Black Hippy - Top Dawg Cypha Lyrics

[Lil Louie:]
I love green
When I wake up the sky green
I keep the 40 Glock cocked when I'm ridin'
Yeah, I'll be riding, dirty with my nigga Dirty
You want beef?
Hollow tips leave your eyes burnin'
My guys carry, all types of guns
I'm on the block gettin' money blood, man fuck the ones
I don't talk snitch niggas, I don't fuck with 'em
I let the chopper get at 'em like blum-blum-blum-blum
Never trust no bitch, let 'em
Suck the dick, that's it, then split now it's
Back to my gutter tip, 24's on the whip
Montana in the pot, I'm the chef on the shift
Niggas yappin' at they lips, till my gat at they lip
Then I make they head spin like they drunk off a fifth
I got a lot of chips, I hustle with alotta pimps
Knockin' goons, I'm a goon, 'lot of hoes wanna strip

[Jay Rock:]
New coupe, top disappear like [?]
I'm in the hood, pockets heavy like Bruce Bruce
Damn, I'm like a bullet when I shoot through
I'm the shit, these whack rappers is boo-boo
We hit the club, pop bottles like it's nothing
Top Dolla, Pop Hollows out the Impala
Pay dues, spray tunes nigga we wylin'
Money, Power, Respect, mothafucka we dialin'
Top Dawg money gang, get affiliated
.38 special flow, niggas can't trace it (Damn)
I'm still dope dealin', picture that
Cookin the crack is fine, what I cook on the track
Rippin' it fast, fiends run it back, get it stacked
Blow it fast, get it back, at the mall, pop tags
Hit the lot, buy a 'Lac ride out
Top Dawg E-N-T, niggas know what we about, we get money

Ab-Soul chillin', Ab-Soul chillin'
Back for the first time, finna bomb yo buildin'
Who put a bomb in the buildin'? What, a bomb in the buildin'?
That's just rhymes about bombs, I could do rhymes about children
Kids gettin' fucked, pedophile with the style
Young Mike Jack, yeah I'm somethin' like that
Bad to the bone, press your luck like a button
And I'm comin' like the KGB
But I ain't Russian!
I'm takin' my time with it, Patrón with the lime in it
Got a nigga buzzin' like a bug in the club
I'm Usher Raymond, please show me love in the club, I'm sayin'
I need it like a stripper need a tip
Or a catcher need a mitt, or a sneaker need a grip
A gymnast need a flip, or super head need lifts
Soulo, yeah I'm comin' straight for the top
Been spendin' it like a Jew, Happy Hannukah to you

[ScHoolboy Q:]
(Hey you) Huh? Oh shit, can I kick it?
Dragon breathe fire when I spits it
Santa Claus raps got me gifted, lifted
Runnin' at the mouth, get it shifted
Blistered, thought it was a dream so I pinched it
Rap got me hooked, so I fished it
Only 6 bars and I sensed it
Rise from defeat, never ran from the beef
Ball hard in the street, Mad Cow with my teeth
Money over bitches, friends over bitches
Hoes over bitches, Benz over switches
Top 5 alive, and you niggas ain't listed
Hip hop is dead and you know the boy fixed it
Straight locksmithed it
Open up the doors for the young nigga sellin' crack
On the side of stores just to keep the body breathin'
Never wanna be a heathen
Been puttin' in the hours
Shouda blown with the towers
I'm real talk

[Kendrick Lamar:]
And a nigga was built with a steel heart
K. Dot on the beat, everybody said they smell fart
Shit on anybody, I'm a rappin' porta potty
And I probaby gotta dump right now
See my hobby is to murder every rapper on the planet
Make 'em leave the studio in ambulances
With a bandage on their cranium
I'm bangin' them on sight, with the bars of titanium
Brass knuckles, I beat niggas down, who wanna scuffle?
I'm rude like sayin' 'fuck you' to your mother for no reason, now that's cold thinkin'
What am I drinkin'?
I do, spiteful shit, shit like fuck your bitch
Record it, then mail it to your residence
Say hello to the unforgiving flow, cold with it
Grab a coke we gon' be here for a minute
I tell every rapper fall back when I see 'em
Or get clapped like a bitch with gonorrhea

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Black Hippy Top Dawg Cypha Comments
  1. Noble Vagabond

    Oh shit can I kick it, dragon breath fire when I spits it

  2. Afro Samuiyan

    If anybody got the! please!

  3. April Halsell

    this nigga ab soul said he gone be coming like the kgb but i aint rushing (russian)

  4. lawrence willis

    Check out lil louies song cake up

  5. AmembertacioN

    Ab Kdot and Q fucking destroyed this, just being real Rock was decent but hes done better, and I didn't like the first guys verse..

  6. NicoStillApex TM

    1:56 Holy Shit!!

    Noble Vagabond

    Best bar in the cypha

  7. NoizeDezzire

    They all murdered it

  8. Zer0Fall3n

    Ab-Soul! Killed it

  9. Taryke Badie

    K-Dot Murdered this!

  10. lawrence willis

    The first person was Louie diamonz check out his music (high right now ) (don't hate me ) check out the rest of the project babies (shorty badmouth) (country)(jaw dropper) and more.. plus me bennin willus

  11. Austin Maharaj

    they make me wanna go buy a lifetime supply of black tees

  12. Stefan G

    does someone have the lyrics to this song? dope song

  13. Brady Mejia

    You Still a Real Nigga

  14. Khalil Kamara

    louie went first

  15. Soul Purpose

    no he wasnt thats louie

  16. Thomas P

    I'm white and I know Black Hippy.

  17. spoantaneus

    whats this instrumental from?

  18. MrMusicLyrics4Every1

    School Boy Q Was First

  19. spoantaneus

    u in tde

  20. Louie Diamonz


  21. Everyday Toy

    I don't know who punch is or who was rapping besides the top four.

  22. savagewebbie8

    who is lil louie is what I want to know. Always interested in Top Dawg artists outside of the big 4. Of course I know Punch and Alori Joh but never heard of this guy before or after.

  23. Killafornia

    Best Pic Of Black Hippy #TDE #HiiiPower

  24. brian enriquez

    Who's first ?

  25. neekhalas

    he's not famous for his hair ... he's not Bynum lmao

  26. Trey McAdams

    shut up ya bish!

  27. Connor Atkinson

    let's describe styles in a different way than a white stereotype, something like "a fucking idiot" per se


    You know this pic old cuz K. Dot doesn't have that nappy fade he's famous for

  29. Cloud Made

    who tf was first -.o

  30. Quincy Webster

    who went first?

  31. brando8888888888

    It's not pop, he is just trying to attract the mainstream audience a bit. But I don't think he is selling out because he is still staying true to what people love him for.

  32. saladsaregreen

    Why did you type words wrong on purpose?

  33. Hunde söhne

    well it´s pop. And i don´t want kendrick to do Pop music, because he is the only real Rapper, i listen to.

  34. brando8888888888

    whats wrong with that?

  35. Hunde söhne

    hope so ! let´s see when his albums drops

  36. berzerkerguts

    If it makes you feel better the album listening sessions said both those joints and the drake joints ride hard and dont seem to compromise kendrick.

  37. random user

    TDE is the goldmine of rap.

  38. D O P E V I L L A

    na if anything jay rock and ab soul would keep it on lock

  39. Hunde söhne

    yeh, i´m afraid of kendricks changing. i mean he got a feature with lady gaga, and kid cudi on his new album.

  40. BlacKidBack

    what beat is this

  41. coriontatereed

    ab-soul killed it

  42. coriontatereed

    who the fuck was the first guy he was ass

  43. SavvyOverSwag

    For real? Learn something new everyday...

  44. cmpunk and lil b

    tech n9ne had said that

  45. kholiday456

    West uP or vest uP

  46. mike anthony

    well im a south central LA nigga so i relate more with em, matter of opinion i guess.

  47. StrawberryYari

    yeah, so keep it on the low

  48. iCoke3000

    doesnt mean they better !

  49. mike anthony

    there would be no wutang without nwa

  50. Uche Smif

    wutang>nwa>bone thugs

  51. mike anthony

    nwa> bone thugs> wutang

  52. 7lazy7infant7

    *grunts* kendrick went innnnnnnnnn!

  53. Scarecrow Keyser Söze

    Black Hippy is too fuckin good. They carrying hip hop on their backs! Can't get enough of they music. I NEED MORE. I bought Control System, Habits n Contradictions, S.80, and Follow Me Home when they came out. Real recognize real, support real artists and buy their shit if theyre givin that heat like they always do!

  54. SavvyOverSwag

    I guess you want a top comment or something...I'm talking about the amount of members, the location, and the colors they are wearing. If TDE were in front of us they would be PROUD to be compared to such a prolific group. They can be compared to anyone with a great amount of respect in Hip Hop. TDE is original and I respect that, but every new artist/group takes from their influence and implement it into what they stand for...

  55. Bass2Intense

    dont compare just listen and enjoy

  56. SimplyHigh23

    exactly.. thats why they have the own fuckin name B.H. They look n act js like Black Hippy cz thats there shit.

  57. Jaee Major

    motherfucking Kendrick...

  58. styles950

    Homeboy, kill that. Stop talking to yourself aloud. You're making an ass of yourself.

  59. Maniak Vasquez

    On this track its like K. Dot has a RAWNESS knob and it keeps gettin cranked up til he gets to BEAST MODE and then the knob breaks

  60. NoWheaties

    Bone thugs/NWA/Wu-Tang .. all in one

  61. nefrodamus

    Q wears the SAME snapback loool

  62. Jake Grief

    wu tang comes to mind a little bit with this group..

  63. hallacam

    You're white aren't you?

  64. Maskone 13

    TDE the new west coast

  65. Syetactic

    Kendrick killed it.

  66. TEE WREX


    hes on a whole other level. theyre all great rappers but k dot seems to always kill it

    black hippy>YMCMB>MMG

  67. Christian

    @THEUNSUNGHERO97 i laughed

  68. tubamilk1

    No description availlable. 2 tru. welcome back hip hop.

  69. Davon Moses

    Black Hippppppy!!!!

  70. sir bob

    Kendrick>horse shoe gang> black hippy> slaughterhouse> Wu Tang clan> NWA

  71. John Carlos Jimenez

    2:35 firrreeee

  72. 627287

    kids getting FUCKED peadophiles with the style

  73. SavvyOverSwag

    They look like the new NWA, but they are even more lyrical. TDE all day

  74. FabdoeProductions

    the new nwa lol

  75. Dylan Deetch

    I used to say TGOD, Once I listen to TDE, I feel ashamed to have it in my name..

  76. Valentine Dyes

    Damn, i didnt know hip hop still existed... :D

  77. SoFlyMocha

    This that shit! Of course!!

  78. styles950

    This is that old school true HIPHOP n da shaq wit da tape deq goin smokin' blunts turnin' up 40s passin the mic wit da homie on da tables doin' it up music... This shits dope!

  79. Qnz1kim

    @EVester007 TRUE