Black Keys, The - Summertime Blues Lyrics

I'm-a gonna raise a fuss,
I'm-a gonna raise a holler,
'Bout a-workin' all summer just-a tryin'a earn a dollar,

Told my congressman and he said "Well,
I'd like to help ya son,
But you're too young to vote,"
Sometimes I wonder,
What I'm-a gonna do,
For there ain't no cure for the summertime blues,
One two three four,

I'm-a gonna raise a fuss,
I'm-a gonna raise a holler,
'Bout a-workin' all summer just-a tryin'a earn a dollar,

Now I told my congressman and he said "Well,
I'd like to help ya son,
But (something)"
Sometimes I wonder,
What I'm-a gonna do,

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Black Keys, The Summertime Blues Comments
  1. Ser do Mal

    this tune is fucking gold

  2. Daniel Caballero

    still loving Eddie Cochran's version

  3. John Alexander

    Eddie Cochoran FTW

  4. TheShakey99

    This is better than gold.

  5. G DelRosario

    They did an Alan Jackson cover.

    Derek M

    +Gregory Decker Alan Jackson's just one of the many covers


    +Gregory Decker Eddie Cochran Bro!!! hahaha

    G DelRosario

    @Erickdonzel Didn't know that man, thanks.


    +Gregory Decker Eddie Cochran = Great great man!!

    Steve Meyers

    +DEDE you are correct

  6. Anti-theist

    Crap. The drummer needs medical attention.

    Libre Tres

    @577666 And you more.


    Never mind just go with the old maxim: if in doubt turn the volume up!


    Blue Cheer, Baton Rouge, LA & Eddie Cochran brought me here DAVEDJ

  8. Lord Potato

    This track is also in the 10AM Automatic single along with 10AM Automatic and Stack Shot Billy.

  9. Kenny Torres

    Rocked this classic!

  10. Alexander Hill

    Is this tune on any of their albums?

    William D

    Japanese release if Rubber Soul

  11. disgraceland uk

    Blue Cheer still did it best.

    joe stalin

    comrade stalin is always right


    i would have to disagree

    Will McLelland

    nah man it's blue cheer who did it best


    The Who did it best

  12. Roy Thomson

    shut your mouth cocksucka!

  13. sonicshroom

    Godly guitar

  14. AhoyUK

    Listen to the guitar solo, now listen to any guitar solo played by Jack White. I've never actually heard him say that, have you?

    Craig Keidel

  15. Integrity ai

    Veeery little like Jack. I love the Keys and I love everything Jack White does but did you know Jack actually hates Dan? So I guess its (unfortunately) unlikely that were ever gonna hear a collabo of them :S

  16. Bárbara Olivera

    I'm-a gonna raise a fuss,
    I'm-a gonna raise a holler,
    'Bout a-workin' all summer just-a tryin'a earn a dollar,

    esta parte tiene una melodía parecida a
    Mi amor eterno es de mi novia Popotitos ♫

  17. AhoyUK

    I never compared the two bands. Didn't even mention The White Stripes.

  18. Wade Crum

    I just love the return of the 60's sound. So raw and unprocessed. I'll take some Black Keys any day and all day.

  19. Ucumarí

    Get lost and listen to shitty modern music like 1D and similars.

  20. Ucumarí

    He likes David Guetta.

  21. Ucumarí

    You can't compare them in that way. They made different music, none of them based in the other. I appreciate a lot The White Stripes and many more The Black Keys don't mistake about my thinkings.

  22. David A. Marin

    That`s a little harsh. If you would take the drums out of this song, I can assure you it`ll sound significantly worse.
    Most,if not all,instruments that make music make the best sounds in the world. Comparing them or declaring one supreme is sad. I got your comment and everything, but just eliminating the drums and the bass and the acoustic guitar and putting electric over all is stupid. Instruments make the best sounds in the world together, not alone. Just my opinion, anyway.

  23. AhoyUK

    Some very Jack White'ish guitar parts, I like..

  24. Tearin Teeno

    Who need negativity when you have so many likes and views ha!!! also albums being sold right this moment I bet!!!

  25. Jack O

    faacck I just jizzed when I heard that fuzz

  26. van grinho

    great song by great master(eddie)

  27. Matthew Rusetos

    You've lost your damn mind.

  28. owainsworld

    @fosterchild4523 You might want to check out some of their albums. As apposed to this b-side from their younger days.

  29. Miles Head

    Ibanez standard fuzz at its finest- too cool

  30. Casey Nelson

    Comments like this are the reason why you're a foster child

  31. fosterchild4523

    This is the Black Keys? I keep hearing the name of this band. I'm sorry but this is fucking terrible! I was expecting to hear awesomeness considering their name is everywhere but this just flat out sounds like shit.

    Elias Snitker

    This is the old stuff, they make different music now. I know you wrote this 4 years ago, but they also did at the time you wrote this. The new stuff might be something for you, if the old isn't.

    Lance Buttercream

    Yeah they've got like 10 fucking albums dude. There's a reason why everybodys heard of them and it ain't because of this song.

  32. John Stringer

    I keep finding Black Keys singles and cover songs that I never heard before. It's just magical.

  33. jay myers

    I've never heard the first sound. I spend too much time listening to the Second.

  34. Henry James Lampitt

    Or Guitar Wolfs version for a faster more punk sounding one.

  35. itsmeandy9797

    or the t rex version

  36. Cee Ess

    great fuzz on the entire mix, particularly on the guitar

  37. Ryan Biggins

    best cover of a 50s song ever

  38. Ariana Terlaga

    my new favorite song. holy shit this is awesome

  39. KeithRichards333

    listen The Who Live at Leeds

  40. The HeavyJets

    My guess is Humbuckers middle posish into a big muff pedal recorded with the signal too hot

  41. spellthemagicword

    @Chris Cowley Even if Mr. Awesome didn't kick their amp they still would sound fantastic. Come on baby, its the Black Keys you're talking about ;)

  42. Joana Q

    and BLUES!

  43. Calvillar1

    A gain-y fuzz (peppermint fuzz or MFZ-1 or something like that) ontop of an overdriven amp. He doesn't use od pedals. When I play keys covers, though, I always keep my amp clean and then dirty it up with a fulltone OCD to give it that "straight out of the amp" sound.

  44. Jordy Williams

    So many people have covered this, I reckon Beach Boys version is best

  45. Demonapps

    Great sound!

  46. Quicksnail

    yea i actually just did this yesterday haha

  47. gkelbo

    steal it off of youtube sorry to say

  48. daniel ainsworth

    this is alright, but the blue cheer version is still my favorite UP THE IRONS FROM LOUISIANA

  49. OvaNineThousand

    I'm North American and I listen to Japanese music. Wouldn't be surprised to see things go the other way.

  50. tMatt

    Better than the Led Zeppelin version! And that is saying a lot!

  51. TheDJKrazeD

    so many people covered this song, i know the who covered it and blue cheer

  52. Jack Napier

    it is originally by eddie cochran

  53. skinnycow18

    thought so too. since they played it at woodstocks...

  54. Ifightpiranhas

    Last I heard he uses a Big Muff Pi fuzz

  55. gonde21

    id pay 10$ for this song. not for el camino

  56. psco4963

    I've honestly lost track of how many good covers of this song I've heard, such a classic!

  57. BlindoAndFriends

    *sees title* *prays to god it's a cover of eddie cochran/whoever ese sang it* OH MAH GAWD YESH!

  58. J McNally

    I thought the original was The Who :o

    Mohamed Hosam

    Original is by Eddie Cochran.

  59. Pascale L


  60. Quicksnail


  61. Quicksnail

    what album is this on?

  62. Micha Huigen

    no blue cheer also covered it, it was originally from eddie cochran i think

  63. bootayjam

    What has happened to my Black keys-they've gone electronic and hipster on us?!

  64. Albert Engler

    there was a quote from Eddie (summertime blues) in Steven King's It...

  65. Melissa S


  66. Nick Morales

    pretty cool cover

  67. Bass Memo

    @chrisspectre81 Bruce Lee kicked the amp the same way he kicked Chuck Norris ... that's why it sounds so awesome .

  68. SDoraS

    cazzo spacca di brutto

  69. Matt Hanson

    @TasOMW fuck yeah all day long for this band!!!......check out casper and the howling too...fuck yeeeah!!

  70. soundnotnoise666

    @dicko195 Amen.

  71. James Hay

    @Useless2112 On top of the people are still saying "[dislikes] people like [something bad in the song]". Absolutely sickening.

  72. impascetic

    @Useless2112 and still got likes

  73. jerome dangreaux

    8 people like winter

  74. Useless2112

    @chrisspectre81 Wow, there are still people making Chuck Norris jokes.

  75. ElvisBeery

    Popularized by Eddie Cochran. All the rest came later.

  76. rickygervais1776

    Alan Jackson? The Who? BLUE CHEER. I repeat, BLUE CHEER. Got it?

  77. arostot

    @chrisspectre81 has nothing to do with chuck norris. has everything to do with the black keys and their bad assery

  78. MickChickenn

    @KrazyKillaPS Correction: Popularized by The Who, then Alan Jackson.

  79. AntiSquidBurpMum

    Can we get this on itunes please? Couldn't find it.

  80. ahoy there mate

    i just herd a song 3 hours ago by the the black keys on adelaide radio in south australia bloody good onya blokes good old fashioned [email protected] has blessed us again .onya blokes

  81. KrazyKillaPS

    Just to be clear, this is a cover of Eddie Cochran's song with the same title popularized by Alan Jackson

  82. Greasy Bastardos

    damn how has this gem, hid from me untill now !!!

  83. jezzejam

    I love the pic thats in Pats basement, it always reminds me that these guys started from drop outs into superstars...Respect

  84. speedboat

    @Larm2112 Yas, went to Blue Cheer concert at Shrine Hall in 1966, but the Summertime Blues is even older. Anyhow, here's a Skip James cover of a Robert Johnson song for you and cuber03

  85. impascetic

    @SonOfGrunge1 fuzz with very very high gain

  86. dicko195

    there's no 2 sounds better, than a woman having an orgasm and an electric guitar

  87. Matthias Van de Velde

    @SonOfGrunge1 It's in the fingers, don't let them tell you anything else

  88. Alan Blanck

    @chrisspectre81 LOL

  89. Chris Cowley

    @SonOfGrunge1 Chuck Norris kicked his amp. That's why it sounds so awesome.

  90. Alan Blanck

    anybody knows how auerbach made the overdrive sound?

  91. Dan Koetter

    wow I can't believe I never knew about this...the Blue Cheer cover is awesome too.

  92. Larm2112

    @cuber03 same here, 14 years old and listening to blues whole life

  93. Julian Genovese

    Blue Cheer > This

  94. Shirley Amstell

    @13FooFighter bull shit im 15 and been listening to bb king, joe bonamassa, buddy guy, eric clapton, jimi hendrix and heaps of others since i was 9 and some of my mate's do to, there's still kids out there that listen to blue's but where just rare to find these day's.

  95. KevVillato

    The Who ¡!¡!¡!¡!

  96. Kosmos

    the drums are fuckin sickkk

  97. 98jsbx98

    this version gives me a boner


    I love there raunchy stuff, almost prefer it to there new stuff, but new album will still be bought no doubt

  99. TheDustyPanther

    I was under the impression that fuzz was a type of overdrive? ah well, it's no matter.