Black Hippy - Try Me Lyrics

Do you really want a test?
You better study real hard before you end up with an F
Be my guest, soul's what every soul wants to be I guess
I'm with the B-I pardon me I be a phenom
Heard you was a fag in L.A. like FILA
Whatever happened to the U-N-I-T-Y?
Like Queen Latifa see you steam
As a little teapot (How so?) short but not too stout
Ya cloud fabricate what you 'bout
I'm bout done fuckin' with' you small time MC's
Nigga I'm competin' with' Pun
Run up and get done up like a prom hair-do
Top floor still on the come up, where are you?
It's one million ways to die I'm livin' proof
Matter fact let me rephrase that (Try me)

Actions speak louder than words!
Actions, actions speak louder than words!
Actions speak louder than words!
Actions, actions speak louder than words!

Committed to my cash, loyal to my projects
But AR knock off a nigga bicep
I'm a go getter, I'm a gorilla
Nigga I'm the shit, shit on shitters I'm realer
I'm so exquisite, bitches they love to visit
Fuck'em and Send them home with their fucking thongs missing
I'm what the game missing that why them rappers hatin'
Next nigga who try me Imma leave his head vacant (blah)
Goon to the death, thanks to my habitat
See before you speak you better watch who you yappin' at
And if you speak then be sure I'll be clappin' at
One shot, one kill no clappin' back
I'm in the streets, I hear you niggas talkin'
Claimin they killers and that ain't even in they hearts
They something like ink on a piece of paper, marks
I'm something like a razor blade, sharp

Actions speak louder than words
Actions, actions speak louder than words
Actions speak louder than words
Actions, actions speak louder than words

Wanna compete with this technique big gun take a seat
I can blaze for days but me, rather take a freak
Touch socks in the suite, big name in the streets
Top Dawg ENT, GED, TNT
40 Glock pop shit, bust into the Glock click
Semi-automatic lips spit when the pin itch
Tighter than a closed fist
Product make your nose twitch
All that bullshit have you buried where my dog piss
Tortoise speedin' through the game like cautious
Fortress, thousand dollar frames like our porches
Cautious, clock it and explode the track your brain
Over wax it, solved over rap
Shots breathe, got power tell the cops freeze
Countin' all this bread, Aftermath not eve
Big league I'm the best my spot's earned
You niggas disagree? (try me)

Actions speak louder than words
Actions, actions speak louder than words
Actions speak louder than words
Actions, actions speak louder than words

Anybody can get it
Send 'em in a cloud if you think sky's the limit
I'm foul like a elbow intended
In the game no winning even if it is a scrimmage
You can get coached right now
Black Phil Jackson maxin'
Cooler than George Bush when the planes went down
As far as rappin', I should be a wordsmith plus GT
Swerve like cursive (beep beep)
Y'all wait on Wayne to drop C3
I drop C4 Bomb on 'em (I mean war)
No white flag put 'em in a full body cast
Like a sitcom I make 'em sit calm I sip Dom P, bumpin' the Isely
With a bitch on my wee wee like I been in France to long
Need another level been advanced too long
Niggas want war come on

Actions speak louder than words
Actions, actions speak louder than words
Actions speak louder than words
Actions, actions speak louder than words

Ugh, this nigga tryin' to meet the architect
You going about this thing the wrong way
That kinda far fetched (kinda far fetched)
What's the reason for this nonsense?
You listen to your boys
You should have reasoned with your conscience (naw)
You wasn't built for this content
I send a chick at you that dabble in bondage
Tie you to the bed post as you respond in kindness
Even let her blindfold you, you love how she dominate
My Spanish chick from Brooklyn bed sty
Was specialized in givin' Brazilian Neckties
While I sip a Maitai cause my time is far more important
Than to be shootin' it out with tough guys
And I still flow like faucet water
My niggas half step like foster daughters
My mic can slaughter a nation like the angel of God
You think this lyrical homicide nigga

Actions speak louder than words
Actions, actions speak louder than words
Actions speak louder than words
Actions, actions speak louder than words

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Black Hippy Try Me Comments

    Where this beat come from?

  2. Donald J. Trump

    2020, and they all sound radio sadly... Loved these guys.

  3. Khary Malik

    Some OG Black Hippy going into 2020 🔥

    Donald J. Trump

    Nah, they don't rap like this at all anymore. Mostly went Mainstream Radio sadly....

    Khary Malik

    @Donald J. Trump Exactly, that's what I meant by OG. The only one who kept it original is Ab-Soul. He be talking about Pineal Glands, DMT and Nibiru lol. I don't think he'd become radio if he could.

    Donald J. Trump

    @Khary Malik agreed! Can't wait for a new absoul album! Still playing control system.

    Khary Malik

    @Donald J. Trump Most def!

  4. Alex Dima

    Who here in 2019 ?

  5. iankingcarter

    This nigga Soul got straight quotables 💯

  6. Mediazzzzzz

    What shoes is Kendrick wearing

  7. iankingcarter

    Dope asf 🔥

  8. yaknowmysteelo404

    This shit sounds so New York.

  9. Kyle Russell

    Whats the sample to this song??


    Mobb Deep - Bounce

  10. Wallace Knowles

    Do they have an instrumental for this?

  11. Roachclip4pp

    we NEED a Black Hippy album!!!!


    I think theres a artical on hotnewhiphop site where schoolboy talks about theres never going to be a blackhippy album and why.


    There is one its a mixtape called Black Hippy by Black Hippy lol

  12. outmind22

    jay rock at 23 years old sounds like biggie so good

    Maddni Arslan

    How old you think Biggie was foo. Died at 24.


    +Maddni Arslan thats a random fact


    @Maddni Arslan i meant jay rock sounds at 23 like biggie did in his career "foo"

  13. sam vas

    Q goes hard af

  14. Jaylon Smith Fan Club

    Punch ill af

  15. Samuel Gonzalez


  16. Marshawn Beals

    Hook: Actions speak louder than words!
    Actions, actions speak louder than words!

    Tristen Wilkins

    yee ye g, This boyz taught me the neck of the woods.

  17. The Judo Kid

    Jay Rock Kinda Sounds Like The Game.

    jeff jordan

    No he dont

  18. Disimba

    Naw, Lil' Wayne didn't have a worlwide impact. You don't see anyone rocking a Wayne shirt unless it's Waynes World naw mean

  19. Eddie Acuña

    Check Big K.R.I.T!!!

  20. HAV1996

    that was wordplay though lmao. How is it a fact if it is your opinion? Or is it a fact that it's your opinion. classic real classic

  21. R Spradlin

    impact on the don't think lil wayne had a impact on the world? that nigga rich as fuck but he still just a shitty rapper. If we are measuring legend from that then Lil Wayne is better than Biggy..we all know that ain't true.

  22. Israel Piedra

    prime fact you a bitch

  23. Israel Piedra

    you a f..cking bitkh

  24. Corey Williams

    Go listen to Slaughterhouse DJ Green Lantern Freestyle Pt. 1 and 2!! Them guys are fucking animals!! Also Sound Off, Microphone, Illest MC's, Whack MC's songs!!!

  25. NinJah15 nV

    Damn you don't fuck with Crooked I?

  26. C Jackson

    that's still an opinion...


    I'm on some other shyt! Black hippy hoe!

  28. Josh Hershberger

    youre missing out.

  29. kidfresh159

    Only rappers I fuck with from the West besides Skeme

  30. mycatsmokeyjik

    lol stop it

  31. giggitygoo21

    cant spot a troll to save yo life...

  32. iCONTD


  33. Griffin Stacy

    your not clever. stop. hahaha

  34. abrahamnaledge

    You half-step like foster daughters

  35. ZealoProjectHD

    Do you really want a test
    You better study real hard before you end up with an F

  36. Sean Owens

    Pac's aim was to wake up the masses.... Pac's subject matter and concept's blew biggie out to water.... biggie just used metaphor alot more,and pac was more straight forward.Pac's music was more relevant and more important that biggie's.Now if biggie's music is better by your opinion that's cool but dont say he is better by fact,because facts will blow biggie out the water.

  37. Sean Owens

    How is a fucking fact that biggie was better than pac???? How long was pac considered the all time selling rap artist????biggie was cool but Pac was smashing biggie....Even On MTV Top Ten Rappers Of All Time they gave PAC the number two spot and gave Biggie third. When biggie came out with ready to die either pachad just went to jail, or was already in jail.... When Pac got out and signed to death row biggie's album life after death didn't drop till both of them where dead.Pac was the g.o.a. t

  38. Kyle D

    hahaha its a fuckin fact that biggie was better than my opinion

  39. breatherII

    All those people who spend their time bitchin' about Tupac... Crazy shit...

  40. Zer0Fall3n

    Real talk just listen to the damn music , besides times are different people on new shit

  41. alem beskovic

    I hate seeing all the people comparing Kendrick to tupac, tupac honestly was never really even that good, his wordplay, flow, and lyrics are no where near Kendrick and thats a fact. He was only really famous because ghetto rap was a big hit back then, and even at that biggie was twice as good as pac.

  42. Ken Belangel

    actually in the Philippines my cousin there knows who Biggie is as much as Tupac..

  43. Rodney Black

    Damn this shit sounds so EASTCOAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JasCool10 Gaming

    Rodney Black bro black hippy its west side not east coast

  44. Skype Call

    @DylanGendron ur a fucking idiot. If they didnt have schoolboy q they would still have jay rock, ab-soul, and kendrick lamar. Those 3 alone are fucking amazing so please proceed to GTFO

  45. Greg Daw

    holy shit this is hardddddddd

  46. Ricardo Gonçalves

    Q got this one

  47. G Kayo

    itz TDE.... #ya BISH.

  48. Dum Dum

    Fuck all who hatin on my comment bout d12, d12, btnh and blackhippy are the best groups in my opinion

  49. HiiiPowerXL

    damn! Q ripped that shit

  50. Na8stradamus

    How is it a fact if it is your opinion? Or is it a fact that it's your opinion. Sure Biggie might have been a better lyricist, but he didn't have the impact on the WORLD like Tupac did. That is a fact.

  51. Teme S

    anyone can be better than pac if ya want to, Its a fucken fact that bigiie was better than pac in my opinion, respect that nigga

  52. Brett king

    Het tell ye wat FJord420 FUUUUUUUK UUUUUU

  53. Tony Martinez

    Obvs you wanna get sliced ?

  54. stephan fernando

    No one is better than pac but idol of kendrick is pac and he just doing what pac started

  55. Dean Thomson

    the modern day N.W.A... WESTCOAST STAND UP!!

  56. Hajile M

    good one? youre a joke my son. now go play somewhere .

  57. amari smith

    @retardo catcalho I understand it n was born towards the end of 97 don't underestimate the young ones

  58. Tim3Less

    Soulo hoe

  59. Credence Blake

    pac was a gangsta, end of story, black panther gangsta

  60. Hajile M

    lol. kids these days. pac was on the verge of creating some major social change in the black community. he was so much more than a rapper. pac was an artist, a poet, and an activist. but you wont understand this since you were born in 97

  61. TheMisterallen17

    Does anybody know what the sample is

  62. keeplisted

    Q's flow was Crisspy in this track.

  63. jngrap

    Shiot biatch yayayeee PAC is now will forever be wut west coast faggots will be compared but never live up too cuz pacs first rap name was mc New York haha you Cali bitchs

  64. joshua Salazar

    Stfu how can he be better than tupac,no one can be better than tupac NEVER!!!

  65. kippjay2

    Not at all. Nice try though. He just conveniently did get shot, Plenty of others got shot in the game but you know who they are? Neither does anyone else. Cuz there not Pac or Big

  66. Steezy Stew


  67. Kalik

    nigga please all on kendrick dick Q just bodied that shit too though

  68. Bob Shreder

    Nah Kendricks GONNA be better than Pac get it correct.

  69. Caliwarrior tomasiah

    y'all gotta stop comparin to pac. Pac's a legend Kendrick is gunna be too. And if youre not bumpin pac still thats cause you dont feel or understand what hes sayin. without pac kendrick wouldnt be who he is. both at my number one spot

  70. imviral88

    You're fucking kidding me yeah??

  71. N3gotiat0R

    I agree with you. I dont even like comparisons though. Id say to be better than Pac one must spit lyrically solid truth about our society and actually get people to listen; up against all the haters in the media and over world trying to shut you the fuck up.

  72. deuceBB

    The Mysteries of chessboxing..

  73. AJROCKZ123

    @TheRealist10S The way you type gives me a headache

  74. Eric Schuster

    vs. black hippy would be a very intense game

  75. TheRealist10S

    Their Are Some "Rappers" That Make It Big & End Up Sucking Real Bad... But Regardless If You Don't Like Them Just Don't Listen To Them Its Simple As That.

  76. TheRealist10S

    Dam Its Crazy How In Every YouTube Video You Got These Morons Posting Shit Up Saying This Guy Sucks Or Their Better Or This Is The Best Rapper Alive. How Can People Say D12 Sucks? Everyone Has Their Own Little Flow Just Some Stand Out More. If You Support Rap Or Hip-Hop Than Quit Hating From The Sidelines. Real Recognize Real. I Give Props To All My Favorite Rappers I Would Write Down A List But It Would Be Never Ending. But With That Being Said Fools Like Souljah Boy Or 2 Chains Are Not Lyrical

  77. Sour Diez

    Q slays this track. He needs to spit like this more often.

  78. kurtkaleido

    @iamkesean1 no i was sayin that to some mark ass punk below me who said Kendricks better than pac I'm on your side homie lol

  79. Collisionati


  80. Collisionati


  81. missesjetson

    Q reminds me of 50 on this song the way he delivered .. personally my fav

  82. Aki Tyrisevä

    sry wu tang is and always will be

  83. Aki Tyrisevä

    well nwa wasnt very lyrical crew

  84. Flex LifesPoet

    check the video response

  85. Raeqwon Thomas

    Strange music, Wu-Tang, Slaughter House, and Funk Volume give them pretty good competition.... so I wouldnt say they are the best.

  86. Doc

    its only really Cube vs BH. Plus Cube can do shit like No Vaseline his own group so I wouldnt like to call it

  87. Alex Williams

    How is that hating? He is just saying they aren't the best group that ever lived...

  88. Hip hop

    Nwa ,sucks? Wow!!!!!! Do you know how many artist nwa put in the game kid? Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Warren g, Nate dog, daz, kurpt, lady of rage, the game , Kendrick Lamar, Mack 10, bone thug harmony. Not only that they set clothing trends with the raider gear and kings gear.

  89. TheOnlyKatu

    They come in a CLOSE second to SLAUGHTER HOUSE Lyrically :) It's a hard choice though

  90. monsterguy111

    nwa sucks!! mwahaha hate me!!!

  91. Sergio P

    THAT'S SCHOOLBOY-Q NIGGA! C'mon now you should know that

  92. Elias Wilson

    Kendrick has the wordplay and the metaphors, but his flow is mean as fuck

  93. cali correa

    from left to right Ab-soul (lyrical one) Kendrick Lamar (best flow) schoolboy Q (i think this is the one you ask for) and Jay rock (the G from the group)

  94. FishThief

    He was talking lyrics. Not image.

  95. FightFire_drew


  96. FishThief

    Who the fuck cares? That has nothing to do with talent.

  97. DdoubleDs

    nah man wu tang>everyone

  98. Osvaldo Amezcua

    THey both equal