Black Milk - Try Lyrics

Do you think your cooler than (nobody)
Nobody, nobody, nobody now"

Give me the high hat groove. This is how it sound when the high hat move

I told her, don't be (shy)
Said she never done it but I think she gon' (try)
Wanna get the money then my nigga go (try)
Time's runnin' out better live yo' (life)
Give me the hi hat (try)
Give me the... ayo
Cadillac grills, black shit, that shit
Matter of fact my nigga I'm comin' right back with
Said I wasn't doin' soul samples this time
Till I found this so I guess I (lied)
But yo I really did (try)
Didn't matter cause I only did it one (time)
Back to the hardcore
Black sendin' wack niggas back to the drawing board
I might be the one come get us fo' (life)
Bright as the sun yeah my niggas gon' (ride)
Hot flows and nigga I got those of us on the top fo'
When niggas who got flows delivered
The macho, not so, brah I'm on
The first verse delivered so nigga I'm gone

Do you think your cooler than (nobody)
Nobody, nobody, nobody now"

Give me the high hat groove. This is how it sound when the high hat move

I told her, don't be (shy)
Said she never done it but I think she gon' (try)
Wanna get the money then my nigga go (try)
Time's runnin' out better live yo' (life)
Give me the hi hat (try)
Give me the... ayo
On top the world, tell me how it feels
On top of a mil, hundred dollar bills
I've been trying to get on top past couple years
Hip hop's done flopped for the past couple years
But that's my opinion, that's just how I'm feelin'
Don't like what I'm hearin' but that's my opinion
Stay light years ahead of these lightweight niggas
Plus my favorite group's not even coming with it
Feelin' like Three Stacks on a Rosa Parks song
Favorite artists came wack, what went wrong?
Tried to give him a chance, but it's like man
Not getting inspired by nobody damn

Do you think your cooler than (nobody)
Nobody, nobody, nobody now"

Give me the high hat groove. This is how it sound when the high hat move

I told her, don't be (shy)
Said she never done it but I think she gon' (try)
Wanna get the money then my nigga gon' (try)
Time's runnin' out better live yo' (life)
Give me the hi hat (try)
Give me the... ayo

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Black Milk Try Comments
  1. George92

    shit this beat is cocaine

  2. El Bee II


  3. andye asb

    One of the best rappers of ALL

  4. LiquidDIO

    All these years later and Tronic still bumps and it still rotates in my playlists. Salute.

  5. Damon Chance

    s/o to my nigga Zuri for putting me up on dis #510 #BayArea

  6. sota ye

    Nice beat.!!

  7. Alex Masters


  8. kenton cooper

    Times runnin out better live your life

  9. kenton cooper

    Who do you think you're fooling nobody nobody nobody now..

  10. kenton cooper

    This beats AMAZING!!!!

  11. Ms Dragonfly

    gimme the high hat groove . . . . this is how it sounds when the high hat moves . . .

    Lwazi Dube

    Detroit stand up

  12. david o

    nobody nobody now...


    The beat and flow of this joint is on point...classic

  14. marlin moore

    yo how can iget da album


    @marlin moore its on band camp

  15. Barry Jordan

    Not alot of dude can mess with Black Milk, Kanye wishes he had it like this dude. Keep it real for us hip-hop heads!

  16. ilnumeroperfetto696


  17. Rui Freitas

    You should check out -Cookin' Soul. High caliber producers as well

  18. lojjey

    Black Milk lead me here, I love how hip hop does that!

  19. Victor Wormley

    no fool protools is GZA's album

  20. Victor Wormley

    I first found out about black milk from the Protools album for GZA

  21. 9Bamba5

    you mean the RZA

  22. livendapast

    This shit goes hard!!! What year, it must be kinda old since i see its posted in 2008. But i bump this everyday!!

  23. bigmat91

    great sample!

  24. 0bz1

    All the best MC's are coming out of Detriot right now. Elzhi, Black Milk, Royce, Guilty Simpson, Journalist 103, the list goes on.

  25. ElBoogieAmworld

    This song makes me want to TRY

  26. ElBoogieAmworld

    OH MY GOD, I dont know what else to say about this beat

  27. ClifffSVK

    6 poeple didn't try

  28. Wax Assassin

    @EAsports93 well that def inst true about him being the only real artist of our generation but to each their own.

  29. Albert Lopez

    mos singing so good is what adds to how ill he is

  30. SUF

    @shibyheadkid999 youknow!

  31. Dani47pro

    @ShadowNinja215 Mos Def - Speed Law! another sickkk trackk

  32. paartde2de

    so dope!

  33. Tony Stewart

    Give me the hi hat groove!'

  34. FBI

    @prologikpaul thats odd i said that a year ago or is that just youtube fuckin up again well i stopped listening to the radio a long time ago dude back in 03 or 02 or 04 i think I'm 17 now u do the math

  35. JayLeft

    @pimpdad79 naw, in that Rosa Parks song by Outkast, Andre has this part where he's like, ".. took a shower, kinda sour, cuz my favorite group aint comin wit it, but I'm witcha cuz you probably goin through it, Anyway, /BUT, anyhow, when in doubt".. so he's just referencing that part, how he feels the same way today as 3000 felt back then i guess

  36. Dyamanti22

    Yeah love this gotta seek 4 this album.

  37. weareallanemic

    music like this makes me so fucking happy, I heart black milk, j dilla, everybody!



  39. Eric McRae

    "Gimme the high hat......AYE YO!!!" *beat drops*

    that gave me the best feeling ever
    Black Milk is the truth

  40. Oscar Navarro

    were can the lyrics to this song be found?

  41. Eric McRae

    oh wow, i'm hearing so many more elements in this beat when i put on headphones

    Black Milk has serious talent

  42. welchenicht

    so goooood, it should get so much more views...

  43. Roy S

    Black Milk is so underrated. Detroit has some amazing MC's and producers and cant get on major labels because of politics. One day record companies will understand that the reason the songs on the radio aren't selling like they used to is because the music is tainted. Indie artists have the purest music

  44. Dave Matthews


    You have good taste in music. Alot of people over-look those producers or just don't know about them (except kanye)

  45. CousinRabbit

    I'm a sucker for samples used as well as this one. Cats like Dilla, 9th Wonder, Black Milk, GZA, Madlib, and I hate to admit it but even Kanye West are on a whole different playing field from all these other producers. They have mastered the sample

  46. JohnyRichTV

    they from the same town, but u prob already knew that

  47. trueJB00

    i dunno, sure the content in the lyrics is better but j dilla had nasty flow in his song that matched his beats perfectly..people sleep on dilla as a rapper sure his lyrics aint great but his delivery on the beat is unmatched

  48. ghostshipone

    album very strong. been cranking long story short running and working some rhymes out in my head. anyone else recommend other strong albums such as this. I'm not a kid and working the beats so much no more ;)

  49. Dutchmaster0O

    yeah , this is that dope ish kids, no doubt.

  50. daothaweaponx20

    funny that u mention those two because black thought and mos along wit eminem killed a cypher session at the BET HIP HOP AWARDS ( of all places -___-) SIMULTANEOUSLY!!!!...THAT SHIT WAS NASTY

  51. Paul Carrillo

    favorite track on the album! "plus my favorite group is not even coming with it, feeling like tree stacks on a rosa park's song, favorite artis came wack, what went wrong, try to give them chance but its like man, not getting inspired by nobody damm!" Thats how I feel, real talk. hiphop sucks right now black is the only one coming like this.
    Happybirthday SANTA.
    I love mos and roots, but u got mos singing, and roots on Jimmy Fallon... As of right now, black is the only one killing it!

  52. osirisissick

    big fat bombing tune!!
    BM is my favorite prod since dilla's gone.

  53. JayRose1000

    New fave rapper right here.

  54. Eweezie415

    Damn dogg stop ruining music i hate people who start with the free mason shit, dont take somebody elses wrd for it take your own theory n run with it..Damn another blk man cant be successful with big bucks without someone catchin feelins n hatin. Jiggas just a reg person, he got married under the graces of god, and he does reg things, as well as kanye with his Jesus peice chain, which is a front right?dont waste your life on conspiracy theories u never find out the truth..BTW eLzhi betta than Lu

  55. Vanilla Skye

    said she never done it but I think she gonna...TRY" this one too!...big up black

  56. Sid Stanley

    this illuminati shit is whack, chill.

  57. Marc


  58. Marc

    u have a great point its not the degrees of separation its just wether they down wit illuminati or not plain and simple!

  59. Ezra Orion

    Its something about Detroit I guess, but Black is a much better rapper tho. Still much love to Dilla tho, his beats are legendary

  60. Papercha$en83

    blak is craazzzyyyy!!!!! wit it

  61. SlumBornChampion

    Give Me That High Hat Groooovvvveee BLACK....ILL ISH

  62. Solomon .Fuemana

    There more than just this... yeah this album is cool but there is alot of good music coming from other artists too!

  63. willensix

    lupe did not fall off have you heard the cool he had goldwatch, streets on fire and many other good songs

  64. willensix

    damn black milk did nice with this one real nice

  65. BlackJackNapier

    between this and Elzhi's "The Preface" hip hop is lookin' really bright towards the future...

  66. BlackJackNapier

    the original song is quite chill too.

  67. daothaweaponx20

    lupe....i like lupe

    lupe is all we got thats mainstream has with an "authentic" feel to it. him and a chosen few, but thats about it, in my opinion

  68. FBI

    man do you think lupe fiasco and black milk is a good callabo? give me a thumbs up if you think so and think before you call lupe pop he is the only real artist of our generation that is keepin it real

  69. Galaxy

    black milk is the shit.
    i got so much respect for him.

  70. daothaweaponx20

    so thats the original sample material, i thought it was the temps too


    it's not the temps

  71. litewurks

    nice nice lol its on everything i own

  72. hutme49444

    is it a temps chop



  73. daothaweaponx20

    bought the album at 12:01 the day it was released on itunes! fav album of '08!

  74. litewurks

    i have the album, you should get it. its amazing. after i searched a few of the songs from youtube, i went to hmv and bought that shit. its crazy!

  75. Jonah Sherr

    The best I've heard from Black Milk so far

  76. sickathanuraverage

    SICK beat

  77. [ruffiankick.]

    black stepped his BEAT & Lyrical Game up sevenfold!!


  78. beastnstuff

    Lol this was the first song I heard from Black Milk. I never wanted to get out of my realm of people I listened to, and Black Milk wasn't on the list...but now.... let's just say I'm about to go dig for this dude's life! He's the shit and some more. Can someone send me this song if they have it?

  79. mkgennyx

    he sounds like doug york on this song

  80. Mel Krabben


  81. Christian Williams

    my fav song on the album besides "give the drummer some", "bounce", and outro

  82. daothaweaponx20

    i agree with you to an extent. you cant really listen to this album like the other two you mentioned. "The Matrix", "Losing Out", "Bounce", and the outro track "Elec" are fire as well but try is that shit

  83. jehfree562

    one of the hottest songs of the year...

    beat is sick as fuck