Black Label Society - Overlord (Unplugged Version) Lyrics

The undying embrace of chaos and war
As the oppressed lie writhing down on the floor
This Babylon of fear that you shall know
To rule and suppress, destroy and overthrow

Kings of this world
The servants shall serve
Slaves never free
Kings of this world all that's to be
All that you hear and all that you see

I am your overlord
Everything above and below
I am your overlord
The exodus of your will and
All that you'll ever know

This brotherhood of snakes shall
Rule and control
The corruption of man his fate
And his soul


This flame of black which burns so bright
For the slaves shall never see
The apocalyptic end of the past
The new world shall forever be

The great conspiracy
The betrayal of god
The fires of revolution
Aimed at the heavens above


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Black Label Society Overlord (Unplugged Version) Comments
  1. cesar montes

    Sin duda es la mejor versión del album asi como la versión del disco, excelente rola¡

  2. Ray Finkle

    “This flame of black which burns So bright
    For the slaves shall never see The apocalyptic end of the past The new world shall forever be” 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  3. ivan345doom

    If you like Black Label Society, check my band out, it really helps us!!

  4. Eva 1

    zakkkkkkkkkkkkk funking zakkkkkk man. the godfather of the black label family

  5. Andy

    Had to see if this song existed after going to the Hampton Beach Casino in N.H to see BLS doing the Unblackened tour they completely kicked ass

  6. seba cartagena

    en lo personal encuentro que esta versión es mejor que la original... en mi humilde opinión. 

  7. Marco Navarro

    un dislike? quien fue el cagón?

    Gabriel Rocha

    un bostón
    hue hue br br

    Nreekay Immortal

    lol for every dislike, there shall be a thousand likes :)

  8. ste welsby

    Personally zakks vocals always get better on his acoustic songs , a lot more passion in them great song ..would love to hear him do another pride and glory type album

    Anthony Baker

    He's planing on doing Book of Shadows 2 for the 20 years anniverserie (which is in 2016) which is almost exclusively acoustic stuff. Not 100% sure tho, but Im personnaly lookin forward to it.

    ste welsby

    +BakersBass that would be awesome, thanks for the heads up

    Ezgi Turgut

    yeah buddy he released book of shadows 2, you may like it.

    Wojtas W

    ste welsby
    Especially in this album I can sense a huge inspiration from Lynyrd Skynyrd. Hail to the Great South 🤘👍🏻

  9. The DMS

    I heard this version first, and I actually like it a little more..

    Daniel Davenport

    Nameless King same here man

  10. Dante Garcia

    No dislikes fuck yeah \m/

  11. xXboTTeyXx

    am i the only one who thinks, that zakk gets too few credit for his vocal work? i mean.. listen to that chorus... thats godlike..

  12. Sâmya Mesquita

    i prefer this one ! it's fucking great!

  13. magicorubik

    this version is AWESOME XD \m/

  14. Vaclav Bilek

    breath taking song :-)

  15. rodrigationable

    without commentary . nice music , nice version , nice band....

  16. BNSF1985

    Fucking love Black label Society

  17. Joseph Bailey

    i am your overlord. this song is awesome!!

  18. mindprison88

    Good song, but not entirely unplugged :)

  19. ivan345doom

    @hellpatrol101 You are welcome :)

  20. Hells Patrol

    very nice version,thanks for upload