Black Label Society - Lead Me To Your Door Lyrics

I can't use this life anymore
Everything after and before

Come to me once more
Lead me to your door

No tomorrows, no todays
What was has gone astray

Come to me once more
Lead me to your door

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Black Label Society Lead Me To Your Door Comments
  1. Bohannon Smith

    I can’t find this album on iTunes and I’ve already bought this song! The Crank!

  2. dennis maljak jr

    This is real music.
    GI⚡FD 💀 SDMF

  3. Froilan González

    I love the keyboards.

  4. Роман Рейнс

    Почему я не могу нигде скачать эту музыку?

  5. Ladywolf B

    My dear friend!! Wondering if you’re still on here!! Miss you my friend!! I hope all is well with you hun. ~Hugs and Howls~ Forever


    Som fenomenal, não existe igual.

  7. alex antonelli


  8. ChristianShadrickVlogs

    #ZakkWyldeFanpage on Facebook with 37,392 likes

  9. Matteo Macciomei

    the best Song of the world

  10. Андрей Белоножкин

    посвящается хорошему парню Белоножкину...!

  11. Jackie Nihil

    Powerful closing track. I think it's got a great 90's vibe to it, love that!

  12. FVCodzilla77

    Awesome....another incredible track from BLS.....check out the lyrics, sick....incredible and way above and beyond..."lead me to your door".....awesome!!!

  13. Ricardo Polli


  14. screechandmoan

    I really loved hearing this at the end of the album on my first listen through. It was such a fitting closer to me n' unique in a way that made me wanna listen to the whole album again immediately.

  15. The Berzerker

    Zakk Wylde is the best ballad writer I've ever heard

  16. Travis Azzopardi

    Rush is in the R&R Hall of fame now. Way OVERDUE! Deep Purple should be in there too! If ABBA is in, they should change the name to The Music Hall Of Fame too!

  17. Wabaanimkii

    I work in a casino and that album cover is no lie.

    locally; it's called church, because people talk to god there.

  18. Metalhead4Life97

    wait a minute...i didnt say Zakk isn't good or anything...i only said that Metallica are real true legends.Zakk too,but since 1981 till this day,Metallica always rocked the stage.thanks to Zakk aswell for giving us his music.

    Grom well

    Metalhead4Life97 Metallica died when Cliff did....

  19. Vic Rattlehead

    Zakk has more musical taste and talent than any member of Metallica. Give it a few more years and Zakk will be inducted into that sham of an institution called the RNR hall of fame. Heel they havent even included Rush, Kiss, and many more so thats no standard or gauge by which to measure talent. Metallica are indeed legends but.....Zakk is on the way to that status. Dont deny it.

  20. iwantastrat

    haha phenomenal!

  21. Metalhead4Life97

    i respect your opinion ;)

  22. iwantastrat

    If we were judging bands on how many fans they get worldwide and where they perform.. then One Direction would be the greatest band of the modern day BUT that would be silly now wouldn't it?

    Don't get me wrong I admire what Metallica have done for the genre (and they have done phenomenal things!) but music is a very subjective thing and that being said I much prefer BLS

    Felipe Hildebrand

    it wouldnt be silly. actually zakk wylde said once that he is a justin bieber fan

  23. Metalhead4Life97

    well...Metallica is better...if Black Label Society where better they would get loads of more fans worldwide, perform in arenas...and get inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. dont get me wrong,i LOVE Black Label Society,but you have got to admit,Metallica are the true Metal legends

    Grom well

    Metalhead4Life97 because Zak hasn't sold out and never will

  24. Marcel Meier

    Only Zakk Fucking Wylde can play piano and Guitar at the same time!

  25. Curtis Fletcher

    be* song* guess i need to read first. lol

  26. Curtis Fletcher

    i think i'll bed buying this album a second time seeing that my first cd is scratched only on this sone. I have had it for 4 years. This is my favorite song period. It pisses me off that it skips when i play it. SDMF

  27. Damian

    2 people tried the wrong door

  28. Collie - one

    why no one has yet made a tab for guitar pro?

  29. Wojciech Zięba

    Who voted no?? BLS playn' haters hatin'... Perfect composition!

  30. john moates


  31. metalnerd777

    The start is epic

  32. Kieran Martin

    Great song, great album, just a great band in general. Rock on brothers!! \m/

  33. valerieash

    @FinalProduct21 guitar and piano, and your leaving like 4 more instruments out zakk is a stringed instrument master

  34. Blind Guardian

    1guy dont like doors

  35. Projeto 17

    Who the F*** is the one that disliked this song?!?!

  36. Keenan Roush

    i am going to a black label society concert on October 30th

  37. Mike Alex

    @highron2 Yeah it sounds like All My Love by Zep

  38. lotanz10

    one of there greatest songs no doute about that

  39. Keenan Roush

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ZAKK WYLDE IS MY FAVORITE OR MY 2ND favorite or 2nd favorite guitarist ever!!!!!!!!!!!HE CAN SSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHRRRREEEEEDDDDD IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. ronnie mershon

    kind of led zeplin like

  41. Mike Wylde

    BERSERKER 4-LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SDMF

  42. GruttePier

    This ladies and gentlemen is what they call music..

  43. DamageTheShredder

    Gives me shivers

  44. Iain MacMaster

    That guitar solo always makes my spine shiver, What a song! SDMF

  45. inflamesolt

    reszeld zakk reszeld

  46. ladywolf4285

    This is so Fantastic..I Love It!!!! Thanks for posting..\m/