Black Milk - Dub Rock Lyrics

How we gon do it
More fire
It's heatin' up

Not playing' shit savage and all
My niggas spit hard hit hard till you stagger and fall
So savage wouldn't manage to brawl
Rhymes murder ambulance corps have you to tagged [?]
You can see us with the swag and the masks
See us, like to brag 'bout the cash
Then I like to smash on the gas
Rise till our feet hit the ceiling
Spit movies not rhymes spike lee with them lyrics
I'm back at it not done, the gwop comes
When the CD drops we tell 'em to cop one
I hope you got some
It's not not an option to get gwop
Music is where I got the knock from
Shit can get hard, you feel a slight tussle
I give it more muscle till my hustle's like Russell's
You gotta gome pay 'em
And if you not speaking 'bout cake you not speaking my language

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Black Milk Dub Rock Comments
  1. E-Live Da God

    Reggae has the best bass. I like it better than dubstep.

  2. Jesse Jones

    @slummone I think itz 2 samples. I think i found tha main 1. Phil Pratt - Con-Man

  3. nadinzuerlich


  4. Margo Mürk

    Glad people with your kind of mentality still exist!

    one love!

  5. Cuisineinthe6ix

    The Video cuts in this song are from " Ross Kemp on Gangs: Jamaica" ill documentary... One of my favorites after his on on the "MS13" all of his documentaries are good check em out...

  6. banoue815

    shit i listened to this one twice just now... fresh

  7. MoncoutieGREEN

    @guerillatribe is'nt on tronic. is on elec.

  8. Mike Woodruff

    @guerillatribe def not on the normal American version of "tronic"

  9. slummone

    This song is definitely a sample from a King Tubby dub. I just don't the name of the song.

    Rama Rama

    Yes I you are right me frien..The song is by king tubby dub called wreck up a version this is the dub. the vocal cut is by leroy smart wreck up my life

  10. Don Shacks

    ill i can hear that reggae!!!! ;) ;) ;) keep it coming Milk!!! Fire!!!!

    RIP Master Jay Dee RIP BAATin ILLest ever!

  11. JAHDillaZilla

    nah. it's on a mixtape.
    Black Milk Elec Mixtape. It's still available on some site around the net. The whole mixtape is pretty hot.

  12. JAHDillaZilla

    Just copped this CD. fuckhole, this shit hot!!!

  13. Eternal Euphoria

    im boust to sample this.

  14. Kdnce

    who? I spin dub and this isn't "new" more than hip hop has come full circle. Hip hop came from the essence of dudes toasting over "dubs" or instrumental versions of reggae hits. Why even deconstruct it? Just play a dub (there are a million), and toast over it.

  15. jantje petije

    wich sample tho?

  16. mr 47

    where can i see more of this self mudering culture?

  17. jared molina

    nice cinematorgraphy. lovin the black milk beats

  18. mikecheck6453

    man that sound that kicks in at 0:12 is hard as hell. reminds me of dilla.

  19. TonyKipriani

    good job

  20. Suave

    This Shit Is Fire!!!!

  21. Foxworthy

    hey yo, whoever put this shit up. nice, plus if u didnt know. blackmilk made a little shoutout to you on myspace today. good lookin out tho, piece!!!

  22. Eli Sloane

    great song.. good job with the video. some crazy imagery.