Black Label Society - Darkest Days Lyrics

Divided soul of a troubled man
The final fight
The final need to understand
These tangled roots
Ripped from the ground
Abandonment and worry
Forever to be found

Rain. Rain. Rain
Take this hand of sorrow
Take away my darkest days
Rain. Rain. Rain.
Take away my darkest days
Return 'before I feel there here to stay'

For just one moment of peace I long to know
I can see the storm clouds calling me back home
The blood of the hurricane where the water is never still
Life is a loaded gun
Love is a bullet that sometimes kills

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Black Label Society Darkest Days Comments
  1. Mike B

    this makes mw think of you. lauren quinn miss you

  2. Justin Wiley

    With his solos it's like Zakk knows

    Darrell Ashby

    He does brother :)

  3. Timmy Maquaire

    Haha ! Listen this, it's the same ! Jacques Dutronc - L'opportuniste (Live).avi 

  4. Thee Trashman

    true and it's funny, because at the time i first heard this band i was 14 years old, which was the time my facial hair started growing!
    oh yeah! good old times... i felt pretty damn goood! HAIL BLS \m/

  5. João Mazzei

    Man, what's more probable to happen is if you're a queer and listen to BLS you grow beard and become a rampaging viking berserker and a true man.

  6. Nathalia ninteresa

    STOP comment about Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer or another fucking bands, this is BLS. Shut the fuck up and listen to music!


    You don't tell me wtf to do, and I love Black Thought. He's a Hip Hop artist too, that ought to piss you off even more.


  7. Immortal Sinner

    Why they hell do you metalheads have tto fight over such meaningless things. Both metallica and black label society are awsome bands. After all we all now that W.A.S.P. is the best metal band.

    Hamed Al-Mahrooqy

    Immortal Sinner the best testimony to your comment is the name of the uploader! 🤘🏼

  8. Vomitous Leukorrhoea

    What the fuck is a One Direction?

  9. slb slayer

    fuck metallica . black label society should open the new season of sons of anarchy

  10. Nahtan218

    Since the intro of Sold My Soul sounds similar to Welcome Home, somehow people feel the urge to mention Metallica, I guess. It all seems pretty stupid. Either that or that guy is so retarded he thinks that this is a Metallica song, one of the two though.

  11. bigdazification

    If it wasn't for Metallica and other pioneers of the genre, NONE of the music you like and listen to today would exist and you'd be stuck listening to Justin Bieber and One direction so SHOW SOME FUCKING RESPECT FOOL!

  12. Lady Ember

    this song ROCKS... although... Metallica is pretty gay,,, don't mean to bash on you,, just stating a fact....

  13. Thee Trashman

    what the heck am i doing here if i just bought the album today!!? well actually i just wanted to say this is a very beautiful inspiring song, it should be played on the radio hits! =D i love BLS!!! if that makes me some sorta queer then so be it! xD

  14. metallica929

    @singplaylaughlove9 Yeah yup yes yah yeh.

  15. Hallelujah Holly

    @metallica929 Actually, Hole In the Sky is the best. But wait, Highway To Hell is AC/DC... O_o Isn't it?

  16. metallica929

    @singplaylaughlove9 Gotta love highway to hell too!

  17. Hallelujah Holly

    @Sparky5400 Haha yep, gotta love Cowboys From Hell. :-)

  18. Hallelujah Holly

    @metallica929 HAHAHAHA wtf was that?! "bleh bleh bleh, blehblehblehblehbleh. HAWWWW! Bleh, bleh, blehblehbleh." For some reason I expected you to give me a younger age. I think the first time I drove, I was almost 14. (Well, the first time I drove a car anyways. :P)

  19. metallica929

    @singplaylaughlove9 HAHA angel singing LMFAO did it sound like this: watch?v=gGnkTfI2aEE

    First time I drove was when I was 13, but I got the hang of it by 15. It didnt take me two years to learn, its just that I didnt drive much in those 2 years.

  20. Hallelujah Holly

    @metallica929 Haha I know. I really did try my best not to make fun of her. But... She made it so easy. :D Plus, I've known her forever. So she wasn't too upset. But guess what? I was able to teach her. And it was in a pick-up too. Now she owns a standard and loves it. *Angels singing* Bow down, for I was able to teach an adult women to work a stick. =] Oh, I was gonna ask this a while ago but forgot. How old were you when you learned to drive?

  21. metallica929

    @singplaylaughlove9 Poor twenty year old, got owned by a gal 5 years her junior. That's kinda pathetic for the twenty year old. I think she was so sad after whatchu told her she went back home and gorged on a 20 inch chocolate cake.

  22. Hallelujah Holly

    @metallica929 Hahaha you wanna know the worst part? I was 15, she was 20. HAHA! :D

  23. metallica929

    @singplaylaughlove9 hahahahahah Holly, you're way too awesome to be true! Are you for real? :P

    I have so much respect for you right now :)

  24. Hallelujah Holly

    @metallica929 Well, if she knows how to drive a stick, chances are, she used to be a man, or she's me. Either way, you're screwed. :P But it seriously drives me nuts when girls complain about how 'hard' it is to drive a standard. "It's too difficult!!!!!!" "Well maybe if you weren't wearing stilettos, it wouldn't be so hard to ease your foot off of the clutch without stalling it out every time." <-- That's the convo I had when trying to teach my friend how to drive a stick. -.-

  25. metallica929

    @singplaylaughlove9 A woman who knows how to operate a stick. That would be something I look for in my wife.

  26. Hallelujah Holly

    @metallica929 Meh. I don't like automatics. They're really boring. Most of the people around here only drive automatics, and I'd die if I was stuck with one. Haha hardly anyone around here knows how to drive a stick either, except for the guys. Which in turn makes ME feel like a guy, but whatever. :D Plus, standards are better on gas. So I don't care about doing doughnuts with it, I'm just glad it saves me a little bit of cash. :D

  27. metallica929

    @singplaylaughlove9 Haha shut DOWN! Nah they didn't flip they were just life "continue fooling around you're the one who's gonna pay" cuz they know I'm a good driver. I'm a man, and men drive better than woman, thats why your mum always flips when you doughnut. I think it's easier with a stick because you get to control the speed by not shifting up. But even with an automatic you can doughnut on tarmac given the car has enough torque.

  28. Hallelujah Holly

    @metallica929 Haha shut UP! But yeah, she doesn't really have a choice if I'm behind the wheel. :D I'd never put us in danger though. I only do it in parking lots, or our driveway. (We have a massive driveway. It's like a skating rink in the winter. :D) Did your parents flip out when you got close to the other car? :S Last week, I got really close to a truck, and I practically shook hands with the driver. I was SO close. My mom flipped out. I've never done doughnuts on tar, is it really easier?

  29. metallica929

    @singplaylaughlove9 You shouldn't buckle up, nor should you turn on your airbags, your whole body will act as an airbag! :P HAHA you do doughnuts with your mum? HAHAhaha that's epic. The most dangerous thing I've done when driving with parents is going so close next to the car in front of me. Automatic is easier on ice, not on tarmac. Stick allows you to do it both on ice and tarmac.

  30. Hallelujah Holly

    @metallica929 Haha I know, I was kidding. XD I actually never buckle, cuz I'm short, so the buckle rubs against my neck, and it pisses me off. Even if I'm on the highway. I figure that if I crash while doing 85, being buckled won't really help anyways. :P I don't really drive recklessly, unless I'm on ice. >:) I love doing doughnuts on the ice! :D It pisses my mom off, but it doesn't really harm the car. It's harder to do in a standard though. And all of our cars are standard. =/

  31. Hallelujah Holly

    @metallica929 Well I do like calm music, but when I'm pissed off or working out, I don't exactly wanna listen to Debussy. :P So I turn to the music that has the crazy drums and bad-ass electric guitar solos. :D Just depends on my mood. Like, you mostly like the hardcore stuff, but you still like calm music, right? :-)
    I'm not hardcore in any other areas of life. =[ Unfortunately. Oh wait! I don't buckle my seat belt sometimes. O_O That's the epitome of hardcore. :P

  32. metallica929

    @singplaylaughlove9 Oh. That's interesting. I always assumed you were the type that likes calm music, but Pantera and CoF are pretty extremecore! So what other area's of life are you hardcore in? ;)

  33. Hallelujah Holly

    @metallica929 Well, I've been digging through some of their songs, and I still like them. I listen to a lot of Pantera and SOMETIMES Cradle of Filth. Depends on what the song is. So most of Black Label Society's music is alright with me. I don't mind the hardcore stuff when I'm in the mood. :P

  34. metallica929

    @singplaylaughlove9 Yeah I've heard one last breath. It's awesome, very emotional. I don't think you'd like all BLS songs though, maybe just the slow ones like this one.

  35. Hallelujah Holly

    @metallica929 Hahaha, I know that you have exquisite taste in music. :D This band reminds me of Creed. You've probably heard "One Last Breath" by them, right? And Creed is one of my favorite bands, so now I automatically love Black Label Society. :-)

  36. metallica929

    @singplaylaughlove9 You don't know Black Label Society? You gotta check em out they have a lot of other awesome songs, try "in this river". Of course you liked the song, you can't dislike any song I like, I have exquisite taste in music :D

  37. Hallelujah Holly

    I've never heard this song before. I like it. :-)