Black Milk - Perfected On Puritan Ave Lyrics

Now that I think about it...

We went from, full dreams with the ball at hand (nigga)
The rap game was a fall back plan
Kwan was the homie 'cross the street when we were young
Always heard his granma trippin' while we playing twenty-one
OG of the block, used to call: "The man"
Throwin' money and bettin' on every game we playing in
5 on 5, people from the side: "YO! Y'all better win!"
Put the rim on the street: "Aight, a'ight! Let's play to ten"
'Till that morning knock on the door. We hear it from his mom
Saying Man just got jumped! We don't know if he gonn' survive
Insane! Couldn't stop the bleeding from his brain
He's gone. Tears shared; the block was never the same

As time passes...

Yeah, Puritan Ave. looking over your shoulder
Don't realize you from the ghetto 'till you get a little older
On some summer time high B, summer time Spike Lee
Somehow I had that white Range Rover out nightly
Calling my nigga Dre up... like: "Yo I got that whip let's dip!"
You see these chicks that wanna lay up when they see that truck creep in
Grey goose, hotel rooms, like every weekend
Bitches that wanna blaze up [*Inhale*]
Blowin' money at the young age of [*cough cough*]
What you expect from some young players?
That never seen and never had nothin'
But make money of making rap shit
And start living fast, put some cash stuntin'

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Black Milk Perfected On Puritan Ave Comments
  1. Lafayette

    Black milk always delivers

  2. Benjamin Carlton

    P.A all day Yay Yay

  3. dio blanblu

    sampled from 1973 Italian prog band Semiramis track named Clown.

  4. Milestone Records

    Instrumental pleaseeeee

  5. LionBeardMiguel

    Killed it / you finished this / long live the underground

  6. Bartholomule01

    Dude, that Jazz bit at the end being played over the break-beat is fuckin' ill. 

  7. Abel Dark

    This nigga remind me of rza, respect.


    appreciate the kind words but my question was so ambiguous ha-ha. but nevertheless, i appreciate YOUR detail! that's crazy, i was thinking It's Your World Pt.1

  9. Ryan MacQueston

    word, I'll have to, I've heavily slept on Black Milk forever, liked Album of the Year but didnt take it in as much as I probably should. Liked Random Axe, but this is the first solo of his I've bought and it's fucking amazing

  10. youngartillery

    He took time of to perfect engineering and it is perfection everything melds together seamlessly

  11. cheesewithcrackers

    absolutely, his emceeing on this album is a huge step up. love the seemless melding of his different styles on this record. it grabs me more anything else he's done, even better than the tronic

  12. J Jones

    If you listen to all his stuff from "sound of the city" all the way to "No poison no paradise" you will witness one of the most complete evolutions from a artist. His stuff always gets better, one of the illest and underrated ever.

  13. Chris Mobley

    ohh i likes this

  14. Breakthrue Says

    This shit is gonna be dope can't wait

  15. immag530

    sactown WE OUT HERE!

  16. immag530

    nice profile pic bruh...

  17. EctomorFITT

    its bout time black comes out with another cd...its been way overdue. Love that album cover by the way.

  18. Brian Banegas

    i'm looking forward to this album

  19. LaserGunsLG

    whaaaaaaaat! how did i not know about this!

  20. Danny Rasmussen

    Great album cover and great track. I've made a pre-order.

  21. bblazeff1

    good look

  22. bblazeff1

    when does this cd drop?

  23. Girlforaction

    classic. A pure classic.

  24. Abraham Harris

    #Swank Fresh-Refreshing!!

  25. Damien J. Womack

    Midwest stand up! DOPE!!!

  26. MsGoodMuzik

    You've got a good ear... sample is from Joeski Love - Pee-wee's dance
    Dilla used it for anti-american graffitti

    Drome Dario

    And semiramis - clown. Italian prog rock

  27. RENEGADExSHinObi

    what's the sample? sounds like a sample Dilla used.

  28. Grime Gang

    Sounding dope