Black Label Society - Overlord Lyrics

The undying embrace of chaos and war
As the oppressed lie writhing down on the floor
This Babylon of fear that you shall know
To rule and suppress, destroy and overthrow

Kings of this world
The servants shall serve
Slaves never free
Kings of this world all thats to be
All that you hear and all that you see

I am your overlord
Everything above and below
I am your overlord
The exodus of your will and
All that you'll ever know

This brotherhood of snakes shall
Rule and control
The corruption of man his fate
And his soul

This flame of black which burns
So bright
For the slaves shall never see
The apocalyptic end of the past
The new world shall forever be

The great conspiracy
The betrayal of god
The fires of revolution
Aimed at the heavens above

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Black Label Society Overlord Comments
  1. Leandro André

    Algum BR assistindo em 2020?

  2. Joshua Pitz

    Love it.. great tune and video

  3. Elizabeth Furlong

    I need to play this every single morning while drinking Valhalla Java Odinforce Blend Coffee. Period. Breakfast of champions = Overlord + Caffeine.

  4. azwris

    wow, it's been almost 10 years since I first saw that video..still gives me so much laughter. One of the best ever in Heavy Metal.

  5. Violeta Garrido Rodriguez

    Xdxdxdxdxdxdxd jaja numa

  6. nazarenko.maxim

    00:25 - Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII.

  7. Vincenzo Sallusto

    Metal old school 🎸🎼🎵🎸💉🎼,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. kimonryu1

    wow man, I didnt know Bruce Lee had a beer belly and could bust out some dance moves too.

  9. Jose Carlos Salgado

    I prefer this version instead of the album version

  10. American Metalhead


  11. Aris.A

    Amazing music video. lol . In my top 10 for sure..

  12. Bruce Canzoli

    This is the best random ass videoclip ever

  13. Sam Mc

    Moral of the video: never eat Chinese food off a square plate from a golden statue of a pharaoh.

  14. Patti Hall

    Some days i want to show Patti a close up of the middlle shelf of the fucking fridge😁

  15. OSanoBR

    The only thing more surreal than the videoclip itself is the fact that it doesn't got a least a million views. 😅

  16. TheAlwaysUltra

    Why is this missing on spotify? :(

    Brayan Flores Ramírez

    Not anymore!

    Néstor Gabriel

    @Brayan Flores Ramírez Fuck yeah brother! tSDMFt


    Because it is a good song


    Because you need to buy the fucking album in real life!!!


    Néstor Gabriel yes they have , full album

  17. Sitedueletejodes tejodes

    Zackk Fat-

  18. Love AndPeace
    Audrey Shida rocks this song

  19. Love AndPeace

    Best video ever

  20. joao de castro

    zakk tem mt cara de ser o tiozao da galera kkkkkk

  21. Elke Pluntke

    Zakk Lee ... yeah

  22. Complaints Desk

    will hunt as 'wont fish' hahaha fuckin hell

  23. 777zippy777

    Why do I feel like I'm watching a Louie C.K. video with this thing...?

  24. Randy Tritt

    I bet Bruce Lee is laughn his ass off at this!!!! Lol only Zakk cud pull something like this!!! BLS is Awesome!!!! Rock on Zakk Lee!!!! Lol

    JApp John Andrew Patrick Peters

    LOL Zakk Lee Nice!

  25. FontediCalore

    great music as usual, fuck the vid.

  26. Alessandro Marani

    Song is awesome, and the brunette asian with the nunchaku is something you don't see very often...

  27. SuperGvarr

    This is the greatest thing in the history of the world


    Sound and vid - GREAT!

  29. Valerio Tagliaferri

    I really like this new songs/videos from Z.W.

  30. AgiosDiavolos

    Τι ξεθάβω ρε σήμερα..!

  31. KicK IT!

    I'd like to see a behind the scenes/making of this video, theres gotta to be alot of bloopers in it.

  32. Vice Fernandez

    Ediondo a starcraft

  33. chriscaie

    why did i only just discover these guys ?

  34. nagimare1

    @love2rocknroll4711 Agreed mate, pretty poor viewing figures for such a band of this magnitude

  35. raul niño lugo

    rufus ... the street fighter 4 xD

  36. yaboyydeqwann

    thats a fucking beautiful beard

  37. Wacken Tech

    kkkkkkkkkkkkk, very funny!!!

  38. blacksoul1

    @flamerazor2 thats not fat, its one big muscle

  39. 쌍댕이

    awesome lol

  40. Ignacio Villarroel

    @Trivium0rulz12 yes you are

  41. vectorman93

    OMG! I think my brain melted after watching this O.o Seriously, wtf? xD

  42. Atu Oma

    hahaha Zakk Lee owns some serious asses!

  43. Ignacio Villarroel

    first comment