Black Label Society - War Of Heaven Lyrics

The throes of extermination
Holocaust of creation
The ruthless hate from within
Illusions that free one from sin

Psychosis tic
Wheels of insanity spin

The war of heaven
Forever calling
Dying on the wings of the fallen

Terror and persecution
The finality of one's solution
The falsehood of opposition
Becoming one's god and religion

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Black Label Society War Of Heaven Comments
  1. John Street

    Zakk wylde never puts out a bad album. I have been a long time fan of BLS

  2. Anonymous XD

    Not bad

  3. Fredo Bulsara

    Not a bad song. But i, as a Zakk Wylde fan, think he could have done better with the vocals. It always goes like the same. Wouldn't sound bad if he did it only for the refrain. But always the same sounds a bit boring to me.

  4. Jeremy Allen

    Good hacking music

  5. Millio

    The epitome of heaviness

  6. James Thompson

    Battin a 1000

  7. Dennis Richards


  8. Sinan çevik

    War of Heaven crazy man song perfect \m/

  9. michael rollo

    S.D.M.F.  Pa Chapter

  10. Amber Chester

    <3 <3 <3


    @Amber Chester   Heavy Metal Hitman  face book  \m/  :) \m/

  11. datres77

    reminde me of sanitarium by metallica at the very first part

  12. Zyo117

    We are Strength
    We are Determination
    We are Merciless
    We are Forever.
    We are the Order of the Black.

    Fucking A.