vezes que esteve no Brasil ele é o melhor timbre de voz ao vivo é tenebroso igual do LP um génio!


    Nossa mano, nunca fiquei triste pela morte de celebridades. O Dio foi o unico que fiquei chateado de verdade quando ele partiu, lembro que eu estava num carro voltando pra cidade em que eu estudava quando fiquei sabendo, eu e meu colega de quarto ficamos muito chateados pois não conseguimos ver esse gênio ao vivo

    Ricardo Rodrigues Moreira

    Fala do Brasil? Não brinca!

    nemesis gt

    Sinceramente cara, respeito sua opinião, porém, particularmente, ele jamais vai subistituir o Ozzy MANO, o cara canta bem pra caralho , porém o Ozzy encaixava melhor nessa banda com sua voz única e marcante , opinião minha , sei que ninguém pediu mas tá aí kkkkk

  28. Paul Valdez

    Awesome song ,Dio baby the best songwriter ever 🤘🤘🤘👊👊👊

  29. Jennifer Montelongo

    Your welcome misci sd

  30. Vaclav Babel

    Dio... I'm giant... Simply the best.. RiP


    Ethernal Dio, best album ever

  32. lucas salazar

    Dio era Sabbath....good fucking fuck. I love OG Black Sabbath but he made me love this band even more. Iommi had his best riffs during the Dio era. Just listen to Heaven and Hell in its entirety (and obviously this album). Long live RDJ.

  33. kucu kucu

    ayy ayyyy ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  34. Pinto

    Damn this makes Metallica sound like kinds


    Yes, Metallica is a very kind band.

    edu gologan

    Metallica sucks

    Charlie O. Possum

    @edu gologan Primus sucks

    god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP

    @edu gologan rocks*

  35. Milena Guzman

    aguante el metal carajooooo

  36. multigodofallful

    Is that Ozzy saying "no no no" ?

  37. Insidious Sid

    I am anger. Under Pressure. RIP RJD.

  38. SGT. T

    saying "no no" in outro is ozzy ?

    Broder Hjalmar

    I never thought about before, but I think its Dio

  39. Elëctric Elf

    The best song from the best Sabbath album.

  40. Remy Garon

    Badasssssss fck right with lots of volume🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  41. x7d7nqn1v6 x7d7nqn1v6

    Thank you by share!

  42. Ben Phillips

    This album kicks sooooo much ass. I love Dio.

  43. Hauptman Spuer - Nase

    R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio , 16.05.2010

    Alex's Family

    who cares about the ultimate instant of the credits of a film .. the film counts and what you will do after you come out of the fake cinema that is life built to the table for the masses .. he squeezed and ate the fruits of this life and created wonderful ones ..

  44. Евдокия Мир

    Видимо, все-таки респект ДИО

  45. Евдокия Мир

    Один из немногих альбомов без Оззи, которые можно слушать

    Маргарита Леонова

    Black Sabbath - Headless Cross (1989) - послушайте с Тони Мартином. Тони Мартин и Ронни Дио два солиста с которыми хочется слушать

  46. The musics

    2:38, the best part.

    Cort Chubko

    +Wallacy Ferreira oh yeah....................................

  47. FABZ LAB fab pizzo

    why can't they play this live! and always separate the Ozzy years even born again was a great album as well only one name ruins it 'Sharon'

    Iván A. González López

    @Allen Doss Well, Born again is very good in my opinion.

    Allen Doss

    @Iván A. González López
    That's cool
    I'm not music snob
    That's great thing about music
    I'm sure there are things I like you don't and that's cool to
    I'm glad you enjoyed the Ian Gillian era I respect that
    It just didn't do anything for me
    What did you think of the long awaited ozzy return full album 13?
    I liked it some good stuff on it at same time slightly disappointed

    Iván A. González López

    @Allen Doss I actually liked that album too, maybe Ozzie's voice is not at its best, but is enjoyable for me, and the production is flawless, sorry for my bad english.

    Allen Doss

    @Iván A. González López
    I think that could be it
    Ozzy voice not at his best
    And I was disappointed bill was not playing drums
    Overall it is kick ass album
    One my favorite is 97 live reunion
    Full original band
    Ozzy sounded great, band sounded great and they played my favorite tune sabbath bloody Sabbath in its entirety
    In gathered in there masses and the end they didnt

    Aristeidis Zoungouridis

    They have:

  48. Paul Daluz

    Baddass song. One of Sabbath's most underrated albums.

    asknsakfbsa asbfasfjkafbasafskj

    This song sucks. Not underrated at all. lol.

    asknsakfbsa asbfasfjkafbasafskj

    @Elëctric Elf And it's a fucking bad song. It doesn't make you hype. It doesn't fucking have a spirit, no feeling at all. What do you even like about this song? LOL

    FRANK 666

    Paul Daluz enough with the underrated..we bought it as with all the others

    LE RP

    Snn Krds You suck!

    Gamet Biggetje

    @asknsakfbsa asbfasfjkafbasafskj Then what song is good in your opinion?

  49. KP guitarzan

    Its not I am wiccan---Its I am wicked

  50. milan alexich

    watch Chris hedges stuff after listing to this

  51. efilperpenfuhrer

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!.....HO!





    hohohohoho            *HO!*

  52. Joe Grace

    Go team fozzy.

    Marcelo Jimenez

    isn't that Chris Jericho's band?

    Dave Saenz

    It's Sharon Osbourne

  53. dieter schanzer

    errr purple haze opening....then meeeetalll!

  54. fixenfrøjte

    5:08 - 8:40, best part!!

    Lucas Bueno Cesário

    3:32 of pure epic silence! Enjoyable.


    Not wicked you say?

  56. j freed

    Guys. For the sake of the band's music, suggest look for a cleaner upload.


    Or just buy the album. Lots of great music in the non Ozzy era.

  57. Drenai Saga

    Awesome stuff, crank it up!!!

  58. wackydan74

    I love smashing some weights out with this song LOUD. AWESOME!! song for those pesky heavier weights.

    William Elliott

    wackydan74 I love smearing dog shit on my face to this song. Why is it that gay men lift weights? Because they are affraid of getting beat up?

  59. Pavel Hajek

    absolute perfection !!!!

  60. "Wild Man" Dean

    Black Sabbath KICKS SERIOUS ASS!!!!
    R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. You are the undisputed KING OF HEAVY METAL FOREVER!!!!
    HELL YEAH!!!!!
    \m/ \m/


    "Wild Man" Dean God of metal Bruce Dickinson is king of metal😈😊

  61. ifartinelevators

    Fucking awesome and thanks for the lyrics

  62. melacocci

    tive este lp, que saudade.