Black Hippy - Zip That Chop That Lyrics

[Kendrick Lamar:]
Ring the alarm or wake to a bomb
You ain't a rapper, you Elton John, holding your john
I got a ton of croutons in the Louis Vuitton
That's big bread, the chickens are flying, flocks when I call 'em

[Schoolboy Q:]
Paul and Masson, half drunk, stuck in a poem
Light matches underwater while I'm bracing the storm
I'm cool and I'm calm, laid back, smoking a farm
Socking the shit out of niggas 'til I'm breaking my arm

[Jay Rock:]
Up in my zone, two blunts, cup of patron
.45 on me, shoot you if you fuck with me wrong
No homo, pause, that's your life and it's going
Flatline if you don't put your life in the song

I never drove a fast car
I almost ran over Tracy Chapman, she said drive slow, I said fuck off
Ab-Soul, wassup y'all, other than your subpar above all?
I'm a heaven gate, above all

[Black Hippy:]
And every time we in the stu
We cook that, chop that, what's that, that's crack
Yeah, homie, this is what we do
3-1-0 shit, 3-2-3, bitch
Nigga, welcome to the zoo, where we
Cook that, chop that, what's that, that's crack
Yeah, homie, this is what we do
3-2-3 shit, 3-1-0, bitch

[Jay Rock:]
The Black Hippies, the bag full, the bag empty
So bump it all at the car lot, then crash quickly
I'm trying to come with enough power to pass fifty
I'm talking fifty bills, you niggas don't fit the bill

[Kendrick Lamar:]
You niggas don't keep it real, you fake as Pamela's titties
I pound kitties, then hit the club with dogs with me
Tan Polos, no socks, chop Dickies
Tan coupe, no top, bumping Biggie

[Schoolboy Q:]
Blowing sticky, before the group, been a hippy
Nifty fifty, all blue, real crippy
Big money, long stocks, ask Pippy
Mask on, one sock, I gets busy

I smoke blacks, relax, and watch Walt Disney
Puff squares, pace in circles until I'm dizzy
Speaking of Disney, fantasies, I had many
I used to hate on Mickey Mouse cause he had Minnie

[Black Hippy:]
And every time we in the stu
We cook that, chop that, what's that, that's crack
Yeah, homie, this is what we do
3-1-0 shit, 3-2-3, bitch
Nigga, welcome to the zoo, where we
Cook that, chop that, what's that, that's crack
Yeah, homie, this is what we do
3-2-3 shit, 3-1-0, bitch

[Schoolboy Q:]
Napped through my final, made enough, richer than Lionel
Fucking bitches on my job, cumming harder than a rhino
Breaking their spinal, laid back, bumping my vinyl
Navigation on the scopes, easy to find 'em

[Jay Rock:]
Find you and I'm right behind you, laid back, puffing a blunt
Gat on my lap, constantly talking shit, I'mma dump
Your homies acting charged up, they can still get jumped
Take your chain, ash the kush for all you punks

[Kendrick Lamar:]
However you want, whenever you want, you all can get it
Contagious, it's mad syphilis, blazing, it's God-giftedness
Die over death sentences, flow hot, plus the beat knock like Jay witnesses
Tell them I killed the witnesses

Gifted as twenty Christmases, itching to blow
Like twenty bitches with mouths that need a dick in it, wow
I ran rap for half a mile, then got tired
Laid down and realized that I was lying

[Black Hippy:]
And every time we in the stu
We cook that, chop that, what's that, that's crack
Yeah, homie, this is what we do
3-1-0 shit, 3-2-3, bitch
Nigga, welcome to the zoo, where we
Cook that, chop that, what's that, that's crack
Yeah, homie, this is what we do
3-2-3 shit, 3-1-0, bitch

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Black Hippy Zip That Chop That Comments
  1. Black Bruce Wayne


  2. Vaz Def

    Look how young these foos look. Sick to see how far theyve come

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    on gang

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    Still waiting on black hippy album

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    Lmao this beat trash

  6. Chocodysseus

    To see this again in 2020 is a blessing! To see how far TDE has came since this video is real as shit and inspiring ... All I ask for now is a TDE/Black Hippy mixtape or album this year

  7. Patrick Chisholm

    School boy Q so slick

  8. timtechnics

    Still ridin in 2020 man, shout to TDE. Shout out to da 818 North Hollyhood...what’s da word down to da 323,310,213 fa sho! Peace liviin in Tampa now my G’s. Out

  9. Spencer Bell

    hardest video of the 10s

  10. Chris Bordere

    Q look like a skater dude

  11. and str

    fire af school boy skinny from them pills

  12. Devant Smith


  13. jwizzo

    SchoolBoy Q: All Blue,Real Crippy.
    Jay Rock: Starts Laughing

  14. June Holiday

    “Navigation on the scope, psh easy to find you.” 🔥🔥


    Damn time is crazy. These niggas are all grown now and all have decent careers and are still together. I love this.

  16. Soy Sauce

    Excellent 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

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    Jay Rock the only one that look literally the same today

  26. Stefan Trifunovic

    It’s weird seeing Q so skinny even after he lost weight recently

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    dam they all was hella skinny back in the day haha

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    @3:15 Soul is on the move

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    Can we get another black hippy album

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    damn that witty ab-soul!

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    you can tell they were broke in this video

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    I’m just mad at myself for not discovering these guys sooner first song I heard from any of them was Kendricks swimming pools

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    2:00 the way ab looks at that obviously very confused old woman gets me every time

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    You know what it is

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    Ab Soul was cracking me up. " they need a dick in!" LOL Sick flow.

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    I don't know about this kendrick guy doesn't seem like he'll get far

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    A Black Hippy album produced please

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    K-Dot/Jay - Bloods
    Q/Soul - Crips

    This means there is peace

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    This video needs a newer comment. Here I am, a real TDE fan who will continue bumping these hidden gems. Hope there are more of me...

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    Greatest ever line by Ab Soul, in fact by anyone ever hahaha. The whole tune is full of great one liners

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