Black Oak Arkansas - I Could Love You Lyrics

If you're feelin' what I'm feelin'
It would be all right
But if you're feelin'
What I'm dealin'
Then we're high high high

I could love you
I could love you
I could love you
I could love you
I could love you

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Black Oak Arkansas I Could Love You Comments
  1. Greg Jay

    Owe, owe, owe wee makes the the whole song along with that raunchy riff.

  2. affirmations

    this song is deep. you hear elements of some kind of proto funk in here. fucking scary. it aint no imitation of black, it is because these guys were so outlaw that they weren't white even though they were technically white hillbillys. sorta like the way hank sr predated elvis.

  3. Burt Arthur

    I could...

  4. James B

    this is one of my faves!
    so gritty. so good. raunch n roll!!

  5. Sandy Toca

    why are they not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!!! is wrong with these people...Jim Dandy was a great vocalist,and Black Oak Arkansas was a super band!!!

    Gary Biggs

    Because BO doesn't need the RRHOShame. They were one of the top Southern Rock bands of the 70's. We all know that. Good Nuff!

  6. Hinweiszeichen

    The album is a MUST HAVE! Black Oak Arkansas, the most original rock band ever.! And from what I understand they still aren't in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame - shame on the RnRHOF.

  7. MaceMn

    Same for me... 7th grade, firing up a number & diggin' to this as well as Raunch & Roll with my friends. Good times those.

  8. mickie mouse

    Fact. I grew up with these guys they are GREAT..Never made a bad song


    It is a forgotten masterpiece. In fact it was a forgotten masterpiece by 1977.

    _ dave

    JASCOBAR horseshit!

  10. MaceMn

    This entire album is a masterpiece.