Black Label Society - January Lyrics

The cold that burns
The tide that drift away
No more talks about tomorrow
The past is gone and all that was today
I cant forget the cold
That fell January day

Seasons change for the rain he washed away
All the smiles and the tears
What's in between and all one's hopes and fears
I feel that January's cold shall never disappear

Empty sky the bitterness unfolds
Its hard to hold a memory
When there's nothing left to hold
Rain rain rain
The desert kills what's left inside
Its hard to live when all you wanna do is die

The book is done
No more pages left to turn
No more letters left to write
nothings left for whom it may concern
January's cold shall forever live on

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Black Label Society January Comments
  1. Izzy Lizzy

    Miss you Dad.

    January 7th 2007 ❤️

    Caio Felipe

    So sorry for your loss, that happens to be the day of my birthday, also.

  2. Jeremy Lundy

    Love this song ,my father passed away in January, thank you Zakk for the beautiful song

  3. Katrina Segura

    Jamm me a party for my bday is 01/03/1984

  4. unin

    boxes fui n

  5. Jaz

    Zakks last song to Dimebag. So fucking sad.

    Ian Gates

    +Jazagame Actually about his Dad who passed away.

  6. Geovania Martins

    The cold that burns.... Lindo!

  7. Teddy Thegreat

    this song really hits home.. BLS is a band that with all songs sends a msg!! this band is my all time fav. and this song? is the best heart filled song ive ever from them... love it!!

  8. J.D Truths

    I grew up with Zakk, although back then his name was still Jeff, both him and Amy were wonderful people. Zakk came from a working class family, his family was always very proud of him, when Zakk made it into Ozzy we would all get updated from his Dad, his dad was a great guy, very much a character and hard worker like zakk. When zakk's mom passed away Mr. Weidlandt would work the grave yard shift at the Citgo Gas station back home in Jackson, he was fun to visit with, I know why zakk's hurting

    Tone Chaser

    Zakk seems like a great and funny guy but has darkness like most of us now a days. I get low sometimes and find his softer music a great remedy and something to compare with.

    Very cool that u grew up with him though! Do u guys still keep in touch?

  9. hokiefan04

    Love this song. When I got this cd and heard this song I had to play it over again. It reminds me of my son that I loss in January of 2004. He was only a day old but still the best thing to ever happened me too me.

    tameron wheeldon

    I can feel you.. I have one in heaven too.. God bless upu amd yours..

  10. Dimitra Skouik

    :,) :,(

  11. whiteo333

    Weel said brother. SDMF \m/

  12. Diamond-Ray Beardy

    who wrote this song ? i know zakk did a cover of this song but who is it by ?

    Randy Chapman

    It's not a cover Zakk wrote it for his father who passed away January 19, 2009

  13. Ricardo Runa

    LOVE IT!

  14. Flavia0201

    Gostei Andre Araujo!! Obrigada!!!

  15. Stelios Z

    Πολυ γαματος δισκος!

  16. GraveyardDisciple80

    Zakk was very generous in writing this song about his father and sharing with everyone...God Bless Zakk and Forever Bleed Black ~SDMF~