Black Milk - Losing Out Lyrics

For a minute
Whatever you think I think about what's been going on
Let's talk about
Let's talk about
You and your problems and all that it seems to do
When you spend the night
Just talking bout'
Just talking bout'
You and your problems no matter what I say
I can't get it right
Don't think about

Losing out
Other words is losing out
Other ones, losing out
Other words is losing out
Other ones, losing out
Other words is losing out

Let's talk about who's the most underestimated
Plus underrated city in this hip-hop game
Let's talk about
I don't know if these industry mofo's overlook us 'cause they might be afraid
They don't know if we get the spot like that
You might not get your spotlight back
For a couple decades
Let's talk about Auburn
A burn
Now it's De-twah's turn
Like Berry Gordy came back
Don't think about
Comparing us to another metropolitan area
Or anywhere on this globe
Let's talk about
Us breaking barriers spitting sick as malaria
Spitting, you not even spittin' a cold
Let's talk about
How they make the masses attracted to the wack like a magnet
It's a sad mission
Just talking 'bout
How I mastered these massive lyrics advanced
Like you in a class with a mathematician
Just think about losing out

Naw, you're not losing yet
We beat up beats like this all the time
You got a few more minutes of abuse
My nigga Royce where you at?
Right here my nigga

Yes, let's talk about
I got more cases in a maw' fucking A-R clip
Than they got on our mayor
Let's talk about
If you from the "D" and you don't fuck with Hex
Trick or me then you prolly a square
Let's talk about the Metropolitan area
Venereal spitter, still Proof burial bitter
Talk about me
I'mma be on yo ass
Trouble sells, I will K I to the double L
Not think about tusslin' with' a head buster
Who got mo' muscle than Cool J, double L hah
You get popped like that
Take off your whole top like BAP
Another body, what the hell
Let's talk about making nigga's hard earned money
Or us putting money on heads like I'm paying their barbers
Talking 'bout cotton mouth
Hangover, Range Rover
Seven fifty when I hit the streets, game over
Nigga, I ain't never losing out

Naw, nope
It's almost over
I give you one last chance to keep up
Round three, nigga

Let's talk about the best, the worst
Started from birth
With the gift and the curse
Nah I'm just spitting the verse
Just to talk about
Whenever I'm spitting the verse
Feels like my words is splitting the Earth in two
Got 'em talking bout
Who's that rap dude that master soul clap move
When messing with the boom bap boom
Like the "D"
When the crack moves in the street
Niggas pull heat longer than Shaq's shoes
Don't think about

Bringing out them ninas
Cause we bout to clean 'em out
Phone calls could lead to a red shirt
Ringing out
Gun shots Tec's (blllert)
Expert, leaning out
The window bringing my inner demon out
Talking 'bout how we got it mastered
The fact that
Whenever me and Black do a track, it's a classic
Talking 'bout my life, nigga
No sound realer rider with the four pound
Thriller like Mike, out

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    Nothing is this disgusting anymore. What's happened to the game?

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    one of the greatest and most under rated tracks of all time.

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    Brothers like blakmilk, 9th wonder and j dilla most unappreciated producers

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    Loneliness destroyed me

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    @DJayD13 Like most of his album "Street Hop" was produced by DJ Premier. Him and Premier formed together as a duo called PRyme and have dropped one album so far...


    +K1NG M1DWAY Sure man, I made a mistake thinkin about royce ft guru!

    Idk What I’m doing

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    talkin bout, how we got it mastered the fact that ever me and
    black do a track, its a classic
    talkin bout my life nigga, no sound realer rider wit the 4
    pound thriller like mike...out"

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